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Canadian Redditors Revolt Over Grocery Chain's Gouging

Reddit group Loblaws Is Out of Control does not want to pay $9 for butter, thank you very much

(Newser) - When you're pushing a cart through the grocery store, the effects of inflation can be seen down nearly every aisle. But a group of Redditors in Canada is calling foul on the country's biggest grocer, Loblaws, for continually raising prices in a way they suspect is padding the...

3 Stats Illustrate Challenges of Modern Grocery Shopping

'Wall Street Journal' reports that people are driving around for bargains more these days

(Newser) - A story in the Wall Street Journal explores how people are coping with high grocery prices, and the piece is captured in a few stats:
  • Grocery prices are up 21% over the last three years.
  • People are making 8% more trips to the store this year compared to last year.

Trader Joe's Hasn't Upped Cost of This in 20 Years—Until Now
Trader Joe's: Sorry, Everyone,
We Had No Choice on This

Trader Joe's: Sorry, Everyone, We Had No Choice on This

Grocery chain increases price of single banana from 19 cents to 23 cents, first bump since 2001

(Newser) - Trader Joe's has been selling bananas for 19 cents apiece since the George W. Bush administration, but staffers are now changing up the fruit's price tags. It's not quite a Lucille Bluth-level bump , but the grocery chain will now be hawking individual bananas for 23 cents each...

French Grocery Giant Drops PepsiCo Products Over Prices

Carrefour says prices must come down as inflation does

(Newser) - Inflation may finally be starting to ease, but prices for some items are showing no signs of coming back down—and now one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world is taking a stand. Carrefour, France's largest food retailer, which runs thousands of stores in 30 countries, has...

Home Alone Fan Has Some Fun With Inflation

A TikTok user is going deep into how prices have changed since the movie premiered in 1990

(Newser) - Home Alone is the top movie rewatch during the holiday season, and some viewers this year had a little time on their hands to also make it a lesson in inflation. Per USA Today , TikTok-er Geoffrey Lyons analyzed a scene in the film where 8-year-old Kevin McCallister hits up a...

He Got in His Car After Grocery Shopping. Then, 'Holy Cow'

Man had 15,000 bees waiting for him in his vehicle in an Albertsons parking lot in Las Cruces, NM

(Newser) - Ever get behind the wheel and feel the creepy sensation that someone or something unwelcome is in the car with you? That's what happened to a man in Las Cruces, NM, over the weekend after a short trip to the grocery store, but to his horror, there wasn't...

Sticker Shock at the Supermarket? You're Not Alone

Price of groceries just saw record-setting spike due to coronavirus pandemic

(Newser) - With most Americans sheltering at home as they wait out the coronavirus pandemic, you may have noticed that while your eating-out tab has gone down, your supermarket bill has gone up. It's not in your head: The monthly consumer price index has been released by the Bureau of Labor...

Man Who Used KKK Hood as Face Mask Is Off the Hook

Police say their hands are tied after supermarket incident in Santee, Calif.

(Newser) - A white man pictured wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood at a supermarket near San Diego will not face charges. An investigation into the May 2 incident at the Vons in Santee didn't uncover enough evidence for police to pursue charges, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said...

Experts Share 7 Ways to Get Your Groceries Safely
Experts: Skip the Gloves, and
Other Grocery Shopping Tips
in case you missed it

Experts: Skip the Gloves, and Other Grocery Shopping Tips

Good news: You don't need to use a million disinfectant wipes

(Newser) - In March a Michigan doctor's video on how to sanitize your groceries went viral—and his tips were pretty involved. But are they really necessary? According to the infectious disease, virology, and food safety experts NPR spoke with, perhaps not. The upshot of their tips is this: "Focus...

Doctor's Viral PSA: Leave Your Groceries Outside for Days

If you can't do that, Jeffrey VanWingen has plenty of tips

(Newser) - Michigan doctor Jeffrey VanWingen posted a 13-minute video on safe grocery shopping in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday. By Thursday morning it had racked up nearly 4.5 million views. The Grand Rapids doctor begins by painting a picture of how you should think about the coronavirus:...

A New Kind of Apple Is Coming
A New Kind of Apple Is Coming

A New Kind of Apple Is Coming

It's called the Cosmic Crisp

(Newser) - They call it the Cosmic Crisp. It's not a video game, a superhero, or the title of a Grateful Dead song. It's a new variety of apple, coming to a grocery store near you Dec. 1, the AP reports. Cosmic Crisp is the first apple ever bred in...

Walmart Will Physically Put Groceries in Your Fridge Now

Grocery shopping. Just. Got. Lazier

(Newser) - You might think grocery shopping couldn't get any lazier than home deliveries. You would be wrong. Fortune reports Walmart—in its never-ending competition with Amazon—is testing out a grocery delivery service in which the delivery person actually enters the customer's home and puts the groceries away in...

Tech Giant Is Getting Into the Convenience Store Game

Sources say Amazon wants to expand further into grocery market

(Newser) - Amazon is about to expand ever further into the grocery business in a big way, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Plans include opening convenience stores where shoppers can grab perishable groceries (milk, meat, fruit, etc.) to take home while using their mobile phones or touchscreens inside the store...

America's 10 Favorite Grocery Stores

Trader Joe's takes the cake ... or the Speculoos Cookie Butter

(Newser) - America's most beloved grocery store is once again Trader Joe's. That's the conclusion of Market Force Information , which surveyed 7,200 people on 14 grocery chains. It's the third consecutive year Trader Joe's has taken the top spot, with Publix once again nipping at its...

America's Best Grocery Store Is ... Not Trader Joe's

Aldi is well-priced, efficient, and oh-so German: Rebecca Schuman

(Newser) - Ever try out the grocery chain Aldi? And if so, how did you like the deposit for a checkout cart and cardboard boxes instead of shelves? Rebecca Schuman was certainly enthralled, writing at Slate that it's "the best grocery store in America." Sure it's only in...

Supermarkets Cut Prices— Just for You

Marketers gather heaps of data on individuals, tailor coupons to them

(Newser) - The food shopping of the future could look a lot more like buying airline tickets: You might not be paying the same price as the person next to you. That's because Safeway and Kroger—and likely soon other supermarkets—are tailoring personal prices based on your purchase history, reports...

Whole Foods Trying to Lose 'Whole Paycheck' Rep

Expanding into suburban markets is working out well for organic grocer

(Newser) - Whole Foods wants you to know—or, at least, believe—that you won't go broke by shopping there. The upscale grocer is expanding beyond its traditional urban haunts into suburban markets, and in the process trying to shed the reputation that earned it the nickname "Whole Paycheck,"...

Walmart Tests Online Grocery Service

People in San Jose can order on the Internet for home delivery

(Newser) - The online grocery business is small-scale right now, but the potential for growth just got a lot better: Walmart is taking a stab at it. The chain announced it is testing a "Walmart To Go" service in San Jose, California, reports Reuters . Customers can order groceries from the store...

Reusable Bags May Hurt Planet, Too

Studies find sacks have risky levels of lead

(Newser) - Now that you’ve made the transition from plastic bags to reusable ones, it turns out they, too, may be an environmental threat, reports the New York Times . Studies show some such bags contain may contain unsafe amounts of lead, which could eventually seep into groundwater if they're disposed of....

Consumer Reports: Try Generic Brand Foods

They frequently beat brand names on taste

(Newser) - Consumer Reports offers some age-old advice the next time you're cruising the grocery aisle: Don't pay for the brand name. It recently sampled 21 food products and found that generic brands beat or tied the brand-name version in taste on 14 of them. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, for instance, lost...

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