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Court: Marine Sikh Recruits Need Not Shave for Boot Camp

Federal appeals court grants the exemption

(Newser) - A federal court ruling will result in a rare sight at Marine boot camp: two bearded recruits. The District of Columbia's federal appeals court has ruled that the pair of Sikh men shouldn't be forced to shave off the beards they keep for religious reasons, reports NPR . Plaintiffs...

Taliban's Newest Ban: Beard Trims
Taliban's Newest
Ban: Beard Trims

Taliban's Newest Ban: Beard Trims

Extremist group has barred barbers in Helmand province from shaving, trimming facial hair

(Newser) - The Taliban have been busy rolling back women's rights in Afghanistan and ramping up for a return to amputations and executions . Now, some more bad news for locals. Per the BBC , the extremist group has banned barbers in the Helmand province from shaving or otherwise trimming men's beards,...

CDC Issues Warning on Coronavirus, Facial Hair

Villain mustaches and soul patches are OK; stubble, full beards may interfere with respirator

(Newser) - Patients' facial hair may affect their safety when it comes to the coronavirus—but it depends on what kind of mustache, beard, or other whiskers you're sporting. CNN reports on a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that centers on how much various types of facial...

Alleged Online Drug Lord Tripped Up by Beard Contest

Gal Vallerius nabbed in Atlanta en route to beard competition

(Newser) - People in trouble with the law often grow a beard, or don a fake one, to avoid notice. In Gal Vallerius' case, his beard is what did him in. Vallerius, who authorities believe is an administrator for a dark web narcotics site, was arrested Aug. 31 at Atlanta's airport...

Ex-'Most Interesting Man' Picks Most Interesting Beard

Jonathan Goldsmith helps with hairy decision in Vermont contest

(Newser) - The man who once pitched Dos Equis beer as the "most interesting man in the world" turned his attention from his favorite beer to his favorite beard by judging a Saturday competition called Vermont Beardies. Jonathan Goldsmith, who lives in Manchester and sports a closely cropped white beard that...

NYPD Cops Get OK to Sport Turbans, Beards for Religion

Both Sikh and Muslim officers have pushed for policy change

(Newser) - The NYPD announced Wednesday it has revised policy so that police officers can now sport beards and turbans if called for by their religion, the New York Times reports. Per NBC New York , officers must get the green light before showing up for work with either, but once they get...

Browns Finally Get a Win, Guy Finally Gets to Shave

Weatherman Scott Sabol got pretty hairy as winless season ground on in Cleveland

(Newser) - Only one NFL team in history has made it through an entire 16-game regular season without a win, a fate narrowly avoided Saturday by the Cleveland Browns with a last-minute win over the San Diego Chargers. That win was extra sweet for Cleveland weatherman Scott Sabol, who was holding out...

ISIS Documents Set Out Rules for Sex Slaves, Beards

Fighters advised to 'enjoy' underage girls

(Newser) - As ISIS retreats from villages surrounding Mosul, detailed evidence of the group's harsh rule is emerging. In documents discovered by Reuters in recently abandoned ISIS offices near the Iraqi city, the group sets out strict requirements for beard-growing, the proper way of praying—and the treatment of sex slaves....

Beards Maybe Aren't as Gross as You Think
 Beards Maybe 
 Aren't as Gross  
 as You Think 


Beards Maybe Aren't as Gross as You Think

They're just as hygienic as a clean face: studies

(Newser) - Go ahead, grow a beard: It's just as hygienic as having a clean face, and possibly more so, according to two recent studies. In stark contrast to earlier research that found beards could be as dirty as toilets , researchers who swabbed the faces of 409 male hospital workers found...

Study: Men With Beards More Likely to Be Sexist

Especially in the 'hostile' variety of sexism

(Newser) - A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found men with beards—or any other type of facial hair—were more likely to hold sexist attitudes. Australian researchers gave online surveys to more than 500 men between the ages of 18 and 72 from the US and India, Psychology...

Bearded Swedish Hipsters Cause 'ISIS Crisis'

A local freaked out when dozens of them gathered

(Newser) - Sweden's Bearded Villains don't mind if you talk a little smack about hirsute hipsters . In fact, the Scandinavian group—dedicated to fighting "injustice, bullying, and racism," per the Local —"loved" that a local Swede freaked out when a couple dozen of them gathered...

Beard-Transplanting Is a Growing Business

You can look like a lumberjack for $7K

(Newser) - Baby-faced men can now look like lumberjacks thanks to advances in transplant technology, and a growing number of them are choosing to do so. Hair restoration surgeons say over the last decade, beard transplant requests have grown from a few a year to several per month or even per week,...

Athlete's Half-Beard Makes Him a Star

Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi rocks a strange look

(Newser) - One of the biggest names in track at the moment is an Italian high-jumper named Gianmarco Tamberi. And though he's a decent high-jumper, the reason he's making headlines is because he's wearing a half-beard. Tamberi says it's a good-luck charm, reports Quartz , and he did manage...

Beard Swabs Yield 'Disturbing' Results

Some were as dirty as toilets, microbiologist says

(Newser) - Beard hygiene is important unless you want to have the equivalent of a dirty toilet seat growing out of your face, according to a microbiologist who swabbed a bunch of beards and was shocked by the results. "I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this,"...

Supreme Court Unanimous on Inmate Beard Length

Arkansas inmate, Gregory Holt, a Muslim, can grow a half-inch beard

(Newser) - The Supreme Court was unanimous today in a decision that will allow an Arkansas inmate to grow a half-inch beard. The state's rule specified that beard length must be kept to a quarter inch; Gregory Holt, a Muslim man also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad, had sought permission to...

Is Your Beard Racist?

 Is Your 
in case you missed it

Is Your Beard Racist?

Style's history is pretty tangled, writes Sean Trainor

(Newser) - These days, beards are big, in all senses of the word. But most of those wearing them probably have little idea of their troubled history in the US—one that is inextricably linked with racism and sexism, writes Sean Trainor in the Atlantic . For free black men in the early...

Latest Super PAC to Push ... Bearded Candidates

Those with goatees will be considered; mustache only? Forget it

(Newser) - At last, a super PAC that can be described as hirsute—it's Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of a Responsible Democracy, aka BEARD, a political action committee dedicated to advancing bearded candidates. Founded by Jonathan Sessions and Andy Shapero, BEARD is as quirky as you might imagine: A planned...

Amish Leader in Beard-Cutting Attacks Gets 15 Years

Samuel Mullet, 67, says he isn't running a cult

(Newser) - The ringleader in a series of hair- and beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish religious followers in Ohio was sentenced today to 15 years in prison. Before his sentencing, Samuel Mullet Sr., 67, denied being a cult leader but told the judge he was ready to take the punishment. The judge...

FBI Nabs 7 in Amish Haircutting Attacks

They face federal hate crimes charges

(Newser) - FBI agents arrested seven men in Ohio and charged them with federal hate crimes in connection with Amish haircutting attacks , the AP reports. Breakaway Amish sect leader Sam Mullet, four family members, and others were taken into custody after agents raided their compound in Bergholz. The men are charged with...

Beards Are Not Just Back, They're Bushier

Hipsters, not Hollywood-types are at the (not) cutting edge

(Newser) - Beards are back, big time, and its the boy next door, not Brad Pitt, driving the trend. More young men today are bearded than not, observes Robert Crampton. "The beard is about as back as it’s been since the 19th century," he writes in the Times Online...

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