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Teens Sue San Francisco After Mass Arrest

They were 'freezing, thirsty, and hungry, needing to pee' after arrests at skateboarding event

(Newser) - Police in San Francisco violated their juvenile detention policies with the mass arrest of around 80 under-18s after an unsanctioned skateboarding event in July, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by four of the teens. According to the class-action lawsuit, riot police "corralled" the teens on a...

Famed YouTube Skateboarder Dies in Plane Crash

Bodies of Josh Neuman, 3 others found in Iceland's second-largest lake

(Newser) - American skateboarder and YouTube star Josh Neuman is one of four people confirmed to have died in a small plane crash in Iceland. The bodies of the 22-year-old, the pilot of the Cessna 172, and two other passengers were discovered Sunday in Lake Thingvallavatn—Iceland's second-largest lake, some 30...

How to Deliver a Report on Skateboarding
Report Goes Viral

Journalist's Skateboarding Report Goes Viral

Detroit's Victor Williams gives it a personal touch

(Newser) - A new skate park in Detroit is offering free lessons, and suddenly a lot of people know about it. The reason? WDIV journalist Victor Williams' report from the skate park has gone viral—because he delivered it live while showing off his own skateboarding skills, reports the Detroit News . In...

Olympian in Quarantine Blasts 'Inhuman' Living Conditions

Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs decries lack of fresh air at hotel, calls it 'mentally super draining'

(Newser) - An Olympic skateboarder who was put in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 called the conditions at the hotel "inhuman" on Wednesday. Candy Jacobs has been in isolation for eight days and missed the street event in skateboarding's debut as an Olympic sport, per the AP . She said...

Here's Who Won First-Ever Olympic Skateboarding Medals

Japan sweeps golds, takes first in both men's and women's contests

(Newser) - Thirteen-year-old Momiji Nishiya of Japan won the first Olympic skateboard competition for women on Monday, giving the host nation a sweep of golds in the street event after Yuto Horigome won the men’s competition, also the Olympics' first ever, the AP reports. Rayssa Leal, a Brazilian who is also...

Oddly Soothing TikTok Video Resurrects Song From 1977

Skateboarding, juice, and Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' seems to be formula for viral success

(Newser) - In 1977, Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" was climbing the charts, eventually making its way to the No. 1 spot. Now the song is back in the spotlight, thanks to a somewhat bizarre viral video that's catapulted the song to its best streaming week yet. Per the Los Angeles ...

Skateboarder Sky Brown, 11, Survives Horrific Fall

She says she's not giving up on 2021 Olympics

(Newser) - Skateboarding sensation Sky Brown, 11, is recovering in a California hospital after a horrific fall during training. The British Olympic hopeful, who fractured her skull and broke her left hand and wrist, was unresponsive after being taken to the hospital by helicopter but is expected to make a full recovery,...

11-Year-Old Grabs a Skateboarding 'Holy Grail'
11-Year-Old Grabs
a Skateboarding 'Holy Grail'
in case you missed it

11-Year-Old Grabs a Skateboarding 'Holy Grail'

Gui Khury completes 3 full rotations in the air and lands cleanly

(Newser) - A big skateboarding first is in the books, and an 11-year-old kid gets all the credit. In the sport's lingo, Brazil's Gui Khury "threw down the first 1080 on a vert ramp," writes Cassandra Negley at Yahoo Sports . Translation for those less versed in the sport:...

City's Attempt to Discourage Skateboarders Backfires

Sand-filled skate park attracted dirt bikers

(Newser) - A city in southern California filled a skate park with 37 tons of sand, hoping young people who had been ignoring social distancing guidelines and "No Trespassing" signs would stay away. The giant sandbox they created, however, had the opposite effect. Fox News reports that Ralph's Skate Court...

Minor Leaguer Killed in Skateboard Accident

Chace Numata was 27

(Newser) - A sad day for the Detroit Tigers: Chace Numata, a catcher in his first season with the team's Double-A Erie affiliate, died Monday from injuries he suffered in a skateboarding accident Friday. Police say surveillance video showed the 27-year-old riding his skateboard through downtown Erie, Pa., around 2am on...

