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Swine Flu Spreads to 'Virtually Entire Country'
 Swine Flu Spreads to 
 'Virtually Entire Country' 
h1n1 outbreak

Swine Flu Spreads to 'Virtually Entire Country'

H1N1 has claims 76 children since April

(Newser) - The swine flu is “widespread” in 37 states, the CDC says, and extended into 10 new states this week. And reports that areas where flu activity was relatively high last spring will be spared this winter are incorrect—in 50 such locations under study, "the vast majority of...

Fight Swine Flu: Wear This Suit
Fight Swine Flu: Wear
This Suit

Fight Swine Flu: Wear This Suit

Japanese company says its duds slay H1N1 virus on contact

(Newser) - Want to avoid the swine flu and look sharp doing it? A Japanese menswear company has just the thing. Haruyama Trading claims its latest suit, which goes on sale today for about $590, guards against H1N1 with a thin titanium dioxide coating. The chemical, found in toothpaste and makeup, reacts...

Swine Flu Vaccine Starts for Kids
Swine Flu Vaccine Starts for Kids

Swine Flu Vaccine Starts for Kids

But expect long waits around the country amid high demand

(Newser) - Children around the country began receiving the first doses of swine flu vaccine, a day after hospitals and health care facilities began immunizing their workers. But medical facilities in only 14 states have so far received the vaccine—so far all as a nasal spray—and high demand means it...

Swine Flu Victims Could Swamp Hospitals
 Swine Flu Victims 
 Could Swamp Hospitals 
h1n1 outbreak

Swine Flu Victims Could Swamp Hospitals

CDC estimates are more than US can handle

(Newser) - Hospitals will be in big trouble if the swine flu outbreak matches the flu pandemic of 1968. In that mild pandemic, 35% of Americans got sick. If that happened today, 15 states would run out of hospital beds, and another dozen would have to fill 75% of their beds with...

Swine Flu Parties Unsafe: Doc
 Swine Flu Parties Unsafe: Doc 
h1n1 outbreak

Swine Flu Parties Unsafe: Doc

Exposing kids to virus is a bad idea, pediatrician says

(Newser) - Parents who are throwing “swine flu parties” to get kids together in hopes of exposing them to the virus now, while it is in a weaker form, are on the wrong track, says a prominent pediatrician. Responding to a question from a US News and World Report reader, Thomas...

Swine Flu Highlights Debate Over Paid Sick Leave

Half of US doesn't get sick pay; businesses defend policy

(Newser) - The second coming of swine flu has reignited the debate over paid sick leave. “You have all of our top officials saying, ‘Do the responsible thing. If you're sick, stay home,’” an advocate tells CNNMoney. “And at the same time, we have a country where...

Seasonal Flu Shot May Boost H1N1 Risk

WHO asks other countries to verify Canadian study

(Newser) - The WHO has asked researchers around the world if their findings back up a Canadian study that shows people who received seasonal flu vaccines are more likely to contract swine flu. So far, the results haven't been repeated. “None have been able to find anything like that,” the...

Heard Gupta's Swine Flu Spiel? Well, He Got It, Too

CNN doc, and onetime Surgeon General candidate, falls ill in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Now just imagine how embarrassing this would’ve been if he had been Surgeon General: Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical talking head, got swine flu on a recent reporting trip to Afghanistan, he writes in a blog post today. “I am not someone who gets sick, really ever,”...

Little Kids Still Need 2 Swine Flu Shots

Older kids, like adults, get effective H1N1 inoculation from just 1 dose

(Newser) - Kids over age 9 can safely join adults in receiving just one shot of swine flu vaccine, the Washington Post reports. A test of 650 subjects showed 76% of children between 10 and 17 had a response to a vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur, and it was strong enough that...

