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Anthem Singer Checks Into Rehab
Anthem Singer
Checks Into Rehab

Anthem Singer Checks Into Rehab

Ingrid Andress says she was drunk during botched rendition at MLB Home Run Derby

(Newser) - Country singer Ingrid Andress has admitted that she was drunk during her widely criticized rendition of the national anthem before the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday night. In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, the four-time Grammy nominee apologized and said she was seeking help, KTLA reports. "I'...

National Anthem Defeats Another Singer
'Cursive' National Anthem
Rendition Doesn't Land Well
the rundown

'Cursive' National Anthem Rendition Doesn't Land Well

Country music's Ingrid Andress is hearing from the critics

(Newser) - Ingrid Andress is a four-time Grammy nominee who truly can sing. Just listen . However, the 32-year-old's rendition of the national anthem at baseball's Home Run Derby on Monday has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.
  • Listen for yourself: You can hear Andress' rendition here .
  • Bad comparisons: The

Governor Wants Punishments for Players Who Miss Anthem

LSU says its teams stay in the locker room to prepare

(Newser) - Although the coach and athletic department said the LSU women's basketball team didn't do anything different before Monday's high-profile game, Louisiana's governor has called for punishing players who aren't on the court when the national anthem is played. Republican Gov. Jeff Landry posted on X...

New Rule: Stand for the Anthem
New Rule: Stand for the Anthem

New Rule: Stand for the Anthem

Giants manager Bob Melvin says it sends a message, though not a political one

(Newser) - It's not about politics, or patriotism, or his predecessor, the new manager of the San Francisco Giants said. But Bob Melvin now requires every person in his team's dugout to step onto the field and stand while the national anthem is being played. "It's more about...

SF Giants Manager Takes a Stand After Uvalde

Gabe Kapler: I won't come out for national anthem till 'I feel ... better about the direction of our country'

(Newser) - In the wake of the Uvalde mass shooting , the sports world is weighing in. Now joining Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr , the Miami Heat , and the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays in speaking out is San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler, who says he's not going...

Women of Color Sang Before Super Bowl. NBC Mixed Them Up

Caption confused Mickey Guyton, Jhene Aiko

(Newser) - Jhené Aiko performed "America the Beautiful" before Super Bowl LVI Sunday, followed by Mickey Guyton singing the national anthem—but NBC mixed up the two women of color, captioning Guyton as Aiko during the broadcast. Uproar on social media was swift, Yahoo News reports. "All black folks don'...

Olympian Hammer Thrower Turns From Flag During Anthem

Gwen Berry says she's an activist athlete standing up for the Black community

(Newser) - For the past week, they've played the national anthem one time per evening at the US Olympic track and field trials. On Saturday, the song started while outspoken activist Gwen Berry was standing on the podium after receiving her bronze medal in the hammer throw. While the music played,...

NBA to Require Playing Anthem Before Games

'We are good with it,' Mark Cuban says

(Newser) - A day after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban confirmed that he made the call to stop playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the team’s home games, the NBA announced that it will require all teams to play the national anthem ahead of games.The move to require the...

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem
NBA Team Drops
the National Anthem

NBA Team Drops the National Anthem

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ordered the change at beginning of season

(Newser) - The Dallas Mavericks have played 13 preseason and regular-season games at home this NBA season, and not once has the national anthem played. It was absent even as a limited audience of 1,500 fans took in Monday's game at American Airlines Center, and it's not likely to...

Australia Drops One Word From National Anthem

'Young and free' is now 'one and free'

(Newser) - In Australia, where 2021 arrived earlier than in most of the rest of the world, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a surprise change to the national anthem on New Year's Eve. Morrison said that as of Jan. 1, the second line of "Advance Australia Fair" would change from...

In Empty NFL Stadiums, Teams Take Their Stand

Some teams don't even appear for the national anthem

(Newser) - Seattle's Jason Myers kicked the ball through the end zone to open Seattle's season at Atlanta. No one else on the field moved. Instead, the Seahawks and Falcons dropped to one knee where they had stood. After years of pleading with their league to act against systemic racism,...

As NBA Resumes, Every Player Takes a Knee

But those who choose not to should not be 'vilified,' says Charles Barkley

(Newser) - A lot has happened since the NBA abruptly suspended its season in March—and players delivered a powerful message when play resumed in Florida on Thursday night. Every player with the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans wore a "Black Lives Matter" shirt and took a knee during...

Court Empties After Teams Honor Breonna Taylor

WNBA players dedicate season to victim, then leave for national anthem

(Newser) - The WNBA and its players have announced that they're playing this season for the Louisville woman shot to death by police in March. "We are dedicating this season to Breonna Taylor, an outstanding EMT who was murdered over 130 days ago in her home," said Layshia Clarendon...

Coming to NFL Games: the Black National Anthem

'Lift Every Voice and Sing' will be performed before 'Star-Spangled Banner' during Week 1

(Newser) - The NFL isn't dropping the national anthem, but it is, at least for a week, adding the song known as the Black national anthem. "Lift Every Voice and Sing" will be performed before every kickoff during the opening week of the NFL season, a source tells outlets including...

Team Replaces National Anthem With Inclusive Classic

Tulsa Athletic to play 'This Land Is Your Land' instead

(Newser) - The third verse of the "Star-Spangled Banner" isn't sung publicly often. But among the little-known words are "No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave." The Tulsa Athletic has decided that's not the...

Trump: 'Won't Be Watching' Anthem Protests

President not a fan of US Soccer, NFL moves to allow player protests

(Newser) - US Soccer may have reversed its stance on allowing players to kneel during the national anthem, but one high-profile viewer won't be around to watch it happen. "I won't be watching much anymore!" tweeted President Trump on Saturday in response to the move, per Sports Illustrated....

US Soccer Drops Rule Against Kneeling

Megan Rapinoe had followed the NFL's Colin Kaepernick in protest

(Newser) - US Soccer's board of directors has voted to repeal a policy that required national team players to stand during the national anthem, a rule adopted after Megan Rapinoe kneeled in support of Colin Kaepernick. The board made the decision during a conference call, US Soccer announced Wednesday. Policy 604-1...

Drew Brees Tries Apologizing Again
Drew Brees
Yet Again

Drew Brees Apologizes Yet Again

New Orleans Saints quarterback still under fire after his first apology

(Newser) - Drew Brees' first apology didn't go over well with everyone , and now the New Orleans Saints quarterback is trying again. "I know there’s not much that I can say that would make things any better right now, but I just want you to see in my eyes...

Just Quit, Shannon Sharpe Tells Brees

Hall of Famer says he'll never respect Saints quarterback again after comments

(Newser) - Drew Brees' apology did not win over Shannon Sharpe. After a broad backlash, the Saints quarterback posted Thursday that he was sorry for saying that taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem was "disrespecting the flag." Sharpe called the change of heart "meaningless, because...

Drew Brees: Anti-Kneeling Comments 'Missed the Mark'

Saints quarterback promises 'less talking, more listening'

(Newser) - I am not the enemy. That was the message from Drew Brees on Thursday as he responded to backlash from his suggestion that NFL players kneeling during the national anthem were "disrespecting" the American flag . "I would like to apologize to my friends, teammates, the City of New...

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