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Kennedys Denounce RFK Jr.'s 'Deplorable' Remarks on COVID, Jews

The comments 'play on antisemitic myths,' says his brother

(Newser) - Days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was accused of antisemitic remarks about COVID-19 , his family is speaking out, and a Democratic watchdog group is calling on a US House committee to uninvite him from an upcoming hearing. The family remarks:
  • "I strongly condemn my brother's deplorable and untruthful

After a Kennedy Slam, JK Rowling Gives Back Award

'Harry Potter' author blasts RFK daughter Kerry Kennedy for implying she's transphobic

(Newser) - JK Rowling's take on transgender issues has earned her a fair share of controversy . Now, it's prompted her to return a prestigious honor. Per the BBC , the Harry Potter author received the Ripple of Hope Award last year from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights group. It's...

Kerry Kennedy Acquitted of Drugged Driving

She took Ambien accidentally in 2012 crash

(Newser) - Kerry Kennedy was acquitted today of drugged driving after she accidentally took a sleeping pill and then sideswiped a truck in a wild 2012 highway drive she said she didn't remember. Kennedy hugged and clasped hands with her lawyers as a six-person jury cleared her of driving while impaired,...

Kerry Kennedy on Ambien During Car Crash

It was drugs, not seizure

(Newser) - Kerry Kennedy had the sedative Ambien in her system when she crashed her car last week in Westchester and tried to leave the scene, according to court documents filed yesterday. Toxicology tests found zolpidem, the generic name for the sedative Ambien, in a blood sample taken the day Kennedy swerved...

Kerry Kennedy Blames Seizure for Wreck

Truck driver says she tried to flee scene, but tire popped

(Newser) - Kerry Kennedy may have appeared to be high on drugs when she was busted last week after crashing her Lexus into a tractor-trailer rig, but she was actually suffering a "partial seizure," she has explained to a judge. Kennedy, daughter of Bobby Kennedy and ex-wife of Gov. Andrew...

Mary Kennedy Reburied Away From Kennedys

And best friend Kerry Kennedy charged with DUI

(Newser) - Mary Kennedy didn't get to rest in peace for long: The coffin of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife was dug up earlier this month and moved to a new site some 700 feet away, reports the AP , and RFK Jr. apparently requested the move. Mary Kennedy,...

Kennedys Reveal Depths of Mary's Depression

'She was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life,' RFK Jr. says

(Newser) - Friends and relatives of Mary Kennedy have opened up about the depression she struggled with for many years. They describe Kennedy, who hanged herself at her Westchester home this week , as a friendly, generous woman, but one who was fighting a tough battle against depression, and who had spoken of...

'Lost, Alone' Mary Kennedy Hanged Herself

4 children were away when her body was found in barn

(Newser) - Robert Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife was a "lost, alone" woman who ended her life at the end of a noose in a suicide in her barn behind her Westchester home, reports the New York Daily News . The body of Mary Kennedy, 52, the mom of four children...

Paladino Accuses Cuomo of Having Affair
 Paladino Accuses 
 Cuomo of Having Affair 

Paladino Accuses Cuomo of Having Affair

GOP candidate almost comes to blows with reporter demanding proof

(Newser) - Candidate Carl Paladino yesterday predicted that the New York's governor's race will get nastier, and then proceeded to fulfill that prediction. The Republican alleged that his rival, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, had been unfaithful to his ex-wife, Robert Kennedy's daughter Kerry Kennedy. "Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours...

Kennedy Scion's Book Probes Catholic Tension

Attempts to reconcile faith's teachings with modern life baffle many

(Newser) - Kerry Kennedy—the seventh of Bobby's 11 children—is taking on everything from clergy abuse to hierarchy in the Catholic Church in a book out tomorrow, the Boston Globe reports. In Being Catholic Now, the churchgoing 49-year-old interviews prominent Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Bill O'Reilly and Martin Sheen about common...

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