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AI's 'Godfather' Leaves Google, and a Warning
'Godfather of AI'
Says He's Done,
Is Scared by AI
in case you missed it

'Godfather of AI' Says He's Done, Is Scared by AI

According to Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, it's hard to stop 'bad actors' from doing 'bad things' with AI

(Newser) - Dr. Geoffrey Hinton is an AI pioneer, but according to a new interview, he's beginning to feel a bit like Victor Frankenstein studying his monstrous creation. "It is hard to see," Hinton tells the New York Times , "how you can prevent the bad actors from using...

A Potential Samsung Move Is Fraying Nerves at Google

Phone-maker may switch search engine to Bing, reports the 'New York Times'

(Newser) - It's a move that would have been unthinkable even a few short months ago: Samsung is considering ditching Google as its default search engine for phones and replacing it with Microsoft's new AI-powered Bing , reports the New York Times . The move could result in Google parent company Alphabet...

Ads Enter Bing Chat Responses, to Much Confusion

Tech journalists question if chatbot is now giving sponsored answers

(Newser) - Microsoft is slipping more ads into the AI-powered Bing chatbot , which could add to the "already difficult cognitive load of determining whether you can trust a given response," writes Jay Peters at the Verge . Ads have been appearing within the Bing interface since its launch in February. In...

Microsoft: We're Working on Fixes for 'Belligerent' Bing Bot

Company says too many questions can 'confuse' the AI-driven search tool

(Newser) - The reviews are in on the upgraded Bing search engine, now powered by artificial intelligence, and they've ... definitely been mixed. While there's been some praise for Bing's capabilities, this week saw a slew of reviewers (even some who'd initially offered that praise) alarmed at what they'...

Tech Columnist Has Trouble Sleeping After 'Chat' With Bing

Search tool powered by artificial intelligence leaves Kevin Roose 'deeply unsettled'

(Newser) - Microsoft rolled out a test version of its upgraded Bing search engine last week to rave reviews . Tech writer Kevin Roose, for example, declared in the New York Times that the tool powered by artificial intelligence surpassed Google. In his latest column , Roose writes that he already has changed his...

Surprise: Long-Ridiculed Bing May Out-Google Google
Reviewers Are Stunned
at How Good Bing Is
tech reviews

Reviewers Are Stunned at How Good Bing Is

Techies test the new AI search engine, which is still being rolled out

(Newser) - Kevin Roose is a tech columnist for the New York Times , and he's as surprised as you are that he concludes his latest column like so: "I'm switching my desktop computer's default search engine to Bing. And Google, my default source of information for my entire...

Microsoft: 'Human Error' Caused Famous Pic to Vanish Online

Company denies censorship led Bing to stifle search results for Tiananmen Square's 'Tank Man'

(Newser) - Friday was the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in China, which means lots of people headed online to peruse articles and pictures of the incident that led to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of protester deaths. One photo that interested parties in several countries couldn't initially find, at least...

Microsoft: Sorry for Really Bad Bing Translation

'Daesh' translated to 'Saudi Arabia,' which is definitely not correct

(Newser) - Whoops: Microsoft has apologized after its Bing translator mistakenly translated "Daesh," the Arabic name for ISIS, into "Saudi Arabia" in English. Social media users in Saudi Arabia angrily pointed out the error, the Guardian reports, and it quickly went viral. "As an employee of [Microsoft], I...

To Diagnose Cancer, Doctors Only Need Your Search History

Microsoft study could lead to 'a Cortana for health'

(Newser) - Only 3% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive for five years. Microsoft researchers, however, say that rate could be doubled with early detection—and the Internet may play a vital role. The researchers, together with a Columbia grad student, found searches on Microsoft's search engine Bing that...

Microsoft Dumps Widget Sued for 'Massive Infringement'

Company yanks Bing photo-collecting tool

(Newser) - A photo widget on Microsoft's Bing service has led to a lawsuit claiming "massive infringement" on copyright. Microsoft has removed the offending tool, which allowed users to post photos and slideshows onto their websites, Sky News reports. The images, collected via Bing, came from all over the Internet—...

Microsoft Hits Google: Don't Get 'Scroogled'

Media blitz says shopping search results are skewed

(Newser) - Microsoft is trying to skewer Google as a lousy holiday shopping guide in its latest attempt to divert more traffic to its Bing search engine. The attack started today with a marketing campaign focused on a recent change in the way Google operates the part of its search engine devoted...

Google Revamping Search System

Coming changes designed to better understand questions, fine-tune answers

(Newser) - Google is in the middle of one of the biggest overhauls to its search engine in years, trying to fight off growing competition from Microsoft's Bing, Apple's Siri, Facebook, and others by incorporating more real-life language concepts, reports the Wall Street Journal . The changes will be implemented over...

Google Just Killed Its Search Engine
 Google Just Killed 
 Its Search Engine 

Google Just Killed Its Search Engine

Why Mat Honan is switching to Bing

(Newser) - Don't look now, but Bing just became the best search engine—purely because Google shot itself in the foot. Google this week launched its " Search, Plus Your World " overhaul, which deeply integrates Google+ into your results. "Long story short: It's a huge step backwards,"...

Facebook Looks to Add Skype Video

Deal would reportedly help further integrate Microsoft and Facebook

(Newser) - Facebook's "awesome" new product , set to be announced Wednesday, looks like it's going to be Skype video chats that work in your browser, reports TechCrunch . Details are still hazy—will it just work on its own or will users need to download software?—however, "it’s...

Microsoft to Google: We Don't Copy, You Copy

Bing execs angrily deny cheating charges

(Newser) - Call it Nerd Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back. Microsoft angrily denied Google's recent claims that Bing has been copying Google's search results , calling the accusation "insulting," in a ratcheting up of tensions between the two computer giants. "We do not copy results from any of our...

Google Catches Bing Copying Its Results

It theorizes that it's spying on users with IE, Bing toolbar

(Newser) - Google is furious. The search giant says it’s caught Bing red-handed stealing its search results—or, at least, mining data from its results to use to adjust Bing's own ranking algorithm. It suspects Bing is using Internet Explorer and/or the Bing toolbar to monitor users’ Google queries and results....

Bing or Google? According to Jeopardy!, the Winner Is...

...Google, but not by all that much

(Newser) - Bing vs. Google: How will we ever really know which search engine is superior? Easy: Jeopardy! will tell us. A computer expert ran 200,000 of the game show’s clues into common search engines to see which came up with the correct answer—in the form of a question—...

Facebook: Bing's New Friend
 Facebook: Bing's New Friend 

Facebook: Bing's New Friend

Microsoft search engine adds social features

(Newser) - Microsoft’s Bing is about to implement some intriguing new Facebook-powered features, the companies announced yesterday. Results on Bing will now show you how many of your friends “liked” that item, and any related links they’ve shared, the New York Times reports. This social data will also factor...

Bing Pushes Google Into Innovation War

New features coming fast and furious

(Newser) - Google has been adding features lately—like its new side navigation, revamped image search, and customizable background image—that look an awful lot like ideas nabbed from Bing, the New York Times observes. Though Bing still has a mere 12.7% of the search market, compared to Google’s 62....

Facebook Is Web's Top Time Suck: Nielsen

Social networking site beats Google, Yahoo, YouTube combined

(Newser) - The average American Facebook user spent 7 hours surfing the site last month, more time than users spent on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft/Bing, Wikipedia and Amazon combined, according to the latest Nielsen numbers. You read that right: combined. The number represents a staggering jump, Mashable notes. Just last June, the...

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