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AOC 'Not Planning to Primary Gillibrand'

Congresswoman's rep says she's not planning to run for Senate in 2024

(Newser) - As New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's reelection campaign nears, there has been so much speculation around the possibility of someone issuing a primary challenge from the left that, per Politico , some wondered whether the senator would even run in 2024 (she ended up announcing in January that she would)....

Schumer, Gillibrand Tell Cuomo to Quit

As accusations add up, governor has little political support in New York or Washington

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand called Friday on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign, the AP reports, adding the most powerful Democratic voices yet to the movement to replace the governor in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and groping. "Confronting and...

Kirsten Gillibrand Exits 2020 Race

Former presidential contender failed to meet requirements for next Democratic debate

(Newser) - Shortly after news broke that Kirsten Gillibrand likely wouldn't meet the requirements for the next Democratic presidential debate, the New York Times reports the New York senator is dropping out of the 2020 race. Gillibrand, 52, tells the paper that missing the debate cutoff was a pivotal moment: "...

Dems Are Not Happy With NYT's Trump Headline

'Unbelievable' was one response to banner after weekend mass shootings

(Newser) - There are plenty of armchair headline writers on any given day, but more than a few raised concerns Monday about one in particular in the New York Times . USA Today notes disbelief and anger, especially from high-profile Democrats, was a prominent response to the way the Gray Lady chose to...

Rand Paul Puts His Foot Down Over 9/11 Bill

The Kentucky senator won't let it pass unanimously

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday blocked fast-track approval of a bipartisan bill that would ensure a victims' compensation fund related to the Sept. 11 attacks never runs out of money, the AP reports. Paul objected to a request by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, to approve the bill by unanimous...

Takeaways From Round 2 of Democratic Debates
Takeaways From Round 2
of Democratic Debates

Takeaways From Round 2 of Democratic Debates

Kamala Harris 'stole the show'

(Newser) - Rep. Eric Swalwell urged Joe Biden to "pass the torch" during Thursday night's Democratic debate—but if there was anyone who took momentum from the frontrunner, it was Sen. Kamala Harris. She "stole the show" during the 10-candidate debate in Miami by challenging Biden on his record...

Second Democratic Debate Kicks Off in Miami
Democrats Clash on Race,
Socialism in Fiery Debate

Democrats Clash on Race, Socialism in Fiery Debate

Harris challenged Biden on his record

(Newser) - Ten more Democrats vying to take on President Trump clashed in a debate in Miami Thursday night that featured more fiery moments than Wednesday's 10-candidate debate. The second night of Democratic debates included frontrunner Joe Biden and fellow high-polling candidates Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg. Andrew Yang,...

Judges on Reversing Cadet's Rape Conviction: Victim Was Too Quiet

Chief of advocacy group for sexual assault victims calls it 'offensively bad decision' in West Point case

(Newser) - A military appeals court's reversal of a West Point cadet's rape conviction and 21-year prison sentence has outraged sexual assault victim advocates who say the decision is filled with victim-blaming and antiquated notions about rape. But the cadet's attorney says the decision demonstrates the need for checks...

On This Issue, Buttigieg Breaks With the Crowd

Democratic presidential candidate says he wouldn't have pressured Al Franken to resign

(Newser) - Pete Buttigieg is diverging from other Democratic presidential candidates who demanded former Sen. Al Franken's resignation over sexual misconduct allegations, saying he wouldn't have "applied that pressure." "It was his decision to make" and "I think the way that we basically held him to...

Gillibrand Unveils Plan to Give Every US Voter $600, Kind Of

2020 candidate wants to get big money out of politics

(Newser) - Kirsten Gillibrand wants to give you $600. Well, sort of. The Democratic senator and 2020 presidential contender unveiled her first major 2020 policy initiative Wednesday, telling NBC News in an interview that her "Clean Elections Plan" aims to make sure big money no longer plays as big of a...

