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World Press Photo of Year Comes From Gaza

No faces, but plenty of pain in the image from Mohammed Salem of Reuters

(Newser) - Reuters photographer Mohammed Salem captured this year's prestigious World Press Photo of the Year award Thursday with a depiction of loss and sorrow in Gaza, a heartrending photo of a Palestinian woman cradling the body of her young niece. The photograph, taken in Khan Younis just days after Salem'...

Striking Photo of Sleepy Polar Bear Wins Wildlife Award
Striking Image of Sleepy
Polar Bear Wins Wildlife Award
in case you missed it

Striking Image of Sleepy Polar Bear Wins Wildlife Award

Young male carved a bed for himself on small iceberg off Norway

(Newser) - An image of a polar bear sleeping on a chunk of ice at sea has won the 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award, reports the BBC . British amateur photographer Nima Sarikhani captured the moment while aboard an expedition vessel off Norway's Svalbard archipelago, says a...

World Press' Photo of Year Is Heartbreaking

AP photog wins for picture of pregnant woman being carried out of shelled Ukraine hospital

(Newser) - AP photographer Evgeniy Maloletka won the World Press Photo of the year on Thursday for his harrowing image of emergency workers carrying a pregnant woman through the shattered grounds of a maternity hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in the chaotic aftermath of a Russian attack. The Ukrainian photographer’...

Artist Wins Prestigious Photography Award With AI-Generated 'Photo'

Boris Eldagsen declined the Sony photography award

(Newser) - Boris Eldagsen decided to put the Sony world photography awards to the test: He submitted an AI-generated "photo" to the competition to see if such competitions are prepared to deal with such images. "They are not," says the German artist, who won the creative open category with...

They Care for Precious Images in a 40-Degree Vault

Inside the Bettmann Archive

(Newser) - As far as jobs go, Leslie Stauffer and Sarah Kubiak have remarkable ones. They're the sole archivists of the Bettmann Archive, a collection of about 11 million historical photographs that's managed by Getty Images but, more specifically, by the two women. Writing for BuzzFeed News , Kenneth Bachor and...

Trump's Photo Book a 'Slap in the Face' to WH Photographer

Trump was to write foreword for Shealah Craighead's book; then he put out his own

(Newser) - Since the Reagan presidency, official White House photographers have capped off their stints at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a photo book, sometimes complete with a foreword from their former bosses. But when it came time for Donald Trump to leave the Oval Office, "the plan by his chief photographer,...

200 Naked People Weren't at Dead Sea for a Swim
200 Naked People Weren't
at Dead Sea for a Swim
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200 Naked People Weren't at Dead Sea for a Swim

Painted and nude, they were part of US artist Spencer Tunick's latest installation on climate change

(Newser) - It's not uncommon to see people in their swim trunks along the shores of the Dead Sea. What is uncommon is hundreds of naked people in white body paint congregating there, but the hordes that gathered over the weekend weren't there to take a dip in the famous...

Wildlife Photographer Peter Beard Found Dead

'He died where he lived: in nature'

(Newser) - Artist, adventurer, and celebrated wildlife photographer Peter Beard has been found dead in woods near his cliff-side home at the tip of Long Island nearly a month after his family reported him missing. He was 82. "He died where he lived: in nature,” his family said in a...

This Is the World Press Photo of the Year

It 'summed up all the unrest across the globe of people wanting change'

(Newser) - A stirring image of protesters during Sudan's uprising last year has won the World Press Photo of the Year award. The closing date for entries was Jan. 24, before the coronavirus pandemic dominated world news. The winning photo, "Straight Voice" by AFP photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba, shows a protester...

A 'Giant of Photography' Is Dead
A 'Giant of Photography' Is Dead

A 'Giant of Photography' Is Dead

Robert Frank is considered one of the 20th century's greatest photographers

(Newser) - Robert Frank, a giant of 20th century photography whose seminal book The Americans captured singular, candid moments of the 1950s and helped free picture-taking from the boundaries of clean lighting and linear composition, has died. He was 94, the AP reports. Frank died Monday on Cape Breton Island in Nova...

