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Google's New Idea: Your Gmail in Search Results

Company aims for 'universal search'

(Newser) - Google searches just keep getting more personal . The company's latest idea: Integrate Gmail emails into search results, so when you search for something like "flight" on Google, relevant messages from your Gmail account—like the confirmation for your upcoming trips—will show up alongside normal results. Gmail will...

1M Android Forum Users' Data Hacked

Yahoo attack also hit Gmail, Hotmail, AOL

(Newser) - Another major security breach has emerged a day after news of a Yahoo hack targeting 450,000 users, this time at an online forum for Android users. Hackers snagged user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and more in an attack on Android Forums' more than 1 million users, ZDNet reports. An...

Strip-Search Case Proves Privacy Is Dead

Supreme Court is just following our lead

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's ruling upholding prisoner strip-searches is an indicator of a much wider trend. Such searches compromise human dignity, but in the court case, not even the dissenting justices argued against all strip-searches, writes Noah Feldman in Bloomberg . That's because "privacy, as we know it, is...

Google, Yahoo, 13 Others Declare War on Phishing

New set of standards could make email more trustworthy

(Newser) - A new anti-phishing effort, backed by the big email service providers as well as banks, PayPal, social networks, and other companies, could dramatically reduce the number of scam emails you get in your inbox. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL are backing the new plan; 15 companies in total have come...

Google Tries Again with Gmail iPhone App

This time it loads, but still lacks some key functions

(Newser) - Google is trying again with its Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch after its first attempt two weeks proved to be a quick failure . The new app is out today, and Business Insider reports progress: It loads this time without errors, and Google fixed the problem related...

Gmail Immediately Pulls Buggy iPhone App

Users complain it's 'unusable'

(Newser) - Google finally released its long-awaited stand-alone Gmail client for iPhones, iPads, and iPods today—only to immediately pull it down after a flood of complaints over bugs. “The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem,” Gmail’...

Microsoft Video Slams Snooping 'Gmail Man'

Pokes fun at Google for scanning your inbox

(Newser) - You’d never tolerate your mailman behaving the way Gmail does: That’s the message of a chuckle-inducing video—believed to be made by Microsoft—that takes direct aim at the email service’s advertising techniques. Mocking Gmail for scanning your inbox as a way to target advertising, the video...

China Warns Google: Stop Being 'Political Tool'

Business could suffer, editorial threatens

(Newser) - China is not happy with Google. A front-page editorial in a Communist party newspaper accuses the search giant of "trying to provoke a new dispute between China and the US" through its suggestions that recent Gmail hacking attacks on US officials originated in China. "Google should not become...

Gmail Hackers Went After White House

Officials' personal accounts may have been compromised

(Newser) - Those alleged Gmail hackers from China weren't messing around: They went after the White House, reports the Wall Street Journal . It remains unclear exactly who was targeted or whether any sensitive information was compromised, but the hackers were apparently hoping that high-ranking officials were conducting government business on their...

Google: Gmail Accounts 'Hijacked' From China

US officials among those infiltrated

(Newser) - The already strained relationship between Google and China became more complex today as the search giant revealed a recent attack on prominent users of Gmail that originated in Jinan, China. Google says hundreds of specifically targeted victims including US government officials and Chinese activists were tricked into sharing their email...

Google's April Fools' Joke, 'Gmail Motion,' Now Real
 'Gmail Motion' Now Real 

'Gmail Motion' Now Real

Group turns April Fools' joke into working technology

(Newser) - Days after it was announced, Google’s April Fools' joke has become reality. Last week the company unveiled "Gmail Motion," a fake service that would allow you to compose an email using a webcam and some pretty kooky gestures (like pretending to lick a stamp to send said...

April Fools Day: Google Unveils Gmail Motion

 Google Unveils 
 'Gmail Motion' 
it's april 1

Google Unveils 'Gmail Motion'

'Now you can control Gmail with your body,' says April 1 announcement

(Newser) - Google proudly unveiled Gmail Motion today—today, of course, being April 1. The new application "uses your computer's built-in webcam and Google's patented spatial tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands," Google claims, offering a helpful guide to the necessary gestures....

Google Rips China for Attacking Activist Gmails
 Google: China Blocking Gmail  

Google: China Blocking Gmail

Nation targeting chatter behind Jasmine Revolution, says company

(Newser) - In the latest battle between China and Google, the company is charging the government with interfering with Gmail. Users are having increasing trouble sending emails and accessing other services linked to the operation, according to Google. Following the Japanese earthquake tsunami disaster, Google set up an application to help people...

150K Gmail Users Lose Everything

It appears accounts were reset; Google promises a fix

(Newser) - Bad news for less than 0.08%, by Google's count, of Gmail users: Your account may have "vanished into the cloud," Engadget reports. Gmail users started reporting yesterday morning that they'd lost access to their inboxes—and that, by the time some of them were able to log...

Facebook Messages: Why You Shouldn't Ditch Your Email
Why You Shouldn't Ditch
Your Email for Facebook

Why You Shouldn't Ditch Your Email for Facebook

Zuckerberg's basket may not be best place for all your eggs

(Newser) - Facebook's new messaging system incorporates email—as well as SMS, IMs, and Facebook Chat—but it's not smart to ditch your old email for a address, argues Adam Pash at Lifehacker, explaining three main reasons:
  • It's not email, as even Mark Zuckerberg says . All emails with the same

Facebook 'Gmail Killer' Due Monday

Social network to reveal 'full-fledged webmail client,' say sources

(Newser) - In its latest step toward world domination, Facebook will unveil the web email service its staff calls “the Gmail killer” on Monday, sources tell TechCrunch . It’s more than just an update to Facebook messaging: Project Titan, as it’s known, is “a full-fledged webmail client” with loads...

Google, Facebook Bicker Over Contacts

Social network sneaks around search giant's block

(Newser) - Angered by Facebook’s data export policies, Google barred Facebook users from importing Gmail contacts last week—but Facebook quickly found a way around the problem, the Guardian reports. Calling for a “world of true data liberation,” Google labeled the social networking site a “data dead end”...

Google Warns of Chinese Hackers Spying on GMail

'Your account was recently accessed from China'

(Newser) - Google is issuing automated warnings through Gmail cautioning users about unauthorized access by Chinese hackers, Threatpost reports. The warnings simply state, "Your account was recently accessed from China," along with a list of IP addresses. It is not clear whether the attacks are acts of espionage by the...

Creepy Google Engineer Stalked Teens Online

He was axed after accessing minors' accounts, spying on chats

(Newser) - An engineer has been fired after abusing his position at Google to spy on teenage chat transcripts and access their accounts. David Barksdale, 27, breached the privacy of at least four young teens of both sexes as a member of an elite tech group at the company, Gawker reports. He...

Gmail Unveils Inbox Manager
 Gmail Unveils Inbox Manager 

Gmail Unveils Inbox Manager

' Priority Inbox' designed to help make email more efficient

(Newser) - Google has a new Gmail tool to help users manage their inboxes. "Priority Inbox" splits the inbox into three categories: important messages, starred messages, and the rest. Priority Inbox's utility lies in the algorithms that determine which messages to automatically flag as "important" to you—it looks at...

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