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Apple in Talks With Microsoft to Switch iPhones to Bing
Apple in Talks With Microsoft to Switch iPhones to Bing
google now enemy No. 1

Apple in Talks With Microsoft to Switch iPhones to Bing

Apple looks to cooperate with Microsoft as Google rivalry heats up

(Newser) - In a sign of just how tense Apple’s rivalry with Google has gotten, the software giant is in talks with archrival Microsoft to make Bing the primary search engine on the iPhone. The negotiations have been underway for weeks, sources tell Businessweek. “Apple and Google know the other...

Bing, Yahoo Bar Web Porn in India

Search engines switch India to stricter settings

(Newser) - Indian computer users enter "sex" into search engines more than users in any other country, but Internet firms have moved to deliver only sanitized results to the nation. Yahoo's search engine and the Flickr photo-sharing site have switched the entire country's setting to "safe search" only, as has...

Twitter Ekes a Profit for 2009

$25M search deals with Microsoft, Google push it barely into black

(Newser) - Twitter will be marginally profitable this year thanks to deals with Google and Microsoft that open up the social networking site’s streams to those companies’ search engines. The agreement with Google is worth about $15 million, while the Microsoft partnership should net Twitter around $10 million. The short message...

Microsoft Searches for Cause of Bing Outage

Failure related to internal testing after maps rollout

(Newser) - Microsoft’s Bing search engine suffered a half-hour performance failure yesterday, the same day the company rolled out a raft of new features. During the interruption, the site either didn't load or returned meager results to queries. “The cause of the outage was a configuration change during some internal...

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google
 Microsoft's Bing Maps 
 May Beat Google 

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google

Innovative integration and photo features make beta worth a test

(Newser) - The beta version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine maps feature could well give Google Maps a run for its money, Jason Kincaid writes for TechCrunch . The new feature challenges Google on every front: Streetside, the answer to Street View, functions similarly but uses 3D modeling to provide a seamless...

'Michael Jackson' Is No. 1 Search Term
 'Michael Jackson' Is 
 No. 1 Search Term 
king of 2009

'Michael Jackson' Is No. 1 Search Term

King of Pop tops yearly lists for Google, Yahoo, Bing

(Newser) - Michael Jackson commanded more global attention than any other person or thing this year: the deceased pop singer was the No. 1 search term for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The lists of top 10 search terms also document Twitter's ascendancy in 2009—the micro-blogging service was the second most popular...

Bing, News Corp Talks Offer Hope for Media

Media could gain from brewing bidding war

(Newser) - Microsoft is offering News Corp and other media companies money to yank their content from Google’s search engine and list it instead on Bing. The offer, likely prompted by a threat from Rupert Murdoch to remove content from Google, “is all about Microsoft hurting Google’s margins,”...

Free Holiday Airport WiFi From Google, Microsoft

Fight for market share finds willing fodder in snow-delayed fliers

(Newser) - There’s a new public option in town: free wireless from Google for the holidays. The search giant has partnered to provide WiFi gratis in 47 airports nationwide from now until the middle of January; the generosity even extends to in-flight access on continental Virgin flights, PC World reports. Google...

Microsoft's Bing Teams With Twitter
Bing Teams
With Twitter

Microsoft's Bing Teams With Twitter

It hopes to gain edge over Google in social networking

(Newser) - Microsoft has picked up a new weapon in its Internet search duel with Google—full access to Twitter's communications hotbed. The partnership announced today represents a coup for Microsoft as it tries to spice up its Internet search engine, Bing, in its long-running attempts to lure traffic from Google. A...

Try a Search Engine Blind Taste Test

(Newser) - So much of our search engine experience is based on branding, but who would come out on top without all the window dressing? Blind Search may help you figure it out. Designed by a Microsoft employee, it spits out unadorned results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, only telling you which...

Why MicroHoo Won't Kill Google
 Why MicroHoo 
 Won't Kill Google 

Why MicroHoo Won't Kill Google

(Newser) - Wondering what the Microsoft/Yahoo pact will mean for you, the tech-loving consumer? Probably not much, writes Todd Weiss for PC World. His reasons:
  • “I tried Bing, I played with Bing, I experienced Bing, but Bing, you’re no Google search,” Weiss opines. Even with Yahoo’s help, and

Microsoft, Yahoo Finally Strike Search Deal
Microsoft, Yahoo Finally Strike Search Deal

Microsoft, Yahoo Finally Strike Search Deal

(Newser) - Microsoft and Yahoo finally officially tied the knot today, with a 10-year deal to integrate their search and advertising businesses, MSNBC reports. It appears Microsoft won't pay Yahoo up front, which is probably a blow to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who promised she'd only join Microsoft for a "boatload...

Bada-Bing: Yahoo, Microsoft Close to Search Engine Deal

(Newser) - Yahoo is close to a deal that would make Microsoft's Bing its new search engine, reports Advertising Age. To Yahoo's dismay, the deal will likely involve revenue sharing, not a fat up-front paycheck. Negotiations, which have been heated over the amount of revenue each side gets from search ad clicks,...

Why Bing Is Better

 Why Bing Is Better 

Why Bing Is Better

Helpful features make Microsoft's search engine more than a Google copy

(Newser) - It's easy to mock Bing as Microsoft's latest attempt to rip off a competitor. Bloggers, in fact, have christened the search engine "But It's Not Google." That’s actually true, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. "In many ways, Bing is better." Here's how:...

Users Prefer Bing to Google But Won't Switch: Study

Focus group users prefer design, organization of Microsoft search engine

(Newser) - Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, impresses users—but not enough to make them switch from Google, TechCrunch reports. Asked to rate Bing’s features, users in a study by the Catalyst Group thought Bing beat Google in almost every category, including visual design, organization, and filtering options. The exception...

Bing's Week 2: Not So Bad
 Bing's Week 2: Not So Bad 

Bing's Week 2: Not So Bad

(Newser) - Bing's second week wasn't such a bad one, CNET reports. Microsoft’s brand-new search engine has eaten into the market share of its competition, tacking on a 1% gain in both number of searchers and results returned last week, putting it up about 3% in both categories since launch: It...

Microsoft Blows It With Bizarre Bing Ads

Blame Google for the collapse of global financial architecture

(Newser) - Microsoft is thrashing Google in new TV spots for its "decision engine" Bing—understandably, since from Microsoft's perspective their rival is single-handedly responsible for the global financial crisis. "While everyone was searching, there was bailing," says an announcer, as images of fleeting Internet memes give way...

China Blocks Twitter Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

Flickr, Hotmail, Bing get shut down

(Newser) - As Thursday's 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre approaches, China has blocked access to Twitter, Flickr, and Hotmail, among other sites, TechCrunch reports. “The lead-up to any date like this is usually a time when the Firewall is tightened,” notes Mike Butcher, who was told by a...

Microsoft's New Search Engine Brings Back Porn

(Newser) - Some in the technology world are questioning Microsoft’s decision to enable its new search engine, Bing, to display video on the site itself, the Telegraph reports. The new technology—not shared by Google and the like—allows for pornographic film to run on the search page should the searcher...

Microsoft's Bing: Life-Saver, or Big Brother?
Microsoft's Bing: Life-Saver, or Big Brother?
product review

Microsoft's Bing: Life-Saver, or Big Brother?

(Newser) - Reviewers say Microsoft's new Bing search engine—still not officially released—is great for shopping and answering tricky questions. It's also Big Brother in disguise:
  • "There's much to like," writes Mike Elgan in PC World, except Bing's top search matches—chosen by Microsoft, not popularity rankings. "It's

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