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Minute Maid Has a Fight on Its Hands Over 'Healthy' Label

Parent company Coca-Cola wants class action lawsuit alleging deceptive marketing dismissed

(Newser) - Minute Maid parent company Coca-Cola fought Thursday to dismiss a class action lawsuit alleging the labeling of six-ounce juice boxes as "good for you" and "part of a healthy, balanced diet" is a deception. Plaintiff Gary Reynolds filed suit in March, stating whole fruit pictured on Minute Maid...

Sudan's War May Take a Surprise Toll on Coke, Pepsi

Fighting threatens the supply of gum arabic, an ingredient vital for soda-makers

(Newser) - The war between two generals in Sudan is threatening to create what the UN calls a humanitarian catastrophe . But big-name manufacturers of everything from soda to chewing gum are bracing for a smaller effect: shortages of a vital ingredient called gum arabic. Rural regions in Sudan produce 70% of the...

For the 4th Time, Pepsi Takes Aim at Coke's Sprite

It hopes Starry will wrest the lemon-lime soda crown away from its No. 1 rival

(Newser) - Pepsi wants a piece of Coca-Cola's lemon-lime pie with its new soft drink, Starry, which it's marketing as for "a generation of irreverent optimists." Bloomberg reports that this marks the company's fourth try at taking on Sprite's dominance. Coca-Cola's clear soda (both regular...

Coca-Cola Says New Flavor Tastes Like Dreams

'Dreamworld' is latest surreal creation from Creations project

(Newser) - Coca-Cola says its new limited-edition drink tastes like dreams—and it's not talking about dreams where you're drinking a regular Coke. According to Coca-Cola, the new Dreamworld flavor "bottles up the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious with an invitation to savor the magic of everyday...

Say Goodbye to Sprite's Green Bottles

Coca-Cola says it's switching to clear plastic to boost recycling efforts

(Newser) - Sprite's green plastic bottles will soon be a thing of the past. Coca-Cola says it's changing the packaging of Sprite and other beverages, including Fresca, to clear plastic so it can step up recycling, CNN reports. The green polyethylene terephthalate—PET—currently used in Sprite bottles can be...

Your Jack and Coke Just Got an Update

Drink giants Jack Daniels and Coke are teaming up

(Newser) - Jack and Coke drinkers, your official can is here. Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola have teamed up to market an official cocktail combining the two beverages, which will be available for sale in Mexico late this year, NBC News reports. "Select" markets across the globe will follow next year, with...

There's a Lesson in the Death of Honest Tea
There's a Lesson in
the Death of Honest Tea

There's a Lesson in the Death of Honest Tea

Coca-Cola announced it's phasing out the brand it acquired a decade ago

(Newser) - Coca-Cola has sounded the death knell for Honest Tea, the brand it acquired in 2011: By the end of the year all that will remain is its Honest Kids juice-box spinoff. While some say it's the natural outcome—corporate behemoth buys mission-driven brand, ends up killing it—Rob Walker...

More Major Brands Join Exodus Out of Russia

Pepsi. Coca-Cola, Starbucks, GE are suspending businesses

(Newser) - McDonald's, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and General Electric—ubiquitous global brands and symbols of US corporate might—all announced Tuesday they were temporarily suspending their business in Russia in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. McDonald's said it will temporarily close 850 stores but keep paying its...

Coca-Cola Decides to Tweak One of Its Recipes

Coke Zero's ingredients will stay the same, though

(Newser) - If you remember New Coke with a shudder, brace yourself: Coca-Cola is once again tweaking one of its recipes, this time that of Coke Zero. The New York Times reports the company on Tuesday said the changes would be made in pursuit of delivering "an even more iconic Coke...

Coca-Cola Runs Into Issues With Its Make-Your-Own Label

Though the company says it has an explanation

(Newser) - "Black Lives Matter" is not allowed but "White Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter" is? No "Hitler" or "Nazi," but "I am Hitler" or "I am a Nazi" is fine? "Gay Pride" is a no-go but "White Pride" is acceptable?...

