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Kansas Couple Sues Over Hellish IP Address Quirk

And that made Kansas couple suspects in countless internet crimes

(Newser) - A Kansas couple whose farmhouse became the nexus of seemingly the entire country's internet misdeeds is suing the company they say is responsible, Courthouse News Service reports. James and Theresa Arnold rented a farmhouse in Potwin in 2011. That's when the problems started. According to the Wichita Eagle...

IP Address Quirk Unleashes Misery on Quiet Farm
IP Address Quirk Unleashes Misery on Quiet Farm
in case you missed it

IP Address Quirk Unleashes Misery on Quiet Farm

And nobody knew why until a reporter figured it out

(Newser) - Earlier this year came the weird story about how apps that track lost smartphones keep pointing to one particular house near Atlanta. Now reporter Kashmir Hill of Fusion has followed up with a fascinating account of how a quiet family farm in remote Kansas has been tormented for years by...

Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From the Capitol

They're onto you,—cut it out

(Newser) - Last week, Gizmodo and other tech-obsessed sites reported on significant Wikipedia edits regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that were apparently made from a Russian government IP address ... and now, it appears someone in the US government is taking that idea and running with it. The online encyclopedia has blocked an...

South Korea Cyberattack Traced to China IP Address

But that doesn't mean North Korea is off the hook

(Newser) - No one knows who launched yesterday's cyberattack in South Korea that crippled 32,000 computers at three TV broadcasters and three banks, but the attack has been traced to a Chinese IP address. That doesn't mean North Korea is in the clear, however; on the contrary, the North...

Uh-Oh: Internet Has 340 Undecillion Addresses

New IP address system should cover us

(Newser) - Looks like the Internet has grown a tad—from about 4.3 billion unique addresses to 340 trillion trillion trillion of them, or 340 undecillion. What's the big deal? Well, that growth rate will soon eat up every available IP address, so Internet honchos have devised a new system...

Internet Takes a Big Step to Its Future Tomorrow

Giants will test longer Internet Protocol address system

(Newser) - Scientific American posing a jarring question as headline today: "Will the Internet Stop on June 8?" And the answer is: Er, no. But the Internet will start to grow up a little. Tomorrow is World IPv6 Day, when Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other giants will conduct a 24-hour...

The Internet Is Almost Full
 The Internet Is Almost Full 

The Internet Is Almost Full

IP address shortage could be Y2K 2.0

(Newser) - Don’t panic or anything, but a massive crisis is looming with the potential to shut down the Internet. The world is on the verge of using up all 4.3 billion possible IP addresses, explains Thomas Weber of the Daily Beast —which means that effectively the Internet is...

5K Hurt Locker Downloaders Sued

Company vows to find out their real names

(Newser) - If you illegally downloaded The Hurt Locker, now might be the time to delete. The Oscar-winning film's production company Monday filed suit against 5,000 John Does who illegally shared the movie, and is now trying to get the sharers' Internet service providers to reveal their names, CNN reports.

100 Must-Have Skills for Geeks
 100 Must-Have Skills for Geeks 

100 Must-Have Skills for Geeks

Do you have the know-how to be a true techie?

(Newser) - Think you're a geek? Living up to the label requires a certain set of skills—or knowing how to Google them. Wired compiles the 100 essential skills for true geekdom:
  1. Secure a wireless router.
  2. Steal wi-fi from your neighbor.
  3. Mess with people stealing wi-fi.
  4. Name all the Dwarves in The

Dot Gov Must Act on Looming Dot Everything Shortage

OECD issues warning about Internet running out of IP addresses

(Newser) - The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says businesses aren’t working hard enough to promote an upgrade to the current Internet protocol, which is set to run out of IP addresses by 2011. So it’s pushing for governments to spend more on IPv6 equipment, software and services, as...

Feds Lag on Internet Protocol Upgrade

Agencies must support IPv6, but most aren't switching

(Newser) - A deadline for US federal agencies to support an upgrade to the current Internet communications protocol, which would provide much-needed new IP addresses, is likely to come and go without much changing. Agencies' networks must be capable of running IPv6 within 6 months, but observers estimate most won't actually make...

Internet Running Out of IP Addresses
Internet Running Out of
IP Addresses

Internet Running Out of IP Addresses

Service providers need to get onboard with IPv6

(Newser) - By 2010, new computers won’t be able to get online, warns Internet co-inventor Vint Cerf, unless ISPs adopt IPv6, a new system of assigning IP addresses. IP addresses are unique number strings devices need to get online, but most of the 4 billion numbers possible under the current system...

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