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Iffy on Masks? Bill Nye Offers 'Hilarious' Explainer

Scientist pulls out the big guns to make his point: a US map

(Newser) - Anyone still unclear about the importance of face masks may want to check out a new clip from Bill Nye the Science Guy. In Friday's viral TikTok video—which was shared online by comedian Christopher Titus , among others—the 65-year-old scientist offers his insight into how and why masks...

Bill Nye's Climate Change Rant Draws Attention

He drops a number of f-bombs on John Oliver's show

(Newser) - Those who grew up watching Bill Nye on public TV never heard him quite like this before. The "science guy" continues to draw attention for his appearance on John Oliver's climate-themed show Sunday night, mainly because Nye dropped a number of f-bombs while making his points. "By...

AOC Draws Massive Crowd at SXSW
AOC Draws Massive
Crowd at SXSW

AOC Draws Massive Crowd at SXSW

She took a question from Bill Nye

(Newser) - A gaggle of 2020 presidential hopefuls descended on the South by Southwest festival in Austin over the weekend—but the political figure everybody wanted to see was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The 29-year-old freshman lawmaker spoke to a massive ballroom that was "full to the brim" and she could have filled...

Bill Nye: Disney Owes Me $9M
Bill Nye

Bill Nye Sues Disney

The Science Guy says he's owed $9M

(Newser) - Bill Nye, aka the Science Guy, says the Walt Disney Co. and a bunch of its subsidiaries owe him $9 million. He filed a lawsuit Thursday against Disney along with ABC Television, Buena Vista Television, Touchstone Television Productions, Disney Educational Productions, Disney Movie Club, and Buena Vista Home Entertainment alleging...

Bill Nye Is Not the Science Guy We Need Now
Bill Nye Is Not
the Science Guy
We Need Now

Bill Nye Is Not the Science Guy We Need Now

He's become 'too jaded, exasperated, strident, and partisan' to be effective

(Newser) - Bill Nye may be the Science Guy, but is he the science guy we need? Emily Atkin at New Republic argues the longtime TV personality has recently become "too jaded, exasperated, strident, and partisan" to be a successful defender of science—which is horrible timing because science is under...

Netflix Just Made '90s Kids Very Happy

Welcome back to TV, Bill Nye

(Newser) - Everyone's favorite scientist (OK, maybe not Sarah Palin's ) is heading back to TV. Netflix says it will begin airing a new talk show featuring Bill Nye come spring, reports TechCrunch . Bill Nye Saves the World will tackle topics like vaccinations and climate change "from a scientific...

Bill Nye: Noah's Ark Park Gets Science So, So Wrong

Science Guy has beefs after visiting Kentucky's Ark Encounter

(Newser) - It was "much more troubling or disturbing than I thought it would be." That's what Bill Nye has to say about Ark Encounter , Kentucky's new $100 million Bible-themed attraction featuring the largest timber-frame structure in the world and … dinosaurs. The park suggests the world was...

Palin Says She's Got As Much Science Cred as Bill Nye

'He's a kids' show actor, he's not a scientist': Palin at climate-change-denying event

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has taken on rapper Azealia Banks , Lena Dunham , and, of course, President Obama , but now she's taking on science itself via one of its most well-known representatives. "Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am," Palin said Thursday at a Capitol Hill event,...

Creationist: Bill Nye Gave Us Funding 'Miracle'

Their debate aroused interest in Noah's Ark theme park

(Newser) - Bill Nye must be rolling his eyes about now. His debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham aroused so much attention last month that the museum's proposed Noah's Ark theme park got much-needed funding at the last minute, NPR reports. "It was a challenging time, one that...

Christians Can Do Better Than Ken Ham
 Christians Can Do 
 Better Than Ken Ham 

Christians Can Do Better Than Ken Ham

Brad Kramer reacts to last night's debate

(Newser) - After watching last night's Bill Nye-Ken Ham creationism-versus-evolution debate , Brad Kramer has a message for the world: "I’m a Christian, and Ken Ham doesn’t speak for me." Yes, Kramer believes "God created the world" and that "the Bible is all the word of...

'Science Guy' Bill Nye, Creationist Square Off

Bill Nye makes the case for evolution

(Newser) - In a showdown watched around the world Ken Ham believes is 6,000 years old, "Science Guy" Bill Nye traveled to Ham's home turf for a long anticipated debate on creationism vs. evolution. Some highlights from the slideshow-packed debate at Kentucky's Creation Museum, as per Time , USA ...

We Have Good News, Bad News About New DWTS Cast

New 'Dancing With the Stars' competitors revealed

(Newser) - The bad news: Snooki will appear on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. The good news: Bill Nye the Science Guy will also appear. The cast for season 17 was announced on Good Morning America today; it also includes:
  • Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda on The Mary Tyler

Bill Nye Schools Fox News on Climate Change

No, moon volcanoes don't disprove it, he tells anchor

(Newser) - Bill Nye the Science Guy is making headlines after a recent Fox News appearance, during which things between him and anchor Jon Scott got a little awkward. Scott and Nye were talking about newly discovered moon volcanoes when Scott asked Nye if those volcanoes challenge climate change science: After all,...

Celebs Face Off in Green Arms Race

Bill Nye, Ed Begley compete for smallest carbon footprint in Calif. neighborhood

(Newser) - It could only happen in California—a pair of celebrity neighbors, actor Ed Begley Jr. and "Science Guy" Bill Nye, are involved in a contest of environmental one-upsmanship, the AP reports. Since Nye moved onto Begley’s block in Studio City 2 years ago, the two have been competing...

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