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Block Party Ends With 13 Shot, Stabbed, or Hit by Cars

Some injuries were caused by vehicles fleeing gunfire in Syracuse

(Newser) - Officers arriving at a pop-up block party in New York state early Sunday found at least 13 people had been shot, stabbed, or hit by vehicles. Syracuse police received a call about shots fired early Sunday at a gathering of hundreds of people, USA Today reports. The victims ranged in...

A Divisive Reaction to Video of Syracuse Cops and 8-Year-Old
A Divisive Reaction to Video of
Syracuse Cops and 8-Year-Old
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A Divisive Reaction to Video of Syracuse Cops and 8-Year-Old

Boy was accused of stealing a bag of chips

(Newser) - If not for Kenneth Jackson, Anthony Weah wouldn't know the full story. Weah was running errands Sunday in Syracuse, New York, when police called to say his sons allegedly stole chips from a store, and could he return home. Weah tells that he came upon a calm...

Syracuse Coach Kills Pedestrian on Highway

Jim Boeheim cooperating with police after accident on interstate

(Newser) - Jim Boeheim led Syracuse University's men's basketball team to victory over the Louisville Cardinals Wednesday before his night took a horrible turn. The 74-year-old coach was driving home from the game around 11:20pm when he struck and killed a man who'd exited a vehicle that had...

Suspect Billed $4K When Cops Make Hospital Search Rectum
Doctors Find No Drugs in
Suspect's Rectum, Bill Him $4K
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Doctors Find No Drugs in Suspect's Rectum, Bill Him $4K

Syracuse newspaper details strange case

(Newser) - In the annals of surprising medical bills, this one stands out. A man in Syracuse received a bill for $4,595.12 after doctors performed a sigmoidoscopy, meaning they inserted an 8-inch scope into his rectum, reports the Syracuse Post-Standard . They did so against his will, on the orders of...

Homeless Man Charging Phone at a Dunkin' Got Rude Surprise

Workers terminated after dumping water on him in 'cruel' incident caught on video

(Newser) - "Cruel" is how people are describing an incident that took place at an upstate New York Dunkin' Donuts, and the company seems to agree. The Post-Standard reports that on Sunday evening, Jeremy Dufresne (aka Jeremy Young ), a homeless man whose family says he has epilepsy and schizophrenia...

Teen Goes to Metallica Concert, Loses Car for Days

His dad had to place a Craigslist ad asking Toronto locals to help his 'doofy son'

(Newser) - For much of this week, Toronto residents have been on a scavenger hunt of sorts, with an odd target: a 2015 Nissan Versa, "misplaced" by a US teen who'd forgotten where he'd left it after a Metallica concert. The CBC reports on 19-year-old Gavin Strickland's parking...

Uber's Final Frontier: Upstate New York

State considers legislation to overturn ban on ride-sharing services

(Newser) - Brian Cook's March Madness-inspired trip to Buffalo to cheer on Princeton was, for him, a journey back to a simpler time, when hailing a ride meant standing on a corner and flagging down a taxi. "For a 19-year-old, that's unknown," said Cook. "I take Uber...

Guy Told He Can't Park Truck in Own Driveway
 Couple Told They Can't Park 
 Truck in Own Driveway 
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Couple Told They Can't Park Truck in Own Driveway

Homeowners' association deems it unseemly

(Newser) - Like parking in your driveway? So do David and Arna Orlando, but their homeowners' association says they can't—and is suing to make the point, the Post-Standard reports. The Kimry Moor Homeowners Association in the town of Manlius, NY, just outside Syracuse, cites its regulations in telling the Orlandos...

Severe Storms Kill 5 in NY, Maryland

4 homes destroyed near Syracuse

(Newser) - At least five people were killed when fierce storms lashed several East Coast states last night, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power in New York and Pennsylvania. In Smithfield, a town between Syracuse and Utica in New York state, four people were killed when a storm ripped four...

