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Couple's Photos of Late Son Stolen, Erased—Returned

Police retrieve photos erased from stolen camera

(Newser) - A better ending to a sad story: A Massachusetts husband and wife have gotten back photos of their late son that had been deleted by someone who stole their camera. The Lancaster home of Felicia and David Neeley was ransacked by thieves Aug. 30 when Felicia left for a short...

Here's a Business That Really, Really Died

One-hour photo processing fell victim to digital's swift attack

(Newser) - Sure, the digital revolution has brutalized video-rental stores and slashed newsstand numbers in half—but consider the poor one-hour photo shop. Those friendly kiosks and stores have fallen off by a stunning 94% since 1998, the worst decline of all business categories in the US Census. "The photo business...

Polaroid to Open 'Fotobar' Store to Print Digital Images

Company wants to capitalize on smartphone photos

(Newser) - Polaroid thinks there's money to be made in all those photos stored on people's smartphones. It plans to open its first bricks-and-mortar "Fotobar" store next month in Florida—a place where people can transfer images to a work-station, tweak them to their heart's desire, print them...

Google, Apple, Facebook Team Up on Kodak Patents

12-company group buys digital photography patents for $525M

(Newser) - Add "patent fire sales" to the list of things that breed strange bedfellows. A 12-company consortium that includes Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon has snapped up $525 million worth of patents on digital photography from bankrupt Eastman Kodak, reports Bloomberg . Longtime Kodak rival Fujifilm and Blackberry maker RIM also...

We'll Miss You, Kodachrome
 We'll Miss You, Kodachrome 

We'll Miss You, Kodachrome

The photos had a sort of poetry about them

(Newser) - The last frames of Kodachrome film have largely been developed, yet another milestone in the transition from analog to digital, but this is no cause for celebration for Matt Zoller Seitz. Kodachrome photos had "something truly special" about them, he writes at Salon . "The dyes and emulsions produced...

Courts Mull Restitution for Victims of Child Porn

Some argue that monetary damages are civil, not criminal matter

(Newser) - The latest conundrum in child pornography law is restitution, as courts try to nail down whether simply possessing offending images constitutes harm to the victim—and how much that damage is worth. A year ago, a man in possession of 10-year-old pictures of “Amy” was ordered to pay her...

Facebook 'Doppelganger' Craze Sort of Illegal

Users changing profile pics to lookalike celebs violates TOS

(Newser) - The newest craze on Facebook is “Doppelganger Week,” wherein users change their profile pictures to those of celebrities—heck, even Muppets—that they resemble. Problem is, CNET notes, that violates the social networking site’s terms of service. “You will not post content or take any action...

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii
 Google Street View 
 Reveals Ruins of Pompeii 
time travel

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii

New photos allow immersive experience of Italian ruins

(Newser) - Google's roaming photographers have found their way to ruins of Pompeii, and you can now tour the Italian archaeological treasure from the comfort of your own home using Street View. The Google Maps app, which creates an immersive 3-D environment from digital photographs, had previously focused on more traditional—and...

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google
 Microsoft's Bing Maps 
 May Beat Google 

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google

Innovative integration and photo features make beta worth a test

(Newser) - The beta version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine maps feature could well give Google Maps a run for its money, Jason Kincaid writes for TechCrunch . The new feature challenges Google on every front: Streetside, the answer to Street View, functions similarly but uses 3D modeling to provide a seamless...

Music Biz Drops Concert Camera Bans

Bands give up trying to control images

(Newser) - As camera phones held aloft become as common as lighters in the air used to be at rock-and-roll concerts, the music industry is starting to give in to reality and drop camera bans. Most bands are allowed to choose their own photo policy, and a growing number are letting fans...

New Facebook App Finds Your Long-Lost Twin

Coke is to Coke Zero as you are to this friend, app promises

(Newser) - A Facebook app that promises to match you with the person in its network who looks most like you "is fun enough that it just might work," Christina Warren writes for Mashable. The app scans photos of you and photos of others who’ve signed up, and…voila!...

Digital Pioneers Scoop Physics Nobel Prize

Trio's work on light paved way for Internet, digital cameras

(Newser) - The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded today to three scientists whose research into light paved the way for the digital age. Charles Kao received the prize for his work on the transmission of light through fiber-optic cables—the basis of modern communication networks. Bell Labs researchers Willard Boyle and...

Fans Seek to Resurrect Polaroid Film

Group buys equipment from shuttered plant, seeks to reinvent recipe

(Newser) - A determined band of entrepreneurs, scientists, and lovers of retro photography is doing its best to bring Polaroid film back from the dead, the New York Times reports. The group managed to buy the company’s old equipment just before it was dumped and is now attempting to reinvent the...

New Oscar Tech Stalks Stars
 New Oscar Tech 
 Stalks Stars 

New Oscar Tech Stalks Stars

Audiences get closer to the red carpet than ever

(Newser) - Thanks to the wonders of technology, you’ll be able to get closer than ever to the stars on the red carpet come Oscar night tomorrow, Variety reports. Several websites will allow users to zoom in, à la Google Earth, and magnify high-res photos up to four times.

Polaroid Files for Bankruptcy a Second Time

Photography icon blames fraud at parent company

(Newser) - Polaroid is blaming fraud at its parent company for its second bankruptcy filing in 7 years, Bloomberg reports. The instant photography pioneer says it has “ample cash reserves” and doesn’t expect to seek additional financing under Chapter 11 reorganization. But the Petters Group, which acquired the 71-year-old firm...

3-D Map Adds Light Years to Concept of Universe

Survey used red shift to find relative distances of heavenly bodies

(Newser) - Telescope photographs of the night sky are compelling, but it’s hard to get a feel for the heavens when you’re Earthbound. The recently completed Sloan Digital Sky Survey can help: It is a 3-D map of the area within 2 billion light years of Earth that allows the...

Flash! Here's What's New in Photo Gear

Spy pens, 3-D cameras and new lens technologies on display

(Newser) - The biggest photography-gear expo on the globe, Photokina, got under way this week in Germany as manufacturers rolled out everything from state-of-the-art lenses to geotagging devices. Wired takes a look:
  1. Fuji’s FinePix Real 3D System incorporates dual lenses that capture separate images, then meshes them into a single 3-D

Fed Porn Probe Targets Spears Photo Thief

Underage breastfeeding pics could carry pornography charges

(Newser) - A stolen photo of teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding has turned what seemed to be a breach of Wal-Mart security into a federal case, TMZ reports. Copies of a dozen snapshots, allegedly purloined when baby daddy Casey Aldridge had legit copies made at a Louisiana store, could result in...

Photo-Sharing Site Offers Ease, Collaboration

Souped-up Shutterfly is in beta and set to launch in August

(Newser) - With lost passwords and clunky sign-up procedures, online photo-sharing can be a bit of a hassle. But a new service from Shutterfly offers a simpler way, Katherine Boehret writes in the Wall Street Journal after taking it for a spin. Shutterfly Share still has some problems— you can’t post...

Japanese iPhone Deters Perverts

 Japanese iPhone
 Deters Perverts 

Japanese iPhone Deters Perverts

Loud 'shutter' sound cannot be disabled

(Newser) - The Japanese version of the iPhone 3G has one small difference from those sold elsewhere: the “shutter” sound it makes when the camera snaps a photo is always on, even when the phone is in silent mode, the Cult of Mac reports. The conspicuous sound is intended to discourage...

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