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David Bossie, Leader of Vote Fight, Has Virus

Test results take Trump adviser out of White House

(Newser) - President Trump's legal battle to overturn the election results has suffered a loss. David Bossie, who was picked last week to coordinate the effort, has tested positive for the coronavirus, Bloomberg reports. Bossie took the test Sunday at the White House; visitors are checked for the coronavirus before being...

Sweeping Roe v. Wade Decision? Not Roberts' Style
Sweeping Roe v. Wade
Decision? Not Roberts' Style
the rundown

Sweeping Roe v. Wade Decision? Not Roberts' Style

Analysts think his Supreme Court more likely to 'chip away' than overturn

(Newser) - As several states move to restrict abortion—including Alabama and now Missouri, per CBS News —the big question is whether these new laws will lead to a direct challenge at the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. But one common theme in coverage is that Chief Justice John...

Clinton Wants Amendment to Dump Citizens United

She's working hard to shore up Bernie Sanders' following

(Newser) - In a bow to Bernie Sanders' campaign, Hillary Clinton picked up one of the causes he championed on Saturday, reports the Hill —that of overturning the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates on corporate political donations. "Today I’m announcing that in my first 30 days...

Cruz Is Suddenly a Player, Thanks to Reclusive Backer

Millionaire Robert Mercer helps him raise an 'eye-popping' $31M right off the bat

(Newser) - If other GOP contenders shrugged off Ted Cruz's chances of winning the nomination, it's a safe bet they're reassessing things after four new super PACS announced they'd raised a staggering $31 million to support his new candidacy . "Even in the context of a presidential campaign...

Senate Dems: We Need an Amendment on Campaign Cash

Schumer says Supreme Court rulings have gone too far

(Newser) - Senate Democrats think the Supreme Court has made a mess of campaign finance rules, and they plan to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment this year to remedy the problem, reports Roll Call . Chuck Schumer announced the future vote today, arguing that decisions such as Citizens United , which unleashed huge...

The 'Sheldon Primary' Is What's Wrong With Politics

Dan Balz laments the influence of the super-rich mega-donors on elections

(Newser) - If you want to know why Americans are so disgusted with the political system, take a gander toward Las Vegas, where would-be Republican presidential candidates are lining up to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson . "Adelson has become a symbol of the new system of financing presidential elections,"...

Rarity: Spectator Heckles Supreme Court

Protester slammed Citizens United decision

(Newser) - For the first time in eight years, the staidness of the Supreme Court was shaken up by an outburst from a protester yesterday. During a debate on attorney fees in patent lawsuits, a well-dressed man rose near the back of the courtroom to blast the court's 2010 Citizens United...

Hey, IRS: Even the Tea Party Deserves Free Speech

ACLU execs says the scandal highlights the dangers of limiting political speech

(Newser) - The IRS' stunning admission that it singled out Tea Party groups for more aggressive tax enforcement should be a warning to all Americans to guard their free speech rights jealously, ACLU officials Michael Macleod-Ball and Gabe Rottman write for CNN . There's been a rush to regulate political speech since...

Supreme Court Upholds Corporate Donation Ban

Meanwhile, it lets man whose IQ is too low to execute go

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has been notoriously friendly to corporate speech rights, but it today rejected two Hillary Clinton donors' attempt to argue that corporations should be able to donate directly to candidates. William Danielczyk and Eugene Biagi, who are accused of illegally funneling $150,000 of corporate cash into Clinton'...

New GOP Tactic: Volunteers Paid With 'Secret Money'

Citizens United ruling enables groups to pay volunteers

(Newser) - The vast infusion of money into political nonprofits has fueled a new development in GOP campaigning: groups that pay people to canvass and make phone calls, Politico reports. Such jobs come with hourly pay of up to $15 and perks like drawings to stay in a "posh hotel,"...

Romney to Bosses: Tell Workers How to Vote

 Romney to 
 Bosses: Tell 
 Workers How 
 to Vote 

Romney to Bosses: Tell Workers How to Vote

Tape sheds light on headlines about businesses doing just that

(Newser) - In a conference call earlier this year Mitt Romney urged small-business owners to tell their employees how to vote. "I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future," Romney...

Big Canadian Donation to Romney PAC Might Be Illegal

US subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings gave $1M

(Newser) - Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, may have broken the law by accepting a million-dollar donation from OdysseyRe, a Connecticut-based company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian insurance giant Fairfax Financial Holdings, the Center for Public Integrity reports. Federal law prohibits any foreign national from "...

Citizens United Anti-Obama Film Set to Bombard TV

'The Hope and the Change' airing on 12 stations

(Newser) - Coming to a dozen TV stations near you, for the next seven weeks: An hour-long film in which former Obama supporters talk about their disillusionment with the president. The Hope and the Change—directed by the same guy who made pro-Sarah Palin film The Undefeated —debuted at the Republican...

Jimmy Carter: Citizens United Is Destroying Democracy

He slams Citizens United ruling

(Newser) - America now has one of the "worst election processes in the world" because of an influx of cash from secret, wealthy donors, Jimmy Carter says. The "financial corruption" ruining US democracy has been made worse by the Citizens United ruling allowing unlimited anonymous contributions to third-party groups, the...

Scalia: Leave John Roberts Alone Already
Scalia: Leave John Roberts Alone Already

Scalia: Leave John Roberts Alone Already

Denies Supreme Court infighting over ObamaCare

(Newser) - Antonin Scalia may have disagreed with John Roberts in the court's health care ruling, but he says that disagreement never became personal—and that "it offends me" to hear criticism of Roberts, or any of his colleagues over how they ruled. "No, I haven't had a...

Dear Fellow Liberals, Citizens United Is Right

Michael Kinsley: Accept the free-speech principle, even if you hate the ruling

(Newser) - John Roberts is suddenly a darling of liberals because he upheld ObamaCare even though it's clear he personally hates the idea of it. It's time for liberals to apply the same kind of "intellectual honesty" to a court decision they abhor, writes Michael Kinsley at Bloomberg . That...

Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law
Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law
Supreme Roundup

Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law

Also, rules life in prison out of bounds for kids

(Newser) - The US Supreme Court today struck down a Montana campaign finance law that would have allowed states to curb the impact of the court's earlier Citizens United ruling. In a 5-4 vote along the court's usual ideological divide, the court issued a summary reversal, ignoring liberal justices' calls...

Edwards Trial Outcome Unsatisfying, Embarrassing
Edwards Trial Outcome Unsatisfying, Embarrassing

Edwards Trial Outcome Unsatisfying, Embarrassing

Pundits not cheering the result, on the whole

(Newser) - John Edwards was acquitted on one charge in his campaign finance fraud trial and the judge declared a mistrial on the rest . So will the Justice Department retry him? A "knowledgeable law enforcement official" tells the AP it's unlikely, though the AP notes the government will thoroughly review...

Stevens: High Court Likely Rethinking Citizens United

Former Supreme Court justice says 'second thoughts' are likely

(Newser) - John Paul Stevens, who dissented on the controversial Citizens United ruling before retiring from the US Supreme Court in 2010, says the rest of the justices appear to be having "second thoughts about the breadth of the reasoning." Stevens made his comments at a University of Arkansas event...

22 States Back Montana's Citizens United Challenge

State wants to keep power to limit political spending

(Newser) - Montana's attorney general is fighting to preserve his state's ability to curb corporate political spending, and almost half of America's states are backing him. Some 22 states and the District of Columbia have filed a brief urging the Supreme Court not to use its Citizens United decision...

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