Gillibrand: 'Brave' Isn't Winning Right Now

Senator announces she's officially in, first speech as candidate will be in front of president's marquee

(Newser) - New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand formally joined the 2020 White House race on Sunday and previewed the hard line she will take against President Trump by announcing a rally outside one of his signature Manhattan properties. She had spent more than a month traveling the country to gauge support for...

Report Faults Gillibrand on Her Signature Issue

Senator is a #MeToo champion, but female aide quits over handling of harassment complaint

(Newser) - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has made the #MeToo issue a signature part of her rise in politics and her 2020 presidential campaign . Now, however, Politico is out with a report that raises questions about Gillibrand's own handling of a related issue. A female staffer in her 20s quit over how...

She Wanted Dressing. A Presidential Hopeful Was in Her Way

Iowa interaction between 'Ranch Girl' Hanna Kinney and Kirsten Gillibrand goes viral

(Newser) - When Hanna Kinney tells you "I am dedicated to this ranch," believe her. The 22-year-old University of Iowa student admits she's overly fond of the condiment, which she often makes an extra run for at the Iowa City restaurant she heads to each Monday for Bible study....

Another Big Name Entering 2020 Presidential Race

Kirsten Gillibrand reportedly announces her plans to Stephen Colbert

(Newser) - She's in: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Tuesday announced to Stephen Colbert, in an interview airing on his Late Show Tuesday night, that she is forming an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020, CBS News and CNN report. "I'm going to run for president of the...

Gillibrand's Role in Franken Scandal May Cost Her

Politico reports that big donors are angry with her for forcing his resignation

(Newser) - If Kirsten Gillibrand decides to run for president, Politico reports that she shouldn't expect help from several big Democratic donors during the primaries. The reason? Her role in forcing Al Franken to resign last year. The website talks to more than a dozen big donors and bundlers on both...

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand 'Running Perfect Presidential Campaign'

New York Democrat was 7-for-7 backing candidates in Texas primaries

(Newser) - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is "running a perfect presidential campaign," one political consultant tells Politico . The New York Democrat backed—through endorsements and donations—seven women running for office in Texas and saw all seven of them move on during the state's primaries Tuesday. Lillian Salerno, MJ Hegar,...

USA Today May Have Written Most Anti-Trump Editorial Yet

'Not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library'

(Newser) - Wow, tell us how you really feel USA Today . The newspaper absolutely unloaded on President Trump in an editorial Wednesday that is drawing attention for its scathing language. For instance: "A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets...

Warren: Is Trump Trying to 'Slut-Shame' Gillibrand?
Gillibrand Fires Back 
at Trump for 'Sexist Smear'
the rundown

Gillibrand Fires Back at Trump for 'Sexist Smear'

Democrats call out president for tweet

(Newser) - In defending himself against renewed allegations of sexual misconduct by female accusers, President Trump on Tuesday also called out Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand after she said he should resign. Since then, the backlash has been fast and furious from Democrats, including Gillibrand herself, who say Trump's tweet was sexist itself,...

Dems' Kirsten Gillibrand: Hero for Women or 'Hypocrite'?

Now in DC

Now in DC Spotlight: Kirsten Gillibrand

She led the charge against fellow Democrat Al Franken

(Newser) - The demise of Al Franken's career in the US Senate was hastened along by members of his own party who called for him to step down amid sexual misconduct allegations. Chief among them: New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who helped turn up the heat on Franken this week by...

Another Woman Accuses Al Franken
After Franken Accuser No. 7,
Democrats Tell Him to Go
The Rundown

After Franken Accuser No. 7, Democrats Tell Him to Go

More than a dozen Democratic senators have called for Franken to step down

(Newser) - The heat is intensifying on Al Franken. After another woman, the seventh, came forward with allegations, Kirsten Gillibrand and other female Democratic senators called on him to resign Tuesday, reports the Washington Post . "While Senator Franken is entitled to have the Ethics Committee conclude its review, I believe it...

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