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900-Pound Defendant Asks Help Getting to Court

Effort could involve taking down trees, cutting a hole in a wall

(Newser) - A Virginia judge has approved a logistical plan to bring a defendant who weighs more than 900 pounds to federal court in Richmond. The effort could involve cutting down trees, cutting through a wall in the building where the man lives and bracing the structure, the Times-Dispatch reports. A device...

Happier Reunion for Judge Who Recognized Inmate as Classmate

Mindy Glazer showed up to cheer Arthur Booth on as he was released from jail

(Newser) - Last summer, an emotional video of a Florida burglary suspect appearing before a judge who turned out to be his middle school classmate went viral. Almost 10 months later, Arthur Booth was released from jail Tuesday—and Judge Mindy Glazer was there to wish him well and see him on...

Judge: Freed Defendant Must Write Book Reports

He is required to read for an hour a day

(Newser) - A northern California man has been released on bond—provided he's willing to keep up his reading. Otis Mobley, 23, was indicted after allegedly offering to sell a grenade launcher to an undercover official; authorities say Mobley and two others planned to rob the agent. The judge says the...

Court Trend: Defendants in Fake Glasses

Non-prescription eyewear makes clients look 'studious': lawyer

(Newser) - A guy in glasses wouldn't hurt a fly, right? That's what some defense lawyers hope people believe when they tell their clients to wear specs to trial. These days, thick-framed non-prescription "hipster" glasses are all the rage in court, the Washington Post reports. "If you’re...

Galleon's Rajaratnam Charged in Fraud Case

Alleged inside-trader accused of conspiracy, securities fraud

(Newser) - Raj Rajaratnam was charged with five counts of conspiracy and six counts of securities fraud today, the first criminal charges related to allegations of insider trading at his Galleon group hedge fund. Danielle Chiesi, who prosecutors say was one of Rajaratnam's illicit collaborators, was hit with three counts of conspiracy...

Court: Defendants Can Question Crime Lab

Scientists must be brought to court

(Newser) - A 5-4 Supreme Court ruling yesterday gives defendants the chance to face authors of crime lab reports in their cases. Prosecutors who want to use lab testing undertaken for a given case will be required to bring its authors to court, where the defense can confront them. The ruling shows...

Obama May Soon Face Decisions on Death Penalty
Obama May Soon Face Decisions on Death Penalty

Obama May Soon Face Decisions on Death Penalty

Cases might alter president's support for narrow use of executions

(Newser) - As if reviving the economy, reforming health care, taming North Korea, and forging relations with Iran weren’t challenges enough, President Obama may soon have to deal with the death penalty. Within months, the cases of six federal death-row inmates, all black and all convicted of capital murder, could land...

'Rockefeller' Trial Sparks Identity Crisis

Defendant's name(s) at issue as jury readies for kidnapping case

(Newser) - A Boston court saw the selection yesterday of 11 of the 16 jurors needed to begin the trial of Clark Rockefeller. Or of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. Or of "the defendant," as the judge calls him. The mystery man is on trial for kidnapping his daughter, and because he's...

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