Air Force One

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For Sale: Long-Lost JFK Assassination Tapes

$500K recording contains unheard material from Air Force One

(Newser) - Got $500,000 to spare? You could be the proud owner of a newly discovered piece of American history. A Philadelphia dealer in historic documents has purchased a reel-to-reel recording from Air Force One following the death of John F. Kennedy, and it’s got 30 minutes of never-before-heard conversations...

Oops: Tokyo Blogger Posts Flight Plan of Air Force One

Air traffic controller apparently just wanted to impress friends

(Newser) - An air traffic controller in Tokyo is in hot water after posting secret information on his blog, including the flight plan of Air Force One when President Obama visited last year. The controller apparently wasn't looking to cause trouble but to impress his friends with all the cool stuff...

The Secret Service Pimps Obama's Bus Ride
  Meet Obama's 'Beast' of a Bus 

Meet Obama's 'Beast' of a Bus

Two new buses built from the ground up for Midwestern tour

(Newser) - This bus is Barackin', so don't bother knockin': President Obama is cruising the Midwest in a customized bus that is essentially a pumped-up version of his five-ton hulking limo, dubbed "the Beast." The bus, one of two ordered up by the Secret Service, sports bulletproof black windows,...

Gunman Busted on Way to 'See' Obama

Ohio man nabbed as Air Force One takes off

(Newser) - North Carolina police yesterday busted a 23-year-old gunman who pulled into an airport parking lot just as President Obama was taking off in Air Force One. An officer became suspicious when he noticed a digital camera on Joseph Sean McVey's dashboard and 4 large antennas attached to the trunk of...

Spurning Beijing, Obama Will Meet Dalai Lama

President ignores Chinese warning against sit-down with Tibetan leader

(Newser) - Despite China's warning that a meeting with the Dalai Lama would "threaten trust and cooperation" with the US, President Obama still plans to sit down with the Tibetan spiritual leader when he visits Washington this month. "The president told China's leaders during his trip last year that he...

Obama Leaves Hawaii, Heads Back to Work
 Obama Leaves Hawaii, 
 Heads Back to Work 

Obama Leaves Hawaii, Heads Back to Work

But Detroit bomber, busy agenda made sure he never left

(Newser) - President Obama ended his Hawaiian vacation last night to return today to the Washington he never really escaped. Obama and his family boarded Air Force One for an overnight flight, capping off an 11-day trip that would be remembered more for an al-Qaeda affiliate's botched attempt to bring down a...

Sasha, Malia Dish on White House Christmas

Obamas tell kid patients of 26 trees; 'presents not under each one'

(Newser) - The first family—minus the president, but plus the first dog—talked about their first White House Christmas yesterday, but Michelle Obama wouldn’t spill any secrets on what’s waiting for Barack under the tree. Malia told patients at the Children’s National Medical Center about the 26 trees...

Obama to Honor Veterans During Alaska Visit

First visit to chilly 49th state a refueling stop en route to Asia

(Newser) - President Obama will visit Alaska next week for the first time, stopping at Elmendorf Air Force Base to observe Veterans Day with base personnel while Air Force One refuels. Like most recent presidents, Obama will visit Alaska en route to Asia, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The president would like...

Obama Lashed McChrystal in Tense Faceoff

Prez reads commander riot act over his 'Chaos-istan' dig

(Newser) - President Obama's talk last week aboard Air Force One with Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal wasn't merely a meeting, as was widely reported in the press, but a dressing down over the general's "shocking" recent comments calling for more troops, says the Telegraph. McChrystal was called on the carpet...

Pentagon Releases More 'Scare Force One' Photos

(Newser) - The Pentagon has released 145 new photos of the Air Force One flyover that rattled New Yorkers in April, CNN reports. The flight was for a White House photo shoot, but city officials and the public were not informed. The photos show the Boeing plane, the military version of the...

Sakozy to Take Off in $80M Carla One

(Newser) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy has named his new $80 million official jet Carla One in honor of his third wife, reports the Telegraph.  "She's a beautiful plane and, of course, officially named after the president's wife," said a source. Carla One has been hand-painted along the side...

NYC Gives Jumpy Citizens Heads-Up on Emergency Drill

'Lots of sirens' Sunday in Lower Manhattan

(Newser) - Mindful of the panic caused by the Air Force One flyover, New York is giving its residents fair warning of a massive emergency drill scheduled for Sunday, Reuters reports. The heads-up is “not necessarily” because of the scare, a spokesman said. But “people will see and hear lots...

Obama's Brainwashing You With This Photo

(Newser) - The release of an “Air Farce One” image is a calculated move by a White House that hopes to brainwash citizens with “the Messianic omnipotence of the Obama presidency,” Victor J. Massad writes on American Thinker. With the Statue of Liberty confined to the lower background, “...

FAA Cans Navy Flight in Jittery NYC's Airspace

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration scrapped a Navy flight today that would have brought an anti-sub patrol plane into New York’s airspace, Bloomberg reports. The announcement came 30 minutes after a city email said the aircraft would be flying up and down the Hudson River. “I don’t know...

White House Aide Quits in Flyover; Gates Sorry

(Newser) - Robert Gates has apologized for the Air Force One photo op debacle over New York last week, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We deeply regret the anxiety and alarm that resulted from this mission,” the defense secretary wrote in a letter posted on the website of John McCain,...

White House Changes Tune on Flyover Photo Release

Photos, official report on 'Scare Force One' low flight over NY may be released soon

(Newser) - The White House has switched gears and decided to release a report on, and photos from, the Air Force One low-altitude flyby that spooked New Yorkers, CNN reports. A spokesman said that, contrary to earlier reports, images would be probably be released later this week—along with the findings of...

White House Won't Share Flyover Photos

(Newser) - The White House won’t release pictures from Air Force One’s much-criticized Manhattan flyover, reports the New York Post. “The photos are classified—that’s ridiculous,” said one city council member. But a White House aide says the fruits of the $328,835 photo-op aren’t classified,...

Flyover 'Red Flags' Get News Orgs Poking Around
Flyover 'Red Flags' Get
News Orgs Poking Around

Flyover 'Red Flags' Get News Orgs Poking Around

(Newser) - At least one news organization may file a Freedom of Information Act request, demanding the manifest for Monday’s Air Force One flight over New York, according to the American Spectator’s anonymous “Prowler”—who relays suspicions that civilians or a high-level administration official was on board. “...

Obama: NYC Flyover 'Was a Mistake'
Obama: NYC Flyover 'Was
a Mistake'

Obama: NYC Flyover 'Was a Mistake'

Low flight that sparked alarm 'will not happen again,' says prez

(Newser) - President Barack Obama says it was a mistake for one of his official airplanes to be sent zooming through the New York City skyline for a publicity photo shoot. "It was a mistake, as was stated," he said. "It will not happen again." Early yesterday, one...

White House Sorry for Fly-By
 White House Sorry for Fly-By 

White House Sorry for Fly-By

(Newser) - The White House has apologized for allowing a low-flying Boeing 747 to buzz New York City, a move that traumatized many residents by sparking memories of 9/11, CNN reports. "Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision," said White House Military...

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