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Russell Brand: I'm Getting Baptized
Russell Brand:
I'm Getting

Russell Brand: I'm Getting Baptized

Comedian, under fire amid allegations of sexual assault, says he wants to be 'reborn'

(Newser) - Months after sexual assault allegations started surfacing against Russell Brand, the 48-year-old comedian says he's giving himself a fresh start by getting baptized. Brand, who has admitted to being "very, very promiscuous" in his past but has denied having anything other than consensual sex, says in an Instagram...

Russell Brand's Troubles Get Worse
Russell Brand's
Get Worse

Russell Brand's Troubles Get Worse

London police say they are investigating multiple allegations of sexual offenses

(Newser) - Russell Brand has more than a PR problem now after allegations of sexual offenses were raised in the British media. Police in London say they have "received a number of allegations" against the 48-year-old actor and comedian since the exposé came out, reports Sky News . The Metropolitan Police did...

Russell Brand Tour Dates Called Off
Brand Speaks Out on
His 'Distressing' Week

Brand Speaks Out on His 'Distressing' Week

Comedian begs fans for support, asks them to follow him on right-wing platform Rumble

(Newser) - Russell Brand's professional and legal woes are mounting after claims he'd sexually assaulted multiple women emerged last week, and the comedian is now publicly speaking out for the first time since. Variety notes that Brand only hinted at the accusations against him in a video posted Friday on...

Woman Describes Alleged Disturbing Encounter With Russell Brand

Says the comedian exposed himself to her, then joked about it on radio show

(Newser) - In the wake of sexual assault accusations against Russell Brand , a woman is describing a disturbing encounter she says she had with the comedian in 2008. While working in Los Angeles at a media company housed in a building also used by the BBC for its LA office, she says...

YouTube Lays Down Hammer on Russell Brand

Social media platform won't let comedian, accused of sexual assault, make money off his channels

(Newser) - Russell Brand's agency has bid him farewell , and promoters have called off his remaining comedy tour dates in the UK in the wake of new sexual-assault allegations against him, and now YouTube has delivered its own blow: The social media platform has blocked the 48-year-old comedian's main channel,...

Fallout Begins for Russell Brand
Russell Brand
Dropped by Agency

Russell Brand Dropped by Agency

Fallout begins after sexual assault allegations

(Newser) - The day after allegations of sexual assault against Russell Brand were made public, the comedian's agency severed all ties with him. "Russell Brand categorically and vehemently denied the allegation made in 2020, but we now believe we were horribly misled by him," Tavistock Wood Management Agency said...

Russell Brand Faces Allegations of Sexual Assault

Comedian says his relationships have always been consensual

(Newser) - Four women have accused Russell Brand of rape and sexual assault, allegations revealed Saturday in a joint investigation by UK news outlets. The actor and comedian denied the accusations, saying his relationships have been "always consensual," the BBC reports. The women said they were assaulted between 2006 and...

5 Anti-Circumcision Celebs
 5 Anti-Circumcision Celebs 

5 Anti-Circumcision Celebs

These stars have all spoken out against the practice

(Newser) - It's a controversial decision to make for your child, and a lot of parents feel strongly about it—one way or another. No, it's not vaccines, it's circumcision—and The Stir rounds up 10 celebrities who are against it. A sampling:
  • Alicia Silverstone: In her new book

11 Celebs Who Regret Their Tattoos

Pro tip: Maybe don't get your lover's name in permanent ink

(Newser) - Sometimes, getting a tattoo is a really bad idea—as these 22 celebrities rounded up by Radar prove. A sampling:
  • Johnny Depp: In 1990, he got "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm, but forever turned out to be closer to four years. When he and Winona Ryder split up,

Our Stupid Drug Laws Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman

Russell Brand: We know they don't work, yet we make addicts suffer

(Newser) - Philip Seymour Hoffman may have been an acclaimed actor, but he died alone, as so many addicts do, writes Russell Brand in the Guardian . It shouldn't be this way, for Hoffman or anyone else. He is yet another victim of drug laws that only worsen the problem they'...

5 Male Stars Who've Had Eating Disorders

Elton John got help from his good friend ... Princess Di

(Newser) - Not every Hollywood star who's struggled with an eating disorder has been female. Radar rounds up 11 male celebrities who've battled the problem. A sampling:
  • Dennis Quaid: After losing 40 pounds to play the dying Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp, he started struggling with what he called "

10 Stars Who've Slammed Their Exes—in Public

Because that's the mature way to handle things

(Newser) - Celebrities: always keeping it classy. The Huffington Post rounds up 20 stars—including some big names—who just haven't been able to keep their private lives private. They've dissed exes on Twitter, in magazines, and in other public spaces. Click through the gallery for a sampling of 10,...

10 Celebs Gone Vegan
 10 Celebs Gone Vegan 

10 Celebs Gone Vegan

Bey, Jay are hardly trendsetters

(Newser) - Jay Z and Beyonce are currently eating vegan (although Beyonce's certainly not letting that affect the way she dresses ), but they're not exactly trendsetters. The Huffington Post rounds up 15 more celebs who eschew all animal products. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out...

Katy Perry Gets Apology From ... Barbara Walters

She didn't know why Perry was late to interview, Walters says on 'The View'

(Newser) - Here's one way to get an apology from an interviewer who was mean to you: Talk about the incident in Billboard. Katy Perry revealed in her recent cover story that, while she was facing the end of her marriage to Russell Brand, she was late to an interview with...

Katy Perry: I Had Suicidal Thoughts After Divorce
Katy Perry: I Had Suicidal Thoughts After Divorce
'billboard' interview

Katy Perry: I Had Suicidal Thoughts After Divorce

Talks dark thoughts, new album in 'Billboard'

(Newser) - Katy Perry is this week's Billboard cover star, and in the interview, she reveals some pretty dark thoughts from her past. "By the Grace of God," a track from her upcoming album PRISM, opens with Perry on the bathroom floor, contemplating suicide. "That song is evident...

Russell Brand: Why I Made That Nazi Joke

Calls it 'a daft joke by a daft comic at a daft event'

(Newser) - Russell Brand made headlines last week after being kicked out of a GQ award show party for making a joke about event sponsor Hugo Boss' connection to the Nazis. In a slightly rambling op-ed for the Guardian , Brand defends what he calls "a daft joke by a daft comic...

Russell Brand Banned From Party Over Nazi Joke

Comedian mocks Hugo Boss

(Newser) - Tip for Russell Brand: When accepting an award, maybe don't joke about the award show sponsor's Nazi ties . The comedian was accepting the Oracle Award at the British GQ Men of the Year Awards in London last week when he made this comment about fashion label Hugo Boss,...

Russell Brand Cracks Cruel Joke About Katy Perry

Implies their sex life was about as hot as celibacy

(Newser) - You have to imagine Katy Perry is regretting that whole get-married-to-Russell-Brand thing pretty hard right now. First came the news that he ended the marriage ... on New Year's Eve ... via text . How is he treating his once-beloved now? You be the judge: The New York Daily News reports that...

7 Stars With Awful Breakup Etiquette

Ways not to dump someone: text message, Oprah, FedEx...

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a bad sitcom, but apparently Russell Brand really did break up with Katy Perry via text message, Perry recently revealed. "Let's just say I haven't heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011,"...

Katy Perry, John Mayer Call It Quits Again

As Russell Brand recalls their marriage as 'a drag'

(Newser) - Katy Perry is not having a great week. First of all, she and John Mayer have ended their inexplicable romance a second time, multiple sources tell Us . They first got together last year and quickly split , but reunited in time for Perry to bring Mayer home for Christmas. Sources say...

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