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NYT Columnist Explains Why He 'Euthanized' His Gmail

Ezra Klein killed off his Google email account due to the overwhelming amount of content

(Newser) - Ezra Klein remembers feeling "chosen" two decades ago when he scored a coveted invite to join Google's new Gmail service, which promised much more storage in users' inboxes and robust search capabilities. He now admits he's no longer a Gmail devotee, as of a few months ago:...

Google Is Days Away From Deleting Inactive Accounts

Here's what you need to know to keep your account from disappearing

(Newser) - Have a Google account you haven't used in a while? If you want to keep it from disappearing, you should sign in before the end of the week. Under Google's updated inactive account policy, which the tech giant announced back in May , accounts that haven't been used...

Gmail, Google Did Not Have a Good Morning

Worldwide outage fouled things up for a wide range of Google Services about an hour

(Newser) - If you were trying to check Gmail somewhere between 6:30am and 8am Eastern on Monday, you might well have struck out. A worldwide outage brought the system largely to a halt before things started returning to normal just before 8, reports CNET . But it wasn't just Gmail. A...

Brief Google Service Outage Rattles Users

Gmail, Classroom were down for over an hour

(Newser) - Millions of people are now more reliant on Google services than ever before—and even a brief outage can cause alarm. Services including Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube went down for around an hour for users on the East and West coasts Thursday night, Engadget reports. According to Downdetector and...

Comey's Gmails? 156 Have Been Released

He discussed sensitive FBI matters, says the Post

(Newser) - Was it hypocrisy? While probing Hillary Clinton's emails, former FBI chief James Comey conducted business on his private Gmail account—including seven messages the Justice Dept. deemed too sensitive for public release, the New York Post reports. A Freedom of Information request obtained 156 of his emails, but 363...

Big Changes Coming to Gmail Starting Today

You can now write emails that 'self-destruct,' among other things

(Newser) - Big changes are being rolled out at Gmail starting Wednesday. Washington Post tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler got to try the new Gmail out early, and says that while he was initially annoyed at some of the "cutesy" changes like rounded buttons and a new font, he was on...

Rumored New Gmail Features: Self-Destruction and 'Snoozing'

Plus, a 'Confidential Mode' would keep users from forwarding, copying, or printing sensitive emails

(Newser) - The Washington Post reported Thursday on rumors about Google's Gmail revamp, and TechCrunch and the Verge got their hands on supposed screenshots of the updated design and new features. Among the more intriguing-sounding innovations: a "Confidential Mode" that keeps email protected by not allowing the recipient to forward...

Gmail App Will Now Write Emails for You

Smart Reply offers quick responses from 'deep-learning' network

(Newser) - Do you dread replying to emails, especially while on the go? Google's Inbox by Gmail app has a crafty new feature that could eliminate the task by writing responses for you. The Smart Reply feature is basically like auto-suggest but for phrases rather than words, reports Buzzfeed . The feature...

Gmail Can Now Save You From Major Embarrassment

Now users can hit 'undo send' on emails

(Newser) - Anyone who's sent an email and immediately started shouting "No, no, no" at the computer might appreciate this new Gmail feature: Users can now call back an email within 30 seconds before it travels on its way, reports NBC News . The "undo send" feature is now available,...

US Ambassador Worked in Bathroom to Flout State Dept.

Scott Gration refused to use Nairobi embassy's IT, set up office in the can

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is under the microscope for conducting official State Department business from a personal email account . But she probably wasn't working out of her bathroom—unlike an ex-US ambassador to Kenya who did just that. Ars Technica resurfaces the 2012 story of Scott Gration, who balked at using...

Gmail Now Fully Blocked in China

It had been usable via 3rd-party apps

(Newser) - The Great Firewall has apparently expanded. Gmail hasn't been directly accessible for six months in China; now users can't reach it through third-party services like Microsoft Outlook either. The latest crackdown on Google in the country appears to have begun on Friday, according to Google data , the Wall ...

You Might Want to Change Your Gmail Password

5M are posted on Russian forum

(Newser) - Today's adventure in online security comes via the Daily Dot , which reports that 5 million Gmail user names and passwords were posted on a Russian Bitcoin forum called BTCsec. Forum administrators removed the post, but it was up long enough for screen shots. The person who posted it claims...

Google to Let 'Plus' Users Contact Any Gmail User

You could get email from someone who doesn't have your address

(Newser) - Watch out, Gmail users: You may soon see messages in your inbox from people you don't know. Google is rolling out a feature over the next few days that will allow any Google+ user to send an email to any Gmail user who is also on Google+, even if...

NSA Harvesting Contact Lists From Gmail, Facebook

Snowden leak indicates agency is collecting more than 250M lists per year

(Newser) - The Washington Post has the latest document leak from Edward Snowden, revealing that the NSA has been collecting hundreds of millions of contact lists from email, social media, and IM accounts around the world—including those of Americans. The agency then uses those lists to uncover and map connections and...

Terrorists Totally Into Gmail, Says Former NSA, CIA Boss

Michael Hayden: 'it's free, it's ubiquitous'

(Newser) - When it comes to email, terrorists have a clear favorite, says the former head of both the NSA and CIA: Gmail. Michael Hayden called it "the preferred Internet service provider of terrorists worldwide," though he appeared to mean email service rather than ISP, the Washington Post notes. "...

Marketers Hate New Gmail Format
Marketers Hate
New Gmail Format

Marketers Hate New Gmail Format

They fear their pitches are getting lost

(Newser) - Gmail users might still be getting used to the ins and outs of their reorganized email sorting, but retailers have seen enough to know they hate it. Generally speaking, marketers fear email pitches are getting lost as they're now diverted by default from a user's primary inbox to...

Google: Let's Get Rid of Passwords
Google: Let's Get Rid
of Passwords

Google: Let's Get Rid of Passwords

Googlers experiment with new forms of security

(Newser) - Want to log into Gmail by tapping a ring on your computer? So do Google executives who consider passwords a weak form of security, Wired reports. Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay say that so far, the company is trying out USB sticks that log...

Google+ Looking to Suck You in

CEO Larry Page pushes effort to build social network

(Newser) - Signing up for a YouTube or Gmail account? Get ready for a publicly viewable Google+ page, too. While Facebook users are clocking 400 minutes per month on that site, Google+ users spend just three minutes—and Google is trying to change that by making its own social network a little...

After Gmail Ban, Iran Focuses on Own Internet

Block on email service lifted following complaints

(Newser) - Iran's ban on Gmail, launched in response to the anti-Islam video that sparked worldwide protests, has prompted a wave of complaints, including some from lawmakers themselves. Now, Iran has lifted the ban —and it's still working furiously to roll out its new version of the Internet in...

Iran Blocks Gmail, Google Searches in Film Revenge

Company, meanwhile, celebrates record-busting stock prices

(Newser) - Iran has punished Google for not yanking a 14-minute YouTube trailer for the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims by doing some yanking of its own. The government is blocking Gmail and Google search functions, reports CNN . YouTube has been blocked in the country since mid-2009. The sites were blocked "...

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