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5 Stars Who Dated Their Employees

Must be awkward if things don't work out

(Newser) - Who said mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea? These nine celebrities rounded up by Radar certainly didn't think so:
  • Heidi Klum started dating her bodyguard, Martin Kristen, months after filing for divorce from Seal.
  • LeAnn Rimes met her now-ex-husband Dean Sheremet, a dancer, at rehearsals for the

5 Stars Whose Perfect Teeth Are Fake

They're not all born with a camera-ready smile

(Newser) - Jealous of those perfectly straight, pearly whites you're faced with every time you look at the grocery store magazine rack? Well, no need to feel so bad about your own less-than-sparkling smile: Turns out many celebrities fake their way to perfect chompers. SheFinds rounds up a dozen:
  • Hilary Duff

7 Celebs Involved in Bizarre Lawsuits

Involving everything from hiking trails to drugstores to hair

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey—a bad neighbor? That's what one man who lives near her new property above Telluride, Colorado, seems to think. Retired physicist Charles D. Goodman is suing Winfrey , claiming the property blocks access to hiking trails that were previously open to locals. Goodman says Winfrey and the prior...

Hollywood's 5 Worst Stepmoms
 Hollywood's 5 
 Worst Stepmoms 

Hollywood's 5 Worst Stepmoms

So, um, happy Mother's Day?

(Newser) - To "celebrate" Mother's Day, Radar rounds up the best and worst stepmoms in Hollywood. The worst:
  • LeAnn Rimes broke up Eddie Cibrian's marriage to Brandi Glanville and refers to herself as "bonus mom" to her two stepsons. But Glanville thinks Rimes has overstepped her bounds in

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups
 10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups 

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups

YouTube and cross-dressing and tell-alls, oh my!

(Newser) - Admit it: You kind of love when a Hollywood split gets ugly. Well you're in luck, because Radar has rounded up 30 of the nastiest celebrity breakups ever :
  • Mary Harvey accused Steve Harvey of cheating on her ... on YouTube. A judge finally ordered her to take the videos down.

LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist
 LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist 

LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist

Singer says he's hurt her career, physical appearance

(Newser) - Celebrity lawsuits generally aren't pleasant, but this one is tough to top: LeAnn Rimes has sued her dentist, claiming that he did such lousy work over the last three years that he caused "permanent cosmetic deficiency" and messed up her career, reports TMZ . The malpractice suit mentions nine...

9 Celebrities Who Were Bullied
 9 Celebrities Who Were Bullied 

9 Celebrities Who Were Bullied

Adele, baby boy mocked

(Newser) - Hopefully Adele wasn't wasting any time on Twitter after the birth of her son , because some "hateful trolls," as Mashable calls them, weren't exactly sending good wishes. Quite a few tweets mocked the singer's weight, including one from Joan Rivers: "Congratulations to Adele on...

Chris Brown Ripped Over Halloween Costume

Terrorist doesn't go over well; nor does Leann Rimes' Sandy

(Newser) - Chris Brown, that bastion of good judgement, is once again courting controversy. The singer attended a Halloween party thrown by Rihanna, but the latest Brown-Rihanna meeting isn't what has fans peeved—it's his costume choice. E! reports that Brown and four friends went as a posse of Arab-style...

LeAnn Rimes' Birthday Gift to Self: Rehab

Not, her rep insists, for an eating disorder

(Newser) - All the cheating drama and comments about her weight appear to have taken a toll on LeAnn Rimes: The country star checked in to a treatment center yesterday—the day after she turned 30—for 30 days "to cope with anxiety and stress," her rep tells People . She...

LeAnn Rimes Explodes Over Weight Comment

Apparently someone told her she should eat more ... while she was eating

(Newser) - It's tough being skinny. Just ask LeAnn Rimes. The singer has been the subject of much too-thin chatter (which she has addressed on Twitter ), and it doesn't show signs of letting up. The Huffington Post reports that Rimes "blew up" on Twitter following dinner with hubby...

LeAnn Rimes: These Are Abs, Not Bones

Singer posts bikini photos, swings back when she's called 'scary skinny'

(Newser) - Newly married LeAnn Rimes Cibrian has gone from catching flak for her cheating ways to getting plenty of grief for her shrinking frame. The latest body beef erupted over the holiday weekend after Rimes tweeted photos of herself, on honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, wearing a barely there bikini ... which...

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Get Hitched

Couple told invited friends, family to alleged engagement party

(Newser) - LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian invited pals to an alleged engagement party yesterday—then just went ahead and got married, reports People. The couple exchanged "personalized" vows in front of a crowd of 40 at a private California home. "I'm looking forward to settling down," Rimes...

11 Celebs Who Fired Their Parents

Beyonce said it was a business decision, but for some, it's personal

(Newser) - You may have heard that Beyoncé recently broke up … with her dad. Father Matthew Knowles had been her manager ever since the Destiny’s Child days, but rumors recently surfaced that the daddy-daughter relationship was strained after Matthew had a baby with another woman and divorced Beyoncé’s...

GOP Frosh: Screw Populism, Let's Throw Swank Party!

Furious John Boehner will not attend

(Newser) - John Boehner is not pleased with the kids: While the speaker-elect might prefer his caucus stick to the populist message that won them the House, on the eve of taking it over, a dozen freshman Republicans are throwing a lavish DC fundraiser headlined by LeAnn Rimes. For $2,500, Politico...

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Engaged
Eddie Cibrian,
LeAnn Rimes Engaged

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Engaged

'I was shocked! We are blessed,' tweets Rimes

(Newser) - Cheaters may or may never prosper, but they do get engaged: LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, who began a torrid double-marriage-busting affair on the set of a made-for-TV movie, are officially tying the knot. The couple is "very happy," reports Celebuzz, and Rimes is sporting a 5-carat rock....

LeAnn Rimes on Cheating: 'It Happens Every Day'

Safe to say she's happy with the outcome of her infidelity

(Newser) - LeAnn Rimes has already made it clear that she has no regrets about the ultimate outcome of her cheating scandal—and it seems her attitude has not changed. What happened to Rimes and co-star Eddie Cibrian, both of whom were married when they met and fell in love, “happens...

Shape Apologizes for Putting Rimes on Cover

Magazine's editor: We didn't mean to tout 'husband-stealer'

(Newser) - Who knew LeAnn Rimes offended so many people? Enough readers complained about her appearance on the cover of Shape that the editor-in-chief actually apologized, TooFab.com reports. Rimes, of course, cheated on her husband with also-married co-star Eddie Cibrian, ultimately breaking up both marriages . In an email to subscribers who...

LeAnn Rimes: Cheating Worked Out in the End!

She feels bad, but not all that bad

(Newser) - LeAnn Rimes talks publicly about her cheating scandal for the first time—and though she feels bad and all, she's really not sad about how everything worked out. She calls her affair with Eddie Cibrian—which ultimately broke up both of their marriages—“selfish” and tells People , “I...

10 Women Who Cheated
 10 Women Who Cheated 

10 Women Who Cheated

Did anyone see it coming from Whoopi?

(Newser) - Jesse James and Tiger Woods are getting a lot of heat for sleeping around while married, but men aren’t the only ones who cheat. The Frisky rounds up 10 famous female cheaters:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Admitted Wednesday on The View, while discussing James, that she “screwed around” while married

Rimes Announces Divorce
 Rimes Announces Divorce 

Rimes Announces Divorce

(Newser) - After a much-publicized affair that ended the marriage of a co-star, LeAnn Rimes says she, too, is filing for divorce. “After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Dean and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage,” Rimes, 27, writes on her website of Dean Sheremet, whom she...

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