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US Drivers Waste $2.1B a Year on Expensive Gas for No Reason

Most cars don't need higher-grade fuel: AAA

(Newser) - It may make you feel posh (or practical) to pull up to the pump and request premium unleaded for your tank, but chances are you're throwing away your hard-earned cash on an unnecessary type of gas. Per the American Automobile Association, US drivers blew about $2.1 billion on...

Southeast Braces for Gas-Price Spike
Southeast Braces
for Gas-Price Spike

Southeast Braces for Gas-Price Spike

Thanks to major spill that shut down part of Texas-to-NY pipeline

(Newser) - In what's being called a supply "red alert," a part of the Colonial Pipeline that transports gas from Houston to New York—serving about 50 million people in 13 states daily, per CNN and the Wall Street Journal —has been shut down since Sept. 9, when...

Your Roof Rack Is Killing Your Fuel Economy

Having one could make your gas bill go up by 25%: researchers

(Newser) - You could argue that having a roof rack on your car makes it easier to stay fit: Throw a bike or skis on top, head over to the park or slopes, and burn off some calories on the trails. You could also say it makes your car less efficient—and...

Fuel-Mountain Dew Cocktail Suspected in Boys' Deaths

Two teen boys in Tennessee died, and more have admitted to drinking the blend

(Newser) - Two teen boys in rural Tennessee are dead after apparently drinking a blend of racing fuel and Mountain Dew last week—something others have since admitted to drinking as well. Logan Stephenson, 16, was pronounced dead at his home in Greenbrier on Thursday morning, and the police chief tells WZTV...

Gas Hasn't Been This Expensive in 6 Years

Happy July 4, all!

(Newser) - Getting to your town's fireworks display will cost you a little more than it has in years past: As of yesterday, a gallon of unleaded gas clocked in at an average $3.67. That's the highest it's been on the July Fourth weekend since 2008. What you...

Woman Throws Gasoline on Man After He Takes Her Bus Seat

She pulls out match, but passengers stop her lighting fire

(Newser) - It's 5:30am on a Monday. You get on your morning bus, but a man is sitting in the seat you prefer. Do you: a) Ask him to move? b) Sit elsewhere? or c) Take a bottle of gasoline out of your purse and throw it all over him?...

EPA to Require Cleaner Gas Despite Big Oil's Objections

New rules will call for less sulfur in gasoline

(Newser) - Big oil's lobbyists have lost a fight over cleaner gasoline: The EPA will require refiners to reduce the amount of sulfur to cut down on smog, reports the Washington Post . The cut is a sizable one, dropping the allowable limit by two-thirds from 30 parts per million to 10....

New York City to Start Rationing Gas

Odd/even rule goes into effect for drivers tomorrow

(Newser) - It's working in New Jersey , and New York City is going to put into a place a similar gas-rationing plan starting tomorrow. Drivers will be able to fill up on odd or even days of the month, depending on their license plate number, reports the New York Times . The...

New Jersey Begins Gas Rationing Today

When you can get gas depends on your license plate number

(Newser) - Help may be on the way , but there's still nowhere near enough gas to around in New Jersey. As a result, drivers will have to check their license plates before filling up: It's gas-rationing time, a la the 1970s, reports . Starting today, drivers with license plates...

Sandy's Gas Shortage Fuels Panic, Tempers

NYC cab companies have to ground fuel-less fleets

(Newser) - Some gas stations in New York and New Jersey are still without power, while others have gone dry, prompting panic among residents looking to fuel their cars and backup generators until things return to normal, reports Reuters . At least half of all service stations in NYC can't sell gas,...

Jerry Brown Swoops In to Cut California Gas Prices

Looks to increase supply with emergency move

(Newser) - With gas prices soaring in California—at an average of $4.655 yesterday compared to $3.814 nationally—Gov. Jerry Brown is entering the fray, aiming to bring cheaper winter-blend gasoline to the state early. He has ordered the California Air Resources Board to allow the sale and import of...

$4.66: Calif. Gas Hits Twin High Notes

Refinery outage spikes prices to more than $5 a gallon in places

(Newser) - California gas prices hit a four-year record $4.61 yesterday, reports the LA Times , but for those who blinked and missed it, prices hit another all-time high of $4.655 today, according to AAA. Yesterday's average of $4.6140 was the highest since June 19, 2008, when it was...

Gas Prices Not Really the President&#39;s Fault
 Gas Prices 
 Not Really the 
 President's Fault 
experts say

Gas Prices Not Really the President's Fault

Sure, policy affects things ... eventually

(Newser) - As gas prices rise, President Obama's approval rating falls , which makes sense, because those painful numbers at the pump are all his fault, right? Wrong, say oil experts and economists. The Washington Post breaks down their arguments:
  • Policy: It definitely affects things, but it takes a long time for

Nome's Rare Fuel Delivery Going Smoothly

Snowed-in Alaska city needs gasoline, diesel

(Newser) - A Russian tanker that went on an ocean odyssey of 5,000 miles to deliver fuel to the iced-in city of Nome was offloading the gasoline and diesel in what officials say is smooth sailing so far. Two parallel hoses, 700 yards long each, are stretched between the tanker Renda...

Alaskan Towns Low on Fuel as Ice Delays Delivery

Villages face shortage of heating oil

(Newser) - A harsh winter is taking a heavy toll on fuel supplies in Alaska. Two villages in the midst of 45-below temperatures have almost run out of heating oil, forcing a Noatak town store to ration borrowed supplies, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The village of Kobuk has turned to a...

Why We Spend $400 per Gallon of Gas in Afghanistan

Danger to convoys forcing military to rely on pricey airlifts

(Newser) - By the time it reaches remote military bases in Afghanistan, gasoline costs the US military as much per gallon as Dom Perignon champagne, the Wall Street Journal finds. Moving fuel and other supplies by road in Afghanistan has become so dangerous that the Air Force has increased the amount of...

US Drivers Set to Spend Most Ever on Gas in 2011
US Drivers Set to Spend
Most Ever on Gas in 2011
depressing records

US Drivers Set to Spend Most Ever on Gas in 2011

Total tab could hit $491B

(Newser) - The average price for a gallon of gas at a US pump was at a not-too-pretty $3.66 yesterday. The good news: That's significantly lower than the $4.11 all-time high hit in 2008. The bad news: We'll likely have 2008 beat when it comes to a stat...

Gas Prices Are Insane &mdash;Everywhere Else
 Gas Prices Are Insane 
 —Everywhere Else 

Gas Prices Are Insane —Everywhere Else

As US drivers complain, those overseas think we're lucky

(Newser) - Gas prices are climbing again, which means people are complaining, which means it's time for a spate of stories showing how relatively cheap gas remains in the US. Here's a rough estimate of world prices per gallon, courtesy of CNN :
  • US: $3.53
  • Norway: $9.28
  • Europe: Between $7.50

French Cops Force Open Blockaded Fuel Depot

Workers have been camped at site for 10 days

(Newser) - French riot police forced open a strategic fuel refinery today that had been a bastion of resistance to President Sarkozy's bid to raise the retirement age to 62, pushing striking workers aside with shields in a bid to end gasoline shortages. The operation came as the French Senate prepared to...

Scots Invent Boozy Biofuel
 Scots Invent Boozy Biofuel 

Scots Invent Boozy Biofuel

Whisky may be the drink to power your drive

(Newser) - Scottish researchers have found a way to turn whisky waste into fuel. A team from Edinburgh Napier University combined two common whisky by-products—'pot ale' and 'draff'—to create a clean fuel that yields 30% more output power than ethanol, reports the BBC . The group hopes, eventually, to make the...

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