Houses of Worship Adapt to Swine Flu

Synagogues, churches, mosques get ready for H1N1

(Newser) - Places of worship across the country are adjusting holy rituals to head off swine flu, CBS News reports. On the Jewish New Year, one Massachusetts synagogue is skipping handshakes and promoting the use of hand sanitizer—and, in a substantial break from tradition, allowing worshipers to not kiss the Torah....

Egypt Kills All Pigs— But Pigs Eat All Trash

With no swine to eat garbage, waste piles up on city streets

(Newser) - When the Egyptian government decided to kill all of Cairo’s pigs last spring in a pre-emptive measure to combat swine flu, they apparently forgot that the pigs performed a vital function in a city with poor public services: eating trash, the New York Times reports. The zabaleen, Cairo’s...

First Swine Flu Vaccine Will Be Nasal Spray

But pregnant women, newborns should wait for needle version

(Newser) - The first Americans to take a swine flu vaccine will be spraying it up the nose, NPR reports. About 3.4 million hits of the nasal spray will come out early next month, a couple of weeks ahead of 195 million by-the-needle doses. Dubbed FluMist, the spray carries a live...

Sebelius Schools Reporter on How to Sneeze

(Newser) - NBC's Chuck Todd got a lesson in how to sneeze properly today when he let one fly during a briefing with health secretary Kathleen Sebelius. After Todd sneezed, Sebelius stopped the press conference to razz him about not sneezing into his sleeve, reports MediaBistro. "What's up with that? she...

Egypt Delays School Opening to Combat Swine Flu

Fear of outbreak motivates rescheduling

(Newser) - Fears of a swine flu outbreak have moved the Egyptian government to delay the start of the school year at state-run schools and universities by at least 1 week, the BBC reports. Government-run schools had been set to begin school the last week of September; they will now open Oct....

Hand-Washing Might Not Help Much Against Flu

Some scientist say it's airborne, not spread by touch

(Newser) - Everyone from Elmo to President Obama is telling people to wash their hands to avoid getting the swine flu, and Disney could make a killing on “Musical Hand Wash Timers” featuring its stable of characters. But Newsweek talks to scientists skeptical of the approach: Hand-washing might be great for...

Pick Your Poison: Swine Flu or Hand Sanitizer

Recent H1N1-inspired flood of alcohol-based products into schools are also flammable

(Newser) - Schools are loading up on hand sanitizer in an effort to fight swine flu—but the alcohol-based panacea has problems of its own, the Chicago Tribune reports. Bottles and dispensers of the stuff are ubiquitous in classrooms, and officials have belatedly realized the dangers of its 65% alcohol content. “...

Parents Leery About H1N1 Vaccine

'Uncertainty' dominates as families mull shot

(Newser) - Concerned over unforeseen effects and unconvinced that the H1N1 virus is really anything worse than a case of the sniffles, some parents are leaning away from vaccinating their kids against it, the Los Angeles Times reports. “It's a different brand of flu, but it is still the flu,”...

Swine Flu Shots Will Start Next Month: Sebelius

US 'on track' to have plenty of vaccine by flu season

(Newser) - The nation's first round of swine flu shots could begin sooner than expected, with some vaccine available as early as the first week of October, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said today. Sebelius said she is confident the vaccine will be available early enough to beat the peak...

Swine Flu Vaccine Works in One Dose
Swine Flu Vaccine Works in One Dose

Swine Flu Vaccine Works in One Dose

Trial results better than expected, shot should be cheaper

(Newser) - An Australian H1N1 vaccine has been surpassing expectations in its clinical trials, inoculating patients after a single injection, the New York Times reports. That means the supply of the vaccine will go further and cost less. It should now be possible to inoculate all of the estimated 159 million people...

Swine Flu Can Burrow Deep Into Lungs: Docs

H1N1 can infect cells where seasonal flu can't: study

(Newser) - Swine flu can worm its way deeper into the body than seasonal flu, a dangerous capability that could result in increased fatalities if the virus mutates, AFP reports. Seasonal influenza is able to bind only to the tissues in the nose, throat, and upper airway—that’s why it causes...

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