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Spotted Lanterflies May Be Catching Rides Around the Country
Check Your Car for
These Unwanted

Check Your Car for These Unwanted Hitchhikers

Research confirms spotted lanternflies can cling to vehicles at 62mph

(Newser) - When the spotted lanternfly was first found in Pennsylvania 10 years ago, the invasive insect became public enemy No. 1 . But despite robust campaigns to squash them on sight, Science notes that they've spread to 17 more states in just a decade. So how does a bug that can'...

To Save One Kind of Owl, Death to 450K Others

FWS plans to cull 450K barred owls so that the spotted owl can compete for habitat

(Newser) - To save the imperiled spotted owl from potential extinction, US wildlife officials are embracing a contentious plan to deploy trained shooters into dense West Coast forests to kill almost a half-million barred owls that are crowding out their smaller cousins. The US Fish and Wildlife Service strategy released Wednesday is...

Giant Parachuting Spiders Will Be Summering in NY, NJ
Giant Parachuting
Spiders Are Back

Giant Parachuting Spiders Are Back

Invasive but usually harmless Joro spiders are headed up the East Coast, sights set on NY, NJ

(Newser) - If you're an arachnophobe living on the East Coast, you may want to hunker down in your bunker for a while: The Joro spiders are back. NJ Pest Control had warned earlier this year that the invasive species also known as Trichonephila clavata would likely be returning to the...

No, This Creature Wandering Florida Isn't a Gator

Florida woman's video of nearly 6-foot-long monitor lizard in Sarasota County goes viral

(Newser) - A mother-daughter car ride in Florida's Sarasota County led to quite a sighting last month. McClatchy News reports that Renee Aland was driving in the southwest city of North Port on May 20 when she did a "double take" at something she spotted along the side of the...

Scientists Find 'Super Cool' Way to Spy on Insects
'Super Cool' Mapping
Tracks Down Tiny Invaders

'Super Cool' Mapping Tracks Down Tiny Invaders

Airborne laser mapping could speed tracking of invasive insects, study finds

(Newser) - Scientists in search of insects can spend 1,000 hours checking roughly 10,000 trees across 40 acres. Or, with a more convenient approach, they can do the same in about an hour. More and more, researchers are turning to remote sensing technology to ease the burden of searching landscapes...

Unlikely Critter Is Foiling How Lions Hunt

Unlikely Critter
Is Foiling How
Lions Hunt
new study

Unlikely Critter Is Foiling How Lions Hunt

An invasive ant has upended the ecosystem on a Kenyan preserve, a new study says

(Newser) - The arrival of a tiny ant to a Kenyan wildlife preserve has made ripples in the food chain, all the way up to the mighty lion's eating habits. In just two decades, this invasive insect changed the ecosystem there, ultimately making it harder for lions to hunt. While this...

Cannibalistic Tree Frogs Spread to Another State

Invasive Cuban tree frogs have the charming habit of eating native frogs and other wildlife

(Newser) - They're big (at least for tree frogs), they're cannibalistic, and their grating croaks can be heard all night long. What's not to love about the invasive species hopping into Georgia? Cuban tree frogs are already a menace in Florida, and USA Today reports that the Peach State...

They Tracked Giant Goldfish for Years to Learn How to Kill Them
Massive Goldfish Wreaking
Havoc in the Great Lakes

Massive Goldfish Wreaking Havoc in the Great Lakes

Researchers propose culling invasive fish numbering in the millions

(Newser) - Communities have for years urged pet owners to stop dumping their goldfish . But the problem of the invasive fish has only ballooned along with their bodies—at least in the Great Lakes. "There are literally millions of goldfish in the Great Lakes, if not tens of millions," Nicholas...

Invasive Tick Can Clone Itself, and It's Spreading Quickly

Asian longhorned tick has spread to 19 states, poses a threat to livestock

(Newser) - An invasive tick species is making its way across the US from the east, with particularly worrisome news coming from one of the 19 states where it's been spotted, reports Smithsonian Magazine . After researchers confirmed the Asian longhorned tick killed three cows in Ohio, there's growing concern over...

'Traitor Fish' Deployed in Fight Against Invasive Carp

Transmitters lead wildlife agencies to hideouts

(Newser) - Wildlife officials across the Great Lakes are looking for spies to take on an almost impossible mission: stop the spread of invasive carp. Over the past five years, agencies such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have employed a new seek-and-destroy strategy that...