Scary New 'Game' for Teens: Knockout

It involves punching unsuspecting victims unconscious

(Newser) - A terrifying new "game" is sweeping across the nation: "Knockout." Just like it sounds, it involves targeting a stranger on the street and rendering him unconscious with one punch, WPIX reports. Videos of the attacks are increasing on YouTube, WJLA reports. The NYPD is investigating a series...

'Dead' Woman Opens Eyes, Stops Organ Harvest
'Dead' Woman Opens Eyes, Stops Organ Harvest

'Dead' Woman Opens Eyes, Stops Organ Harvest

Syracuse hospital nearly killed her after mistaken death pronouncement

(Newser) - The Syracuse Post-Standard has a medical story equal parts amazing and scary: Doctors who thought a 41-year-old woman was dead were preparing to remove her organs when she opened her eyes in the operating room. St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center eventually got fined $6,000 by the state after...

America's Most Irish Cities Are...

 America's Most 
 Irish Cities 
 Are ... 
happy st patty's day

America's Most Irish Cities Are ...

... Boston, of course, plus a few surprises

(Newser) - Quick St. Patrick's Day quiz: How many Americans are of Irish descent? Some 22 million say Irish is their "primary ancestry," and 13.5 million more have at least some Irish blood, reports the Huffington Post . That adds up to 35.5 million or 11.6% of...

Syracuse Fires Coach in Wake of Molestation Claims

Bernie Fine's employment terminated, 'effective immediately'

(Newser) - Syracuse University has fired associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine in the wake of an investigation of child molestation allegations against him. "At the direction of Chancellor Cantor, Bernie Fine's employment with Syracuse University has been terminated, effective immediately," the school's senior vice president for public...

Teen Sentenced to Up to 6 Years for 7-Cent Robbery
Teen Sentenced to Up to
6 Years for 7-Cent Robbery
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Teen Sentenced to Up to 6 Years for 7-Cent Robbery

Judge refuses to sentence him as a 'youthful offender'

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Syracuse boy got the book thrown at him over a robbery that netted him all of seven cents. Judge William Walsh refused a defense request to sentence young Anthony Stewart, a Syracuse native, as a “youthful offender,” instead sentencing him as an adult to two to...

Cops Charge Ex in Co-Ed's Murder

Discovery of body ends weeklong search for Jenni-Lyn Watson

(Newser) - Police in upstate New York yesterday charged the ex-boyfriend of a missing college student with her murder after finding a body dumped in a park, ending a massive weeklong search, reports the Syracuse Post-Standard. The body of 20-year-old Mercyhurst College dance student Jenni-Lyn Watson was “dumped like garbage" in...

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16
 Cornell Shocks 
 Gains Sweet 16 
ncaa tournament

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16

Big Red will face Kentucky; Ohio State outlasts Ga. Tech

(Newser) - Louis Dale scored 26 points, Ryan Wittman added 24, and No. 12 seed Cornell upset fourth-seeded Wisconsin, 87-69, today in Jacksonville, becoming the first Ivy League team since Penn in 1979 to advance to the round of 16.The Big Red (27-8) will play top-seeded Kentucky in the East Regional...

Syracuse Tops UConn in Epic 6 OTs

You read that right, six damn overtimes!

(Newser) - It was a game for the ages, the longest in Big East history and nearly the longest college hoops has ever seen. After six grueling overtimes—you read that right, six overtime—Syracuse emerged victorious over UConn last night, to the final tune of 127-117. “I've got no words,...

College Presidents Push to Lower Drinking Age

Drinking at 18 will reduce binging at school, they argue

(Newser) - Presidents of 100 prominent colleges are behind an effort to have the drinking age lowered, from 21 to 18, claiming that earlier experience of drinking younger will reduce students' binge drinking in college. Presidents of Duke, Dartmouth, Ohio State, Syracuse, Tufts and Colgate are among the campaign's supporters, AP reports.

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