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Neighbor Allegedly Attacked Charlie Sheen in His Home
Charlie Sheen
Attacked in His Home

Charlie Sheen Attacked in His Home

His 47-year-old neighbor was arrested

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen was attacked by his neighbor in his Malibu home on Wednesday, police say. CBS News reports Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 1pm call reporting a battery/disturbance. Authorities say Electra Schrock was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, force likely to create...

Star Wishes He Was Ramon Estévez in Credits

Martin Sheen picked a different stage name when starting out, as did one of his actor sons

(Newser) - Martin Sheen's legal name is still Ramon Estévez. "I never changed my name officially," the actor said, though he did change it for acting. "That's one of my regrets," Sheen said, per CNN . "Sometimes you get persuaded when you don't have...

19 People Allege Sexual Misconduct Against CW Showrunner

And more on the latest accusations in Hollywood

(Newser) - Supergirl and Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has been suspended amid accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching from 19 former and current employees, the AP reports. Warner Bros. Television Group confirmed the suspension and investigation Saturday. The company says in a statement it "takes all allegations of misconduct...

2nd Woman Accuses Westwick: 'He Ripped My Bathing Suit'

And the latest on other accusations of assault and harassment

(Newser) - The number of women accusing Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick of rape now stands at two. Aurélie Wynn, a former actress who People reports used the name Aurelie Marie Cao, posted her allegations on Facebook Wednesday. "I said no and he pushed me face down and was powerless...

Police Searching for Charlie Sheen's Twins
Charlie Sheen's Twins Found

Charlie Sheen's Twins Found

Brooke Mueller has been hospitalized for evaluation

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's 7-year-old twins are safe, and his ex-wife is in the hospital. Brooke Mueller, was apparently on the run with the kids in Utah this week, but the trio has since been found. Sources told TMZ that Mueller showed up at a Utah bar with them and a...

Charlie Sheen's New Gig: Condom Spokesman

He's hawking a new product called the Lelo Hex

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's announcement of his HIV diagnosis led to a huge burst of HIV awareness —and, now, a new gig for Sheen as a condom spokesperson. London-based sex-toy maker Lelo has a new line of condoms, the Lelo Hex, and Sheen is the face of the brand, Business ...

Police Investigate Charlie Sheen for Felony Threats

The accusations come from his former fiancee

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly threatening his former fiancee, Scottine Ross, the Los Angeles Times reports. She claims Sheen threatened her with violence on multiple occasions. Ross, a former porn star, previously accused Sheen of assault, false imprisonment, failing to tell her...

Study: 'Sheen Effect' Raised HIV Awareness

Raised it big-time, researchers say

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen, HIV awareness advocate? A new study finds that during the three weeks after Sheen announced his HIV status on Nov. 17, there were more HIV-related Google searches in the US than at any other time since 2004, making his announcement "the most significant domestic HIV-prevention event in...

Why Charlie Sheen Went Off His HIV Meds

He thought he'd try an alternative treatment

(Newser) - On The Dr. Oz Show Tuesday, Charlie Sheen revealed that he was off his HIV medications and was instead trying alternative treatment. But that show was taped Dec. 8, and Sheen "is back on his meds," his manager tells People . "He tried a cure from a doctor...

Charlie Hid HIV, Made Me Have Abortion: Ex's Suit

Brett Rossi says Sheen 'erupted into fit of rage' over her pregnancy

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's latest troubles come in the form of a lawsuit by an ex-fiancee. Per legal documents obtained by People , Brett Rossi, 26, filed a complaint Thursday alleging assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence, with her specific beefs being that Sheen, 50, initially hid his HIV...

Harsh Sony Email Joked About Sheen's HIV Diagnosis

It was released in Sony hack, but never publicized

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis was joked about in an email exposed, but never publicized, during last year's Sony hack, the Washington Post reports. The email from a Sony exec was joking about the fact that Sheen wasn't showing up to work on Anger Management, his FX series....

Charlie Sheen Says Porn Star Ex Is Lying

But other women are planning lawsuits

(Newser) - Bree Olson says Charlie Sheen exposed her to HIV without telling her , but according to sources close to Sheen, he says she's lying. Those sources tell TMZ that Sheen wasn't diagnosed with HIV until he returned from his " Violent Torpedo of Truth " tour in May 2011,...

Sheen's Porn Star Ex: He Didn't Tell All Sex Partners About His HIV

Bree Olson says she was in the dark

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen claims he told all his sexual partners about his HIV status, but Bree Olson—one of the actor's porn star "goddess" galpals during his 2011 meltdown—says that's not true. On Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday morning, an absolutely livid Olson said she was...

Charlie Sheen: I've Been HIV-Positive for 4 Years

'It's a hard three letters to absorb'

(Newser) - It's true : Charlie Sheen revealed to Matt Lauer on the Today show Tuesday morning that he is, in fact, HIV-positive, and has known for four years. "It's a tough three letters to absorb. It's a turning point in one's life," says Sheen. The diagnosis...

Charlie Sheen Is HIV-Positive: Reports

Gossip media say he'll reveal it Tuesday on 'Today'

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is HIV-positive, according to multiple reports in the gossip media. The National Enquirer first broke the story, and now TMZ says multiple sources connected to NBC's Today show have told the gossip site that is, in fact, what Sheen is set to announce on the show Tuesday....

Charlie Sheen's Father's Day Fun: Twitter Rant

And Oliver Hudson wasn't having a happy day either

(Newser) - Just because we haven't heard from Charlie Sheen in a while doesn't mean all is well in his world. Yesterday, Sheen celebrated Father's Day by tweeting, apparently about ex-wife Denise Richards—mother of his two daughters—"D Richards is a heretic washed up piglet Shame pile....

Martin Sheen on Charlie's Implosion: Steroids

'We were powerless to do much'

(Newser) - Finally, an explanation for Charlie Sheen's 2011 meltdown: It was not, in fact, fueled by tiger blood and Adonis DNA , but by steroids, according to dad Martin. "Only those of us that knew him understood what was going on. I'm talking about steroids, at that time,"...

Charlie Sheen Really Not Happy Men Killed Him Off

Issues implied threat to Chuck Lorre

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is not happy about his character's exit from Two and a Half Men. In case you went to a lot of trouble to neither watch nor read about the series finale last month, here's what you need to know to appreciate this story:
  • The finale involved

Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancee ODs

Brett Rossi rushed to hospital, insider says

(Newser) - Brett Rossi—the porn star Charlie Sheen pretended to marry , then actually got engaged to , then split with weeks before their wedding —was rushed to a hospital over the weekend after apparently overdosing, sources tell Radar . "She still has not gotten over the breakup," an insider says....

Dental Tech Sues Charlie Sheen: He Assaulted Me

Sheen's lawyer calls the lawsuit 'absurd'

(Newser) - Apparently Charlie Sheen's crazy days aren't over quite yet: A dental technician is suing the actor, alleging assault, battery, sexual battery, and intentional affliction of emotional distress. Margaret Palestino says the dentist told her to put a nitrous oxide mask on Sheen; she did so, and the actor...

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