2024 Olympics May Boast 'More Artistic' New Sport

IOC appears to be on board for break-dancing

(Newser) - Break-dancing might just become an Olympic sport. Organizers of the 2024 Games in Paris have put forth their suggestions for four sports to be added to the current roster of 28, with breakdancing listed alongside surfing, climbing, and skateboarding. The latter three sports are already confirmed for Tokyo 2020, but...

Pro Skateboarder and Model Dylan Rieder Dead at 28

'One of the best'

(Newser) - The skateboarding world is mourning the loss of 28-year-old Dylan Rieder, who died of leukemia on Wednesday. Rieder grew up in Westminster, Calif., and began skating at age 9, reports People . He went pro for Alien Workshop at age 18 before nabbing sponsorships with Birdhouse, Osiris, and Quiksilver. "A...

Teen Killed After Strapping Rocket to Skateboard

The homemade rocket exploded

(Newser) - Authorities say two Southern California high school students attached a homemade model rocket to a skateboard before it exploded and killed one of the teens. The blast Monday evening in the courtyard of a Ventura County elementary school killed 18-year-old Bernard Moon, the AP reports. His 17-year-old friend was injured...

Shutdown Turns DC Into Giant Skatepark

Empty plazas and no cops create perfect conditions for skaters

(Newser) - At least one group is benefiting from the federal shutdown: skaters. The capital's stone benches and strong railings make for perfect skating obstacles, but are usually off-limits. But with buildings and plazas empty in Washington, DC, no one is around to police them, and the skaters are moving in,...

LA Cracks Down on Unsafe Skateboarding

Crouching 'bombers' to be fined $250

(Newser) - Los Angeles is clamping down on unsafe skateboarding by coming up with clearer definitions of what counts as dangerous. Under new City Council regulations, high-speed downhill runs known as "bombing" will still be allowed, but skaters will be required to be upright instead of crouching, reports the Los Angeles ...

Skateboarder 'Jumped by Blacks' Actually Hit a Wall

Rene Betancourt remains 'cloudy' about the incident

(Newser) - An avid skateboarder who said "four to five unknown black males" mugged him in a parking lot actually hurt himself while skateboarding, the Miami Herald reports. Rene Betancourt, 22, broke his skull and was hospitalized for two weeks while detectives searched for his assailants. In the end they found...

LA Wants Speed Limit ... for Skateboarders

New rules could let police impound boards

(Newser) - Skateboarders in Los Angeles may soon have to obey traffic regulations—including a 25mph speed limit. The city council voted unanimously to draft rules against "unsafe" skateboarding, the Los Angeles Times reports. Councilman Joe Buscaino, who launched the proceedings, said he wanted to stop skateboard "bombing," during...

Mishap Leaves Anderson Guest in Coma

Cooper 'distraught' after producer prods teen into 'crazy stuff'

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper's evening persona would not be pleased with his daytime self. Seems a teenager is in a coma after an Anderson producer coaxed the boy into careless behavior for an episode on the "teenage mind," Gawker reports. A source says the producer "encouraged [the] kid...

Woman, 83, Killed in Collision With Skateboarder

Calif. police probing deadly accident

(Newser) - A 17-year-old skateboarder may face charges over the death of an 83-year-old pedestrian he ran into. Police in the seaside town of Capitola, Calif., say the teen was skateboarding downhill and passed a stop sign before slamming into the woman at up to 20mph. The teen has not yet been...

Eric Swenson Dead: Thrasher Co-Founder Revitalized Skateboarding
Skateboarding Icon Commits Suicide 

Skateboarding Icon Commits Suicide

Eric Swenson shot himself in front of SF police station

(Newser) - The skateboarding world is mourning a man who played a major role in creating the huge subculture that exists today, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Thrasher magazine co-founder Eric Swenson shot and killed himself in front of the Mission police station in San Francisco. Friends believe the 64-year-old could no...

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