Photographer Loses Award Over Bizarre Allegation

Marcio Cabral accused of putting a stuffed anteater into his wildlife image

(Newser) - It's that moment every wildlife photographer hopes for: an image in which the resident fauna wanders perfectly into frame. And that supposedly happened to such great effect for Marcio Cabral in Brazil's Emas National Park that his photo "The Night Raider," which depicts an anteater staring...

Pulitzer Winner Took Photo on His Last Day at Work

Ryan Kelly captured Charlottesville attack

(Newser) - The winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography now works in a brewery. It was Ryan Kelly's last day of work at the Daily Progress when he captured a car slamming into a crowd of people protesting a white nationalist gathering last year in Charlottesville, Va....

Unseen Beatles Photos Fetch Big Price at Auction

Over 350 unseen photos sold for nearly $358K

(Newser) - The Beatles still have it. The Guardian reports that over 350 never-before-seen photos of the band have sold for a whopping $357,936 (give or take a few dollars in the exchange rate) at auction in the UK. The photos were taken by 18-year-old Mike Mitchell in 1964 during The...

Breathtaking Pic From Nat Geo's Travel Photographer of the Year

It took Sergio Tapiro 20 nights of waiting to get the shot

(Newser) - In December 2015, photographer Sergio Tapiro spent 20 days lying in wait for Mexico's Colima Volcano to erupt, spending the nights in his truck or just a sleeping bag, National Geographic reports. Those long nights paid off for the photographer when he was named National Geographic's Travel Photographer...

Man Ages 30 Years in 11K Daily Photos

Karl Baden has taken daily selfies for 30 years

(Newser) - On Feb. 23, 1987, Karl Baden set his 35mm camera on a tripod, stood in front of it with a neutral expression, and snapped a selfie. He's done the same thing every day since except one—he blames "a dumb moment of forgetfulness" on Oct. 15, 1991—resulting...

Her Art Was Her Photos. She Didn't Take a Single One
Her Art Was Her Photos.
She Didn't Take a Single One
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Her Art Was Her Photos. She Didn't Take a Single One

'New Yorker' profiles Isabelle Mege, who sought out artists to photograph her

(Newser) - You've likely never heard the name Isabelle Mege unless you're plugged in to select photography circles. But from 1986 to 2008, the French woman was a prolific artist of sorts in the field. Except, as the New Yorker explains, Mege wasn't a photographer herself. She was the...

Mom Charged in Tot's Death Ordered Haunting 'Afterlife' Photos

Jeanie Ditty commissioned eerie photos of her with the daughter she's accused of killing

(Newser) - Shortly after 2-year-old Macy Grace Ditty died at a North Carolina hospital in December, her mom asked a photographer to create "afterlife" photos as a way to help her grieve. One image, made with a photo superimposed onto another, shows Jeanie Ditty, 23, strolling through a cemetery hand-in-hand with...

Looks Like Casey Anthony Is a Photographer Now

Photography business set up in her name

(Newser) - A photography business has been set up in South Florida under Casey Anthony 's name, and an address listed for the business belongs to a private investigator with ties to the mother acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Documents filed with the Florida Division of Corporations show that...

Someone Paid $1M for Photo of a Potato

A great example of why rich people shouldn't get drunk

(Newser) - Some of us send unfortunate texts after a few glasses of wine. Some European businessmen instead spend $1.08 million on a photo of a potato. "Potato #345" from celebrity photographer Kevin Abosch is just that: a portrait of an organic Irish potato against a black background. But a...

The Feds Have a Cool Gig for Ansel Adams Wannabes

The pay for this National Park Service photography job sounds decent, too

(Newser) - "Do you want to be Ansel Adams?" That's how the Connecticut Post dresses up what initially sounds like a boring federal job with the National Park Service. The USA Jobs listing for "Photographer, GS-1060-11/12 (1564575)" at first sounds like just another gig toiling for The Man in...

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