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'Digital Nomads' Flock Here, and Locals Aren't Thrilled

Cape Town, South Africa, illustrates a global trend

(Newser) - A category of workers known as digital nomads is growing in ranks around the world, and the BBC reports that Cape Town, South Africa, illustrates both the positive and negative aspects of the trend.
  • The term: Digital nomads are typically younger people who can work wherever they have an internet

Forget WFH. It's Time to WFG
Forget WFH.
It's Time to WFG

Forget WFH. It's Time to WFG

Is working from the gym the next trend in the corporate world?

(Newser) - As NPR put it this month on Morning Edition, "working from home is so 2020." What's next? Well, as the Wall Street Journal put it last month, "the hottest new office is the gym." A lawyer from Virginia who puts in an 8am-8pm work day...

Musk: Get Off Your 'Moral High Horse' on Remote Work

'Morally wrong' practice is unfair to those whose jobs require in-person work, billionaire says

(Newser) - It's "morally wrong" that some people get to work from home when others can't, says billionaire Elon Musk, who's clearly had enough of the seemingly lasting trend of remote work. "People should get off their godd--- moral high horse with the work-from-home bulls--- because they'...

CEO Accuses Workers of 'Quiet Quitting,' Taking Care of Kids

Clearlink's James Clarke made some eyebrow-raising comments on remote work at town hall

(Newser) - The CEO of a digital marketing and tech firm is taking a fair amount of flak after remarks that targeted remote workers and working moms. James Clarke, head of Utah-based Clearlink, spoke during a companywide town hall last week to discuss a recent return-to-work order now that the pandemic has...

Amazon Rebuffs Pleas From 30K Workers to Stay Remote

HR chief says that, despite petition, return-to-office plan will continue as planned, starting May 1

(Newser) - Last month, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shared a letter with staff announcing the company's intent to bring all employees back into the office at least three days a week, starting May 1. Many workers weren't happy about that—at least 30,000 of them (10% of Amazon's...

Yelp Rebuffs Hybrid 'Hell,' Closes 3 of Its Offices

Company makes bigger push toward remote work by closing NYC, Chicago, DC campuses

(Newser) - Many employers are still resistant to telecommuting, even after two years of a pandemic during which distance work became more the rule than the exception. Yelp isn't one of them. The AP reports that the crowd-sourced reviews site will be closing its Chicago, New York City, and DC offices...

Elon Musk Takes Rigid Stance on Remote Work

Email posted to Twitter purportedly tells Tesla staff remote work only OK past 40-hour mark

(Newser) - Elon Musk has made clear to his Tesla workforce that remote work is not acceptable. Nor is it "acceptble," as the subject line of an email apparently sent to Tesla employees Tuesday and later posted to Twitter made clear. The brief email explains that "anyone who wishes...

Here Are the 10 Best States for Remote Workers

The Garden State tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - During the pandemic, much of America got a taste of what it's like to be a full-time telecommuter. Now that many businesses have started to open back up, a good number of them are allowing workers to remain remote. To see which states are most conducive to this type...

The Case Against Working From Home
Employers Should Think Twice
About Remote Working

Employers Should Think Twice About Remote Working

'It can drain morale and diminish collegiality,' writes the partner in a law firm that stayed open

(Newser) - Much has been written about how the pandemic has upended work life, perhaps permanently . But while many employers have embraced the idea of remote working, not everybody is a fan. In a New York Times essay, one of the partners in a Houston law firm recounts how productivity tanked when...

Most FB Workers Now Eligible for Perk That's Made CEO 'Happier'

Company to allow most employees option to work remotely

(Newser) - Businesses across America are starting to more fully reopen and transition back to in-person operations, and Facebook is no exception. The Wall Street Journal reports that the social media giant will be opening the bulk of its US offices to half capacity in September, with a full opening set for...

The US Cities That Remote Workers May Soon Ditch

There are also metro areas that could benefit from the telecommuting trend

(Newser) - With much of America now intimately familiar with telecommuting, a necessity born of the pandemic, USA Today sees a "titanic shift" in the direction of remote work, even once all of the virus-related lockdowns are over and we head back into the office. And as people realize they can...

Salesforce Will Keep One Big Perk After Pandemic

Software company will let most employees keep working from home after this is all over

(Newser) - Telecommuting, work from home, working virtually, working remotely—whatever you call it, employees at San Francisco's largest private company are about to have the option to do it permanently, even after we've finally chased the pandemic away. Salesforce announced Tuesday that most of its workers will be permitted...

Sick of Working at Home? This Island Beckons

Has an Offer
for Foreigners
in case you missed it

Barbados Has an Offer for Foreigners

Island creating yearlong work visa—to lure remote workers during pandemic

(Newser) - If you've been working from home during the pandemic, you may feel lucky to have a job, but maybe not as lucky to be staring at the same four walls every day without much human interaction. Conde Nast Traveler reports on a possible remedy, if you're willing to...

'Emboldened' by Working From Home, Whistleblowers Emerge
New Influx of Whistleblower
Filings the 'Tip of the Iceberg'
in case you missed it

New Influx of Whistleblower Filings the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Lawyers say uptick in complaints due to impact of COVID-19, people working from home

(Newser) - While the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the economy, it's brought business to one particular group: lawyers for whistleblowers, who've been coming forward in increasing numbers since the pandemic hit. Per an SEC spokesman, the agency received 4,000 or so whistleblower complaints from the middle of...

Twitter to Its Workers: Stay Home
Silicon Valley Hits
Back at Coronavirus

Silicon Valley Hits Back at Coronavirus

Twitter, Google, other tech firms pushing remote work, other measures to stop COVID-19 spread

(Newser) - With coronavirus seeping into more corners of the world— Gizmodo puts its presence in nearly 70 countries, with more than 91,000 sickened and at least 3,100 dead—Twitter just made a major move to stop the spread. The BBC reports the social media giant has told its workers...

A Move to Vermont Could Net You $10K, but There's a Catch

You have to work remotely for an out-of-state employer

(Newser) - Vermont wants to pay you up to $10,000 to move there, and, yes, there's a catch. To qualify for the funds, you need to be a full-time employee of an out-of-state business who works from home. The unusual proposal, which comes with a new law signed by Gov....

10 Companies With Most Job Posts for Telecommuters

FlexJobs takes its annual look

(Newser) - Besides the ability to work in your PJs and take kitten or puppy breaks, telecommuting allows workers to save on commuting costs and time, and perhaps better handle the work-life balance, CNN notes. Companies can benefit, too, saving money by cutting down on office space and by attracting and keeping...

10 Best US Cities to Be an 'Urban Hermit'

You may never leave home in Chicago

(Newser) - You don't have to live in a forest camp to be a hermit. Thanks to modern conveniences like Netflix and food deliveries, just about anybody, anywhere, can live the solitary life. Some cities, however, are better for "urban hermits" than others. Here are Estately 's top 10...

Tell Your Boss You Want to Work From Montana

Local businessman is pushing 'Come Home to Montana' telecommuting campaign

(Newser) - Usually states that want to attract more business go directly after companies by offering tax incentives and other perks. But a Montana man who founded a successful software company there is targeting a more individualized demographic: employees in other states who want to leave the rat race and telecommute from...

Can't Take Time Off? Try a 'Workcation'

Employees are starting to combine work/pleasure time to save vacay days

(Newser) - Don't have a lot of vacation days stockpiled but need to get away? Consider taking a "workcation"—what the Wall Street Journal describes as a growing trend in which workers head to a destination and pay for their own travel and lodgings, but don't get docked...

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