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Jon, Kate Must Take Parenting Class

 Jon, Kate 
 Must Take 
wonder why?

Jon, Kate Must Take Parenting Class

Maybe it'll help. Or not.

(Newser) - Finally, someone has realized Jon and Kate Gosselin’s parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. The judge in their custody dispute ordered the reality show stars to take a 3-hour parenting class, TMZ reports. Apparently it’s required for all Berks County parents fighting for custody, but we’...

Kate Wants to Date the Hoff
 Kate Wants to Date the Hoff 
you can't make this stuff up

Kate Wants to Date the Hoff

It's a match made in...well, somewhere

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin has a crush on the Hoff. Can you imagine anything better? Yes, the jokes almost write themselves. David Hasselhoff is probably the only man in America “medicated” enough to handle Gosselin’s particular brand of crazy. Or perhaps professional mom Kate, with all her experience nagging Jon...

Guess Who Finally Got the DWTS Boot?
 Guess Who 
 Finally Got the 
 DWTS Boot? 
minus kate

Guess Who Finally Got the DWTS Boot?

You're not dreaming: Kate Gosselin is really gone.

(Newser) - Dreams really do come true: Kate Gosselin is finally off Dancing With the Stars. That’s right, no more trainwrecky, so-bad-you-can’t-look-away video recaps of her dancing inability every Tuesday morning. The reality mom cried, of course, and talked about how sad her kids will be, of course. She tells...

Kate Still Sucks on DWTS
 Kate Still Sucks on DWTS 
'star' not 'dancing'

Kate Still Sucks on DWTS

But you know she's probably not going anywhere

(Newser) - The Dancing With the Stars judges really had a field day with Kate Gosselin’s Breakfast Club-themed foxtrot last night (although it’s worth noting that at least the reality TV star actually smiled during this routine). Carrie Ann Inaba compared Kate’s dancing to “the Charlie Brown teachers,...

Kate: No Idea What Jon Does for Money

We don't know either, but perhaps we don't want to know

(Newser) - We know: You’re sick of Kate Gosselin. But you’re probably even more sick of her ex-hubby Jon, which means you should enjoy watching this clip from yesterday’s Tonight Show , in which Jay Leno asks the question on everyone’s mind: How the heck does Jon Gosselin make...

Bummer: Kate Still Not Booted From DWTS
 Bummer: Kate 
Not Booted 
 From DWTS 
so who was?

Bummer: Kate Still Not Booted From DWTS

Soap actor Aiden Turner gets voted off instead

(Newser) - Sorry, Kate Gosselin haters: You’ll have to put up with her “dancing” for at least one more week. The reality star managed to not only stay on Dancing With the Stars—she managed to stay above the bottom two entirely. British actor Aiden Turner, best known for his...

Kate's 'Breakthrough' Dance Still Sucks

Maybe she'll finally be voted off? Maybe?

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin finally appeared to be dancing, at least according to one judge, last night on Dancing With the Stars. She had “a mini-breakthrough,” Bruno Tonioli declared, although she looked, if possible, even more unhappy during this week’s stiff tango than she did during last week’s...

Jon and Kate May Return to TV&mdash;Together
 Jon and Kate May 
 Return to TV—Together 
be very afraid

Jon and Kate May Return to TV—Together

Gosselin saga takes weird, speculative turn

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin wouldn't say no to returning to TV with ex-wife Kate and their eight kids "under the right circumstances," his lawyer tells TMZ . Jon & Kate Plus 8 2.0 may be a tough sell, however, given that he and TLC have sued each other , and he's...

9 Celebs Who Need to Go Away
 9 Celebs Who Need to Go Away 

9 Celebs Who Need to Go Away

Why do the powers that be keep putting Kate Gosselin on TV?

(Newser) - Whitney Houston is in the news again—Why is she canceling shows? Is she using drugs? Will her comeback attempt fail?—but Cary McNeal only has one question about the diva: “Has Whitney Houston been relevant since 1995?” McNeal goes on to list 8 other celebs she’d like...

Kate Sucks at Dance 'Because of Kids'
 Kate Sucks at  Dance 
 'Because of Kids' 

Kate Sucks at Dance 'Because of Kids'

'I can't dance for 6 hours a day,' she explains

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin has admitted she's not the best hoofer on Dancing With the Stars, but it's just because she doesn't have enough time to rehearse or enough focus due to family commitments. "It's very difficult," she tells E! Online . "I can't put my life aside and dance...