Cristiano Ronaldo Snubs Coke, With Big Ramification

Coca Cola's market value fell $4B after soccer star touted water

(Newser) - When Cristiano Ronaldo sat down at a press conference at the UEFA European Championship in Budapest on Monday, he immediately took notice of two Coke bottles that had been placed in front of him. The Portugal soccer captain swiftly moved them to the side, out of view of cameras. "...

County Bans Coke Machines Over New Voting Law

Surry County in North Carolina says company is catering to 'bigoted leftist mob'

(Newser) - Good luck finding a Coke at government facilities in Surry County, NC. Nearly two months after Coca Cola's CEO voiced opposition to Georgia's new voting restrictions , leaders of the county in neighboring North Carolina punished him with a measure requiring the removal of all Coke machines from government...

Georgia Faces Growing Backlash Over Voter Law

Coke, Delta, Microsoft all speak out against it

(Newser) - The leaders of Coca Cola and Delta Air Lines, two of Georgia's largest corporations, are speaking out about the state's new voting law , along with the president of Microsoft, which has plans to create a hub in Atlanta. In a Wednesday memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian...

This Soda 'Did Its Job.' Now It's Time to Go

Coca-Cola is cutting diet drink Tab from its portfolio after nearly 60 years

(Newser) - Rarely does a company keep selling a product that barely makes a dent in sales. For decades, though, Coca-Cola kept churning out Tab, a saccharin-sweetened beverage that once ruled the diet soda category, purely for the drink's obsessive fan base, who became known as "Tabaholics"—even after...

2 Big Companies Announce Layoffs
2 More Companies
Announce Layoffs

2 More Companies Announce Layoffs

MGM Resorts and Coca-Cola join the list

(Newser) - Two more big companies announced layoffs on Friday:
  • MGM Resorts will lay off 18,000 people as the casino industry struggles to recover. That represents about a quarter of the company's American workforce of 68,000 before the pandemic took hold, reports the Wall Street Journal .
  • Coca-Cola said it

Coke Has Awful Quarter, but There's an Upside

Company thinks worst of the pandemic-related losses are over

(Newser) - Coca-Cola just saw its quarterly revenue drop by the largest amount in at least three decades, reports CNBC . In normal times, a 28% plunge to $7.2 billion would be catastrophic. In pandemic times, the overall earnings report from the company is seen as "upbeat," per MarketWatch . Shares...

Women Soccer Players' Rep Blasts 'Caveman' Remarks

USSF chief apologizes after saying women have lesser responsibilities, physical abilities than guys

(Newser) - The US Soccer Federation apologized Wednesday after contending in court documents that women on its national team had lesser responsibilities and physical abilities than male counterparts, an assertion that drew widespread criticism and sparked a player protest, per the AP . "On behalf of US Soccer, I sincerely apologize for...

Here's Why Coca-Cola Won't Ditch Plastic Bottles

Soft drink behemoth says it's because of consumer demand

(Newser) - Coca-Cola apparently believes "the customer is always right"—so much so that the soft drink giant is refusing to stop producing its plastic soda bottles. The company, which the BBC notes was deemed the "most polluting brand" in a global audit of plastic waste last year, churns...

Coke Plans New Line to Challenge La Croix

Drink will come in 8 flavors, some with caffeine

(Newser) - Sales of sparkling water are booming, but Coca-Cola's Dasani Sparkling hasn't been popular enough to help the company cash in. So Coke will try again, with a new line of flavored seltzer waters, starting next March. AHA will be available in eight mixed flavors, CNN reports, including lime...

He Fell in His Home. For 5 Days, He Survived on One Thing

Elderly man could only reach Cokes on the floor next to him

(Newser) - Some people drink Coke with their lunch, some as a midday refresher, even some for breakfast in place of warmer caffeinated beverages. For an elderly Virginia man, it was all he consumed for five days straight after a fall in his Arlington home last month, per Fox News . It was...

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