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Head of Consumer Agency Reviled by Republicans Is Leaving

Richard Cordray to resign, giving Trump chance to reshape CFPB

(Newser) - Richard Cordray, the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said Wednesday he will leave the position by the end of the month. The resignation of Cordray, who was appointed by then-President Obama, will give President Trump a chance to appoint his own director of the powerful agency established...

Here's Who's in the Running for Cantor's Job

Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions likely contenders

(Newser) - Now that majority leader Eric Cantor is out of the running for the next Congress, who will take his place in the GOP leadership? Politico identifies a number of potential frontrunners, starting with current majority whip Kevin McCarthy of California, who is pretty much guaranteed to seek Cantor's old...

Sources Think Boehner's Done as Speaker

Spokesman says he plans to keep the job

(Newser) - Several insiders tell the Huffington Post that John Boehner could exit the House speaker role after 2014, despite his July assurances to the contrary. "The speaker has made clear publicly he intends to remain in his position in the next Congress," says a Boehner rep. But others close...

Most Conservative, Liberal Members of Last Congress

Todd Akin was No. 1 on the right

(Newser) - Todd Akin may have cost himself a Senate seat with his views on "legitimate rape" last fall, but he gets a consolation prize: the title of most conservative member of the last Congress, as bestowed by the National Journal . Akin had a nearly perfect score of 97 when it...

Super Committee Fails to Reach Agreement on Budget Cuts
 Super Committee Gives Up 

Super Committee Gives Up

Democrats, Republicans can't bridge budget differences

(Newser) - The bipartisan leadership of a special congressional deficit super committee officially announced today that the panel failed to reach an agreement. Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling say that despite "intense deliberations" the members of the panel have been unable "to bridge the committee's...

Super Committee Members Blame Each Other, Say There's Still Time for a Deal
 Super Committee 
 Busy Pointing Fingers 

Super Committee Busy Pointing Fingers

Legislators play the blame game, say there's still time

(Newser) - With the super committee's deadline now a matter of mere hours away and reports of the committee's demise rampant , members of the panel took to the talk show airwaves today, with Democrats blaming Republicans, Republicans blaming Democrats, and some managing to sound hopeful for half a second, reports...

Super Committee: Stick a Fork in It

Panel members likely to call it quits tomorrow

(Newser) - If things looked bleak for the super committee yesterday , they're worse in the cold light of today: The legislators tasked with slashing $1.2 trillion from the national deficit will throw in the towel as soon as tomorrow, reports the Washington Post . The signs are ominous at best, with...

GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes
 GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes 

GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes

Toomey and Hensarling under fire for tax plan

(Newser) - The proposal that super committee Republicans put forth to raise about $300 billion in new tax revenues may not have been enough to win over Democrats , but it’s been more than enough to stir up dissension in the GOP ranks, with anti-tax hardliners suddenly at odds with long-time compatriots...

Obama Preparing for Debt Committee Flop

Pessimism rampant on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Publicly White House officials are saying that failure isn’t an option for the deficit super committee, but behind closed doors, failure is exactly what they’re expecting. Advisers privately tell the Washington Post that they’re preparing for the possibility—perhaps probability—that the 12-member committee fails. President Obama...

GOP Debt Co-Chair: No Deal in Sight

Super committee talks 'like a roller coaster ride'

(Newser) - The Republican co-chair of a committee in charge of slashing the nation's deficit on today called deliberations a "roller coaster ride" and gave no indication that a deal could be struck before the panel's Thanksgiving deadline. Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling said the panel will fail unless Democrats...

GOP Makes Its Debt Super-Committee Picks

Here you go: Hensarling, Camp, Upton, Kyl, Toomey, Portman

(Newser) - We're three-quarters of the way there. The GOP today announced its picks to serve on the debt "super committee," bringing the total number of seats filled to nine. At the top of John Boehner's list is Texan Jeb Hensarling, who will co-chair the committee with Democratic...

GOP Blasts Obama Speech: 'I Missed Lunch for This?'

Republicans call it a partisan campaign speech

(Newser) - A sampling of Republican reaction to President Obama's budget speech today, from USA Today and Politico :
  • Paul Ryan: He called it "excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate" in getting the nation's debt under control. It was "a political broadside from our campaigner in chief."
  • Jeb Hensarling:

Bachmann Battling for Leadership Spot

But GOP leadership is strongly against it

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann is campaigning hard for a Republican leadership position—much to the chagrin of the House’s top Republicans. Bachmann wants to chair the House Republican Conference, a major position that would make her the fourth-ranked Republican in the chamber. The only problem, in the words of Salon ’...

Feds Weigh New Bailouts for Smaller Banks

Congressional Dems on board with plan to help institutions hammered by real estate

(Newser) - With the residential and commercial real-estate markets continuing to hammer smaller US banks, the Treasury and other federal agencies are trying to diagram help for institutions considered too much of a gamble under original bailout terms. Congressional Democrats are “very, very supportive” of such a move, a source tells...

GOP Hesitates on Call for Mortgage Probe

Lawmakers wary of unearthing more Countrywide ties

(Newser) - GOP lawmakers are leery of investigating mortgage deals Countrywide may have arranged for members of Congress, even though a fellow Republican is leading the charge, Politico reports. More Democratic ties to the troubled lender would give the GOP ammo in a cycle seemingly stacked against it—but the people who...

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