Kate Gets New Series ...and Specials

Yep, she's back on TLC, and you'll be seeing a lot of her

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin may never appear in Playboy , but she will be back on TV…in more ways than one. TLC is planning to air several Kate Plus 8 specials focusing on her family life, and the network is also giving her her own series. Twist of Kate will feature Gosselin...

No Playboy for Kate: Hef
 No Playboy for Kate: Hef 

No Playboy for Kate: Hef

He just doesn't think she's bunny material

(Newser) - Good news for anyone who thinks America has been seeing too much of Kate Gosselin: You won't be seeing all of her any time soon. “No! No!” Hugh Hefner says when asked about the very possibility of Kate gracing the pages of Playboy. And while he’s on...

DWTS Beats Idol Ratings
 DWTS Beats Idol Ratings 
thanks, kate

DWTS Beats Idol Ratings

For the first time, 'Dancing With the Stars' leads

(Newser) - Dancing With the Stars beat American Idol—both nights of it—in the ratings for the first time last week. According to Nielsen, nearly 23 million people tuned in to DWTS on Tuesday, compared to Idol’s 21.8 million Tuesday and 20.5 million Wednesday. One possible reason? “...

Jimmy Does Kate's Awful DWTS Dance
 Jimmy Does Kate's 
 Awful DWTS Dance 
plus: the gosselin custody battle

Jimmy Does Kate's Awful DWTS Dance

Plus, the Gosselins are back to sparring in court

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon just had to express his conflicted emotions about the paparazzi through dance last night—you know, like Kate Gosselin did on Dancing With the Stars. Watch his spot-on impression in the gallery. The Late Night host isn’t the only one attacking Gosselin for her role on DWTS—...

Tonight's DWTS Casualty Is ...
 Tonight's DWTS Casualty Is ... 

Tonight's DWTS Casualty Is ...

Nope, not Kate Gosselin; ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin gets boot

(Newser) - Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, but he won't be spending any more time on the dance floor. The 80-year-old astronaut was eliminated tonight from ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Aldrin and his professional partner, Ashly Costa, consistently finished in last place during the ABC show's three weeks of competition....

Kate Channels 'Superbitch From Hell'
 Kate Channels 
 From Hell' 
last night on dwts

Kate Channels 'Superbitch From Hell'

Gosselin once again near bottom on Dancing With the Stars

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin once again found herself in second-to-last place on Dancing With the Stars last night, but at least this time judge Bruno Tonioli had some kind words for her…sort of. “I think, for once, you played the character!” he said of her paso doble, which told...

Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars and 8 More Reality TV Temper Tantrums

 Nine Best 
 Reality TV 
 Hissy Fits 
inspired by kate

Nine Best Reality TV Hissy Fits

Kate Gosselin isn't even the worst

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin is the latest in a long line of “celebrities” throwing temper tantrums on national television. E! rounds up eight more reality show meltdowns—watch the videos in the gallery:
  • Kenley Collins, Project Runway: She flips out when judges say her final creation looks like a “pink

10 Reality Show Rivalries
 10 Reality Show Rivalries 

10 Reality Show Rivalries

Pamela Anderson not a fan of Kate Gosselin, and more

(Newser) - Everyone apparently hates Kate Gosselin, and that includes fellow Dancing With the Stars competitor Pamela Anderson. In their honor, the Frisky lists the 10 best reality show rivalries:
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie: The rivalry that all others aspire to. After starting The Simple Life as besties, they had a

10 Shows Kate Can Star in...Once She Loses DWTS

She'd make a great pageant mom

(Newser) - The hype surrounding Kate Gosselin may be enough to make the public overlook her awful, awful dancing for a while—but it’s only a matter of time before she gets kicked off Dancing With the Stars. What show should she do next? Olivia Allin offers up 10 ideas, on...

Kate: I Want My Partner Fired
 Kate: I Want My Partner Fired 

Kate: I Want My Partner Fired

Gosselin continues diva demands on 'Dancing With the Stars'

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin almost drove her Dancing With the Stars partner to quit —but it turns out she actually wanted him fired. At one point, “Kate demanded that the shows producers fire Tony and get her a new partner,” a source tells PopEater . “She talks to him...

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