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158 Cars Involved in Louisiana Pile-Ups Caused by 'Superfog'

Death toll could rise at chaotic scene

(Newser) - At least seven people were killed after a "superfog" of smoke from southern Louisiana marsh fires and dense fog caused multiple massive car crashes Monday morning involving a total of 158 vehicles, authorities said. Twenty-five people were injured and the number of fatalities may increase as first responders continue...

At Least 6 Die in Pileups Caused by Dust Storm

As many as 90 vehicles crash after visibility on I-55 falls to zero

(Newser) - Clouds of dust kicked up by a windstorm covered a two-mile portion of Interstate 55 in Illinois on Monday, causing fatal collisions involving as many as 90 vehicles. At least six people were killed and more than 30 hospitalized with injuries; the victims ranged in age from 2 to 80....

'Maybe the Worst Accident ... I've Ever Seen on the Ohio Turnpike'

4 are dead after 50-vehicle pileup along highway in Sandusky County

(Newser) - Amid an extreme winter storm sweeping across large sections of the US, a fatal accident has taken place along a stretch of highway in the Midwest. Ohio State Highway Patrol officials say four people are dead and multiple are injured after a pileup Friday on the Ohio Turnpike in Sandusky...

High Winds, Mass of Dust, Then a 21-Vehicle Crash

6 are dead after dust storm Friday on Montana interstate

(Newser) - Six people have died after a dust storm fueled by wind gusts topping 60mph caused a pileup Friday evening on Interstate 90 in Montana, authorities said. Twenty-one vehicles crashed, and Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Jay Nelson said authorities believe the weather was the cause. "It appears as though there...

7 Dead in 20-Car Pileup During Utah Sandstorm

Others are reportedly in critical condition

(Newser) - At least seven people were killed in a 20-vehicle pileup crash during a sandstorm Sunday afternoon, Utah Highway Patrol said. The crashes happened on Interstate 15 near the town of Kanosh, according to a news release. Several people were reportedly taken to hospitals in critical condition, the AP reports. Ground...

'Giant Pile of Metal': Crash Closes Maine Highway

14 injured, some seriously, but no fatalities

(Newser) - More than 40 vehicles crashed on a snowy stretch of Interstate 95 in Maine today, injuring at least 14 people, police say. The pileup in Etna, near Bangor, happened around 7:30am and involved several cars, a school bus, and a tractor-trailer, state police spokesman Steve McCausland says. No fatalities...

Smashed by 2 Semis in Huge Pileup, Guy Gets a Miracle

Kaleb Whitby walks from 26-car pileup in Oregon with a pair of Band-Aids

(Newser) - Twenty-six vehicles piled up early yesterday amid a dangerous mix of black ice, wind, and fog on an Oregon highway—a dozen of those vehicles were semis, and two of them combined to make what the Oregonian is likening to a "panini" out of Kaleb Whitby's Chevy Silverado....

2 Nuns Die in 'Movielike' Crash

Police chief: It was like 'a bomb ... went off somewhere'

(Newser) - Two Chicago-area nuns were killed in a "violent and bizarre" 11-vehicle pileup a local fire chief compared to a scene from a movie, the Chicago Tribune reports. On Sunday in Oak Lawn, Sister Sharon Ann Walsh was driving fellow nuns Jean Stickney, 86, and Kab Kyoung Kim, 48, back...

100 Cars Crash in Huge Pennsylvania Pileup Chain

Traffic backed up for miles

(Newser) - More than 100 cars and dozens of tractor trailers have been caught up in a chain of accidents stretching over several miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Bensalem this morning, backing up traffic for several more miles behind that. The first accident came at about 7:45am on the westbound...

7-Car Pile-Up Ends With ... 6 DUIs

Pedestrian who started it all is also charged

(Newser) - A 3am seven-car pile-up near the Atlanta airport, somehow, did not end with any deaths—but it did end with six of the drivers charged with DUIs. The crazy incident began when a pedestrian "started walking into the interstate" this morning, explains a police spokesperson. He entered I-75, got...

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7
 Midwest Blizzard Kills 7 

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7

1K flights canceled as storm begins to pass

(Newser) - Seven people died across four states as a winter storm continued to tear through the Midwest, dumping more than a foot of snow on sections of Iowa and Wisconsin. A 25-car pileup in Iowa killed two people, and nearly 100 accidents were reported in the state by late last night....

One Dead in 140-Car Pileup
 2 Dead in 

2 Dead in 150-Car Pileup

As many as 120 hurt in Texas accident

(Newser) - Dense fog may have contributed to a horrific Thanksgiving morning pileup in Texas: At least 150 cars were involved, and two fatalities have been confirmed so far, Reuters reports. As many as 120 people were injured; KFDM reports that at least eight of them were in critical condition. Emergency workers...

1 Killed in Arizona Dust Storm
 1 Killed in Arizona Dust Storm 

1 Killed in Arizona Dust Storm

Poor visibility leads to multi-car pile-up

(Newser) - Dust storms are once again rolling across Arizona, leading to a series of crashes that killed one person and shut down Interstate 10 for hours. Another six people are in critical condition following the three accidents yesterday, the Arizona Republic reports. One pile-up involved 16 vehicles, the BBC notes. "...

Winter Storms Bring 100-Car Pileup in Fargo

Major highways closed as some areas get 2 feet of snow

(Newser) - A blizzard in North Dakota led to a 100-vehicle pileup on I-94, KFYR-TV reports. Drivers were stranded for hours near Fargo with visibility less than 10 feet in some areas. “It was a little surreal there for a while,” said one observer. No life-threatening injuries have been reported....

59 Vehicle Pile-Up Shuts Highway

100 injured but none seriously

(Newser) - A New Hampshire highway was shut down yesterday when 59 vehicles, including three buses and two tractor trailers, piled into one another in a snowstorm. Interstate 93 was closed for several hours as 100 injured people were treated at the scene, reports the Manchester Union Leader. Some 15 people were...

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