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Faye Dunaway Fired After Crew 'Feared for Their Safety'

The legendary actress was starring in 'Tea at Five'

(Newser) - The producers of a one-woman, Broadway-bound play announced Wednesday they had cut ties with their famously temperamental star—Oscar-winner Faye Dunaway, the New York Post reports. Sources say the July 10 performance of Tea at Five was scrapped at the last minute after Dunaway threw a backstage fit at the...

5 Most Pompous Lines From Gaga's Apology to Fans

'Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am'

(Newser) - Here's a fun glimpse into what it's like to be Lady Gaga: Her latest video, for her R. Kelly duet "Do What U Want" off her ARTPOP album , has been delayed, and her melodramatic apology to fans, per the Los Angeles Times , includes these lines:
  • "It

'Rude' Beyonce Refused Tour of Pyramids

According to their former gatekeeper

(Newser) - Another entry in the Beyonce diva file : In a Friday interview with the Independent that's just now gaining notice in the US, the former gatekeeper of Egypt's pyramids reveals this juicy tidbit: He once abandoned a tour he was giving Beyonce of the pyramids because she was "...

Anne Hathaway a 'Rude' Diva?
 Anne Hathaway 
 a 'Rude' Diva? 

Anne Hathaway a 'Rude' Diva?

She apparently doesn't like to be approached: source

(Newser) - If anything, Anne Hathaway seems too nice, right? But she may not be much better than Mariah Carey or J.Lo when it comes to diva behavior, Radar reports, citing In Touch. In advance of her appearance at a recent charity event, her people reportedly sent over a long list...

Craziest Celeb Demands, as Revealed by Assistants

Pre-squeezed butter, dog poop, and more

(Newser) - No one knows celebrities quite like their assistants do. And one assistant to the stars, Lydia Whitlock, has written a book about her experiences—and those of other Hollywood assistants. She spills some of the craziest stories to Radar :
  • One of Whitlock's bosses needed his butter to be just

18 Male Celebrity Divas
 18 Male Celebrity Divas 

18 Male Celebrity Divas

Jay-Z will only eat fancy PB&J, thank you very much

(Newser) - You certainly don't have to be female to be a diva, as these 18 men rounded up by Radar prove:
  • While performing, Kanye West will only use $400 Versace towels to wipe his face.
  • Tom Cruise recently demanded a Montenegro restaurant clear out so he could eat there alone.

Beyonce Demands Red Toilet Paper: Source

 Beyonce Demands 
 Red Toilet Paper: 
and more tour details

Beyonce Demands Red Toilet Paper: Source

We don't want to know why

(Newser) - If the Daily Star 's source is to be believed, Beyonce might have some of the weirdest diva demands of all. Her tour rider includes some pretty standard stuff (no junk food, only green foods at the salad bar, snacks like almonds), but from there it gets interesting:
  • She

25 Major Divas and Their Crazy Demands

You can't just buy any old candles for Nicki Minaj

(Newser) - Who says you have to be female to be a diva? Radar rounds up 25 of the biggest divas in Hollywood, and more than a third of them are male. Take Prince: He once asked London's O2 Arena to build a five-bedroom house for him on its grounds. And,...

J.Lo Loses Major Gig Over Diva Demands

'She priced herself out,' says source

(Newser) - When will Jennifer Lopez learn that diva demands don't pay? The singer was in talks to perform at the Premier League cricket tournament opening ceremonies, which is a big, big deal in India. But sources tell the New York Post J.Lo demanded a private plane and tons of...

Gaga's Diva Demands May Be the Weirdest Ever

Example: a mannequin with 'pink public hair'

(Newser) - Thought Lady Gaga was more down to earth than Mariah Carey and JLo ? Think again: Gaga's got her own list of diva demands. Celebuzz got a copy of the concert rider from her Monster Ball tour, and it's a doozy:
  • For reasons unknown, she requires a mannequin

Diana Ross Throws Restaurant Tantrum

Sources say she seated herself, but restaurant wouldn't serve her

(Newser) - Diana Ross' latest temper tantrum happened at a Beverly Hills restaurant Thursday, sources tell the New York Post . La Scala refused to seat the former Supreme when she arrived for lunch, since its policy is not to seat incomplete parties unless there is a reservation—and Ross' daughter wasn't...