Australia Goes After 'Ruthless Killers': Feral Cats

They're blamed for killing billions of animals a year

(Newser) - "They are walking, stalking, ruthless killers." That's how Australia's minister for the Environment and Water characterizes cats—feral ones specifically, not pets kept indoors—and she's laid out a series of ideas to majorly tamp down their numbers. The animals are blamed for wreaking havoc...

Here's the Latest Invasive Hornet We Need to Worry About
Here's the Latest Invasive
Hornet We Need to Worry About
in case you missed it

Here's the Latest Invasive Hornet We Need to Worry About

Yellow-legged hornet spotted alive in US for first time

(Newser) - For the first time in the US, a yellow-legged hornet has been spotted—and that's not a good thing, officials warn. The Vespa velutina is an invasive species, and the one found by a Georgia beekeeper was alive. If left unchecked, the species could damage agriculture in the state,...

Fruit Fly Causes Unprecedented Quarantine in LA County

The Tau fruit fly, an invasive species from Asia, could cause serious damage to agriculture

(Newser) - An invasive pest that could cause huge problems for farmers has caused what California officials say is a first-of-its-kind quarantine covering 79 square miles of Los Angeles County. The California Department of Food and Agriculture says produce was quarantined in the area after more than 20 Tau fruit flies were...

Florida Has a Fresh New Invasive Species Hell
Florida Has a Fresh New
Invasive-Species Hell

Florida Has a Fresh New Invasive-Species Hell

Green anacondas may be breeding, worrying locals and conservationists

(Newser) - A Burmese python incursion has become a headache for Florida over the past two decades, but that's not the only pesky reptile the Sunshine State is now contending with. The green anaconda, the world's heaviest snake, has also been setting down roots, with NBC2 reporting that the invasive...

Florida's Latest Invasive Species Is Very Fuzzy
Now Florida Has
a Bunny Problem

Now Florida Has a Bunny Problem

Domestic lionhead rabbits have taken over community of Jenada Isles

(Newser) - When Alicia Griggs steps outside her suburban Fort Lauderdale home, Florida's latest invasive species comes a-hoppin' down the street: lionhead rabbits. The bunnies, which sport an impressive flowing mane around their heads, want the food Griggs carries. But she also represents their best chance of survival and moving where...

Florida Imposes Quarantine Over Giant Snails. Again

Uber-invasive giant African land snail just won't let up in the state

(Newser) - Florida continues its game of whack-a-mole, more like whack-a-snail, with a formidable opponent. On Tuesday, the state imposed a quarantine of sorts in parts of Broward County to try to contain the invasive giant African land snail, reports NBC Miami . Meaning, residents in the affected areas can't remove snails...

They'll Soon Be Back, and It's Our Job to 'Eliminate' Them
They'll Soon Be Back, and It's
Our Job to 'Eliminate' Them

They'll Soon Be Back, and It's Our Job to 'Eliminate' Them

Spotted lanternflies are due to start hatching soon; experts say we need to 'smash' invasive species

(Newser) - Since 2014, when they apparently made their way from China to the US in a shipping crate, spotted lanternflies have been the bane of farmers, agricultural officials, and plant lovers throughout the Northeast. Now, it's almost time for the eggs of the invasive species to hatch, and experts are...

The Canadian 'Super Pig' Could Be Coming for Us

The massive pigs are as hardy as they are destructive

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a movie: an "incredibly intelligent, highly elusive" pig that's both massive and impervious to cold temps due to its size and ability to tunnel as many as six feet under the snow. And it's apparently coming for us. The Guardian reports...

Border Officials Spot This Bug for the First Time

Insect 'corimelaena palmeri' was in a shipment of flowers from Mexico

(Newser) - US border officials intercepted an unwanted visitor at the border—a bug never before seen in this country. Customs inspectors spotted the insect corimelaena palmeri in a shipment of cut flowers from Mexico, reports CNN . A news release from US Customs and Border Protection says inspectors at the Otay Mesa...

Gigantic Cane Toad Found, Promptly Euthanized
Gigantic Cane Toad Found,
Promptly Euthanized
in case you missed it

Gigantic Cane Toad Found, Promptly Euthanized

'Toadzilla' may be a record-setter

(Newser) - If this toad is so big it looks fake to you, you're not alone: Wildlife officers reportedly felt the same way. While patrolling a rainforest in Queensland, Australia, rangers had to stop their vehicle upon finding a snake blocking the path. When they got out to take a closer...

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