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Rod Stewart Sells His Song Catalog
Rod Stewart
Sells His Song

Rod Stewart Sells His Song Catalog

Deal reportedly worth nearly $100M is with Iconic Artists Group

(Newser) - Rod Stewart just made a pretty penny for his life's music. It's not the $500 million paid to Bruce Springsteen or even the $200 million to Justin Bieber , but the 79-year-old is still close to the nine-figure threshold in a deal for nearly $100 million with Iconic Artists...

Fed-Up Rod Stewart Offers to Pay for People's Hospital Scans

Amid NHS controversy in the UK

(Newser) - The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is in crisis , and it's recently been reported that millions of people are waiting for NHS treatment in England—and the wait can be as much as a year long. There are complaints of a so-called "two-tier health system," in...

Cops: Rod Stewart Punched Worker at NYE Party

Singer and his 39-year-old son were allegedly in an altercation at Florida resort

(Newser) - Some guys have all the luck—but not Rod Stewart on New Year's Eve, apparently. Per Page Six , a worker at the Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla., is accusing the British singer, 74, and his 39-year-son, Sean, of causing an altercation Tuesday evening, with a report from the...

Rod Stewart Reveals Cancer Fight
Rod Stewart
Reveals Cancer Fight

Rod Stewart Reveals Cancer Fight

He secretly battled prostate cancer, but has been given the all-clear

(Newser) - Rod Stewart just revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer—but the diagnosis came in 2016, and this July he was given the all-clear, CNN reports. "Two years ago I was ­diagnosed with prostate cancer," the singer revealed at a fundraising event for the Prostate Project nonprofit...

This Summer, Rock Out Like It's 1977

What's 40 years old is not new but still touring, and fans still flock to old favorites

(Newser) - It's more than a feeling: Many of the rock 'n' roll bands that were huge in 1977 will comprise a big part of the summer concert market 40 years later. Queen, Foreigner, Boston, Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, and Rod Stewart are among those launching major tours...

Rod Stewart's 'GoT Scene' Sure Looks Like Something Else

Singer apologizes for what some call an ISIS imitation

(Newser) - A video of Rod Stewart pretending to behead a man kneeling in front of him on a sand dune in the Abu Dhabi desert sure gives the impression that he's imitating Islamic State executioners. Not so, according to Stewart. The 72-year-old singer says the video of him among a...

Celebs Boycotting Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict

A whole slew reportedly joining Stevie Wonder

(Newser) - Because really, who hasn't been tempted to boycott the Sunshine State in its entirety ? Stevie Wonder started it last week, when he announced he was done with Florida in protest of George Zimmerman's acquittal and the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. Until the law...

20 Stars With Crazy Expensive Homes

You probably can't afford any of these

(Newser) - No self-respecting Hollywood star or tech mogul is going to live in a shack—but what are the most expensive celebrity homes? Radar lists 20:
  • Petra Ecclestone's Los Angeles home, the former Spelling Mansion: $85 million
  • Tiger Woods' Florida estate: $60 million
  • Bill Gates' Washington state "Xanadu,"

The 10 Oldest New Dads in Hollywood

Steve Martin joins their ranks

(Newser) - Startled when Steve Martin became a first-time father at 67 ? Well, check out these nine other Hollywood dads who are also a bit older than you might expect, rounded up by Celebuzz :
  • Gary Busey: Had his second son at age 65.
  • Warren Beatty: He and wife Annette Bening had

11 Stars Who've Been Robbed
 11 Stars Who've Been Robbed 

11 Stars Who've Been Robbed

One even had to help his carjacker...

(Newser) - Poor Rod Stewart. As if it wasn't bad enough that his Porsche got stolen years ago, he actually had to help the carjacker when the guy couldn't start the car and asked him for help—at gunpoint, the rocker revealed recently. Celebuzz rounds up 10 more celebrities who...

Guns N' Roses, Chili Peppers Headed to Hall of Fame

Beastie Boys also among 2012 inductees

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses' new paradise city is Cleveland: The Axl Rose-fronted rockers are among the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2012 inductees, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, and late singer/songwriter Laura Nyro, who wrote such classics as "Wedding Bell Blues." Also...

Rod Stewart's Kid Welcomes Baby With Benicio del Toro

It's a girl for Kimberly Stewart

(Newser) - The daughter of Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro—perhaps the oddest pairing of the year ?—was born yesterday in Los Angeles, on the model-actress's 32nd birthday. Stewart was joined in the hospital by famous father Rod and current wife Penny Lancaster (who gave birth to Kimberly's...

11 Celebs Who Gave Babies Up for Adoption

Progeny from before they were rich and famous

(Newser) - Sure, Angelina Jolie collects kids like baseball cards, but what about celebrities on the other side of the fence? In honor of National Adoption Month, Cafemom lists 11 who gave their kids up for adoption:
  • David Crosby: Cros and a girlfriend gave up their baby boy in the early '60s;

Rod Stewart on Daughter He Gave Away: 'I'm Trying'

Child was put up for adoption in Stewart's late teens

(Newser) - Rod Stewart got personal on last night’s episode of the Joy Behar Show, discussing the daughter put up for adoption when he was a teenager. “She was put up for adoption when I was 17 or 18, I think. I was absolutely stone broke,” the singer said....

50 Sexiest Songs Ever
 50 Sexiest Songs Ever 

50 Sexiest Songs Ever

Billboard puts Olivia Newton-John at No. 1

(Newser) - Billboard has come up with the 50 most popular songs related to sex, at least since the magazine began charting the Hot 100 in 1958. Here's the top 10:
  1. Physical (1981), Olivia Newton-John
  2. Tonight's the Night (1976), Rod Stewart
  3. I'll Make Love to You (1994), Boyz II Men
  4. Too Close

The Worst Lyrics of All Time

 The Worst Lyrics 
 of All Time 


The Worst Lyrics of All Time

'I feel real phoney when my name is Bill... or was that Phil' and more

(Newser) - Great music can inspire, but even the greats have thought up some atrocious lyrics. NME mines these gems:
  • "What else could I say? Everyone is gay." (Nirvana, All Apologies)
  • "I met a girl. She asked me my name. I told her what it was." 

Tongues to Chest Hair, Stars Insure Prized Parts

Dolly Parton's chest worth $11K per inch

(Newser) - Celebrities are known for insuring their most famous body parts, but now other types are getting into the practice. This week, a coffee taster’s tongue was insured for $13.8 million, making it the most valuable in the world. To mark the occasion, the Mirror lists some of the...

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