Madonna's Crazy Tour Demands Revealed

The Material Girl lives up to her name

(Newser) - Madonna's MDNA tour has been quite the buzzworthy affair, thanks in no small part to the fact that the 53-year-old has been flashing her boob and butt . And the tour-related gossip doesn't stop there. In Touch reports on the Material Girl's very material tour demands:
  • Her dressing

Fried Chicken and Pickles: 14 Celebrity Food Demands

Concert riders reveal what performers like to eat

(Newser) - Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez certainly aren't the only divas in Hollywood: Nicki Minaj's concert rider, recently revealed in a magazine interview, show that she has some pretty involved backstage demands as well. Those include three 12-piece buckets of spicy fried chicken, no thighs, and scented candles...

Lady Gaga's Ex-Assistant Sues
 Lady Gaga's Ex-Assistant Sues 

Lady Gaga's Ex-Assistant Sues

Singer is kind of a little monster, claims Jennifer O’Neill

(Newser) - Lady Gaga just can't get good help these days: At least not the kind who will seamlessly handle all aspects of her life, manage her crazy wardrobe, wait at her beck and call at all hours, and not sue for their trouble. Seems one Jennifer O'Neill is suing...

Diva Whitney Nearly Booted From Flight

She apparently has a problem buckling her own seatbelt

(Newser) - Memo to Whitney Houston: You may be world-famous, but you still have to fasten your seatbelt while on a plane. The notorious diva nearly got herself booted from a Delta flight yesterday after a crew member asked her to buckle up before takeoff and she refused. Multiple sources tell TMZ...

Joan Collins Rips Kate Winslet, Carey Mulligan, Adele, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss
 Joan Collins 
 Basically Hates 
 All Women 

Joan Collins Basically Hates All Women

On Keira Knightley: 'Well, she's thin.'

(Newser) - Apparently there's not a lot of love lost between Joan Collins and her fellow celebrities. In an interview with the Telegraph to promote her new book, The World According to Joan, the former Dynasty star was asked about:
  • Kate Winslet: On one of her outfits at the Venice Film

Cameron on J.Lo: Stick to Your Day Job

Apparently, co-stars are not fond of one another

(Newser) - Catfight alert: Cameron Diaz is not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, her co-star in the upcoming What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Diaz has been griping about “nightmare” J.Lo’s diva attitude all over the set, and “even said that Jen should stick to her day...

Katy Perry's Diva Demands: Drivers, Don't Stare at Me!
 Katy Perry Doesn't 
 Want to Be Looked At 
diva demands

Katy Perry Doesn't Want to Be Looked At

Drivers specifically warned about staring in concert rider

(Newser) - Katy Perry seems like such a fun gal , right? But her concert rider, obtained by the Smoking Gun , is as diva-licious as Mariah's or J.Lo's . Some particularly amusing bits:
  • Chauffeurs are not allowed to talk to Perry, her guests, or her fans. They're certainly not allowed

What It Takes to Be J.Lo's Assistant

 What It Takes 
 to Be J.Lo's 
job openings

What It Takes to Be J.Lo's Assistant

The notorious diva is predictably demanding

(Newser) - Need a job? Well, as long as you don’t mind working 72 hours a week, being on call 24/7, and not having a significant other (or a pet), you can be Jennifer Lopez’s assistant! The job also requires you to, not surprisingly, “have a thick skin,”...

Diva JLo Booted as American Idol Judge

She reportedly made too many demands of Fox

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez's hopes of being the newest American Idol judge were short-lived. Fox pulled the plug on the Latina diva because "her demands got out of hand," says one source. "Fox just had enough.” Read the full article at People or go here to see why...

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