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We&#39;ll Miss You, Liz Lemon
 We'll Miss You, Liz Lemon 

We'll Miss You, Liz Lemon

Tina Fey's '30 Rock' character signs off tonight

(Newser) - Tina Fey's 30 Rock ends its seven-year run tonight, and the tributes are plentiful. Here's a sample:
  • Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times : "What is the legacy of these critically acclaimed, low-rated, award-winning seven seasons?" he asks. The "show is itself too singular—and too unsuccessful, in

Argo Snags Top Prize at SAG Awards

Affleck's CIA thriller continues awards sweep despite Oscar diss

(Newser) - Ben Affleck's Argo is heading into the Oscars with huge momentum, after taking the top prize at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. The thriller about a 1980 CIA plan to rescue hostages in Iran took the Best Ensemble prize, adding to prizes including Best Drama and Best...

Michael J. Fox: Why Taylor Swift Can't Date My Son

He doesn't seem to approve of her songwriting method

(Newser) - One of the best moments of the Golden Globes arguably came when Tina Fey warned Taylor Swift to keep her serial-dating paws off Michael J. Fox's son. Vulture caught up with Fox at a book party Wednesday and asked him about it. "Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody...

Globes Were Actually Pretty Awesome
 Globes Were 
 Actually Pretty 
review ROUNDUP

Globes Were Actually Pretty Awesome

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler 'nailed it'

(Newser) - Critics agree: With top-notch hosting , memorable speeches , and an appearance by Bill Clinton, last night's Golden Globes were a big success—a feat all the more impressive given the awards-show track record. Here's what reviewers are saying:
  • "Lovely, brilliant, and utterly fearless," hosts Tina Fey and

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler&#39;s Best Lines

 Tina Fey, 
 Amy Poehler's 
 Best Lines 
golden globes

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler's Best Lines

Humor + the hosts...

(Newser) - So how did Golden Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do? You be the judge ... among their best lines:
  • Poehler: "You can smell the pills from here."
  • Fey: "Tonight we honor television shows that have entertained us all year, as well as the films that have

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Share Globes Drinking Game
Play Tina Fey, Amy Poehler's
Globes Drinking Game
bottoms up

Play Tina Fey, Amy Poehler's Globes Drinking Game

Warning: It involves meatball subs

(Newser) - Golden Globes co-hosts and real life BFFs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler give a highly entertaining cover interview to the Hollywood Reporter , in which they offer up an idea for a Globes drinking game you can play when the awards show airs tonight:
  • Fey: "Anytime an actress cries

Tina Fey: People 'Too F--king Boring' to Tweet

'30 Rock' queen lets loose on Twitter-verse

(Newser) - Not only has Tina Fey kept her edgy self away from Twitter, she wants most of us to do the same: "I think you should have to get a license to use Twitter because most people are so f--king boring that they should shut up," she says in...

Joe Biden's Parks and Rec Cameo Airs

Plus: Liz Lemon getting married on '30 Rock'

(Newser) - Joe Biden's Parks and Recreation guest spot —which the Atlantic Wire calls "the most anticipated cameo by a politician on a television show of all time"—aired last night, and the VP got himself sniffed by Amy Poehler's character, Leslie Knope, who has long harbored...

Sandy Relief Concert Hauls in $23M

Springsteen, Bon Jovi & Co. rake in cash for storm victims

(Newser) - NBC says its star-studded benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims raised a hefty $23 million for Red Cross relief efforts, in an explosion of website and phone traffic that the Red Cross says topped telethon activity from the previous five years combined. The one-hour broadcast featured New Jersey sons...

This Season's Super Bowl Halftime Show: Beyonce

And the Golden Globes will be hosted by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler

(Newser) - Beyoncé sang the national anthem at the 2004 Super Bowl, but she has yet to perform at the iconic halftime show—until 2013, according to an AP source who says she's slated to take the stage this time around. An official announcement is expected tomorrow. This season's Super...

14 Stars Obsessed With Apple
 14 Stars Obsessed With Apple 

14 Stars Obsessed With Apple

They're glued to their phones, just like us!

(Newser) - Were you breathlessly awaiting the iPhone 5 ? You're not the only one. Quite a few Hollywood VIPs are just as obsessed with Apple products as you are, and Celebuzz rounds up 14 of them:
  • Tina Fey: Not only does she love her iPhone, she's used it to

25 Stars Who Need to Get on Twitter

Hello, Tina Fey? Why aren't you tweeting yet?

(Newser) - It seems as though every celebrity in the world is oversharing on Twitter, but some notable names remain conspicuously absent from the social networking site, and they're among the ones who would probably have the most entertaining feeds. With that in mind, the Stir lists 25 stars who really...

Has Hollywood Punished Rachel Dratch for Her Looks?

One blogger thinks her brand of humor is to blame instead

(Newser) - In her new book, Girl Walks Into a Bar, Rachel Dratch says her looks have cursed her career. "By Hollywood standards, I’m a troll, ogre, woodland creature, or manly lesbian," she writes, and that's prevented her from getting the roles she wants—NBC replaced her as...

Tina Fey: End of 30 Rock 'on the Horizon'

But Alec Baldwin is in it to the last, she assures 'The View'

(Newser) - The good news: Despite the fact that Alec Baldwin went on a Twitter tirade threatening to leave NBC, he is not bowing out of 30 Rock early, Tina Fey assured the ladies of The View today. The bad news? The show, currently in its sixth season, may not be around...

30 Celebs and Their Not-So-Glamorous Pre-Celeb Jobs

'Hi, I'm Madonna, may I take your donut order?'

(Newser) - It hasn’t always been glossy magazine covers and red carpet appearances for Tinseltown’s VIPs. Perez Hilton offers up 30 celebs and the decidedly less glamorous jobs they took before becoming famous:
  • Alexander Skarsgard: The True Blood vamp once served in the Swedish military.
  • James Franco: Among the renaissance

Forbes Lists TV's Highest-Paid Actresses, Starting With Tina Fey and Eva Longoria
 TV's Highest Paid Actress Is... 

TV's Highest Paid Actress Is...

Tina Fey, but she has to share the honor

(Newser) - Tina Fey is the highest-paid woman on television, but she’ll have to share the top spot with a Desperate Housewife. Forbes ’ annual ranking covers the period between May 2010 and May 2011, during which the top 10 ladies made a total of $94 million, and includes salaries, syndication...

Tina Fey Welcomes Baby No. 2
 Tina Fey Welcomes Baby No. 2 

Tina Fey Welcomes Baby No. 2

Penelope Athena joins big sis Alice

(Newser) - Tina Fey has a second kid on the ground, having given birth to a daughter on Wednesday, People reports. Penelope Athena joins big sister Alice, 5. The 41-year-old comedian announced the pregnancy , which she called "easy," earlier this year while promoting her book, Bossypants. Fey is married to...

Fox Mixes Up Sarah Palin, Tina Fey

Boss uses wrong shot in story about possible run for presidency

(Newser) - How good is Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin? So good it even fooled Palin employer Fox News. Fox posted a photo of Tina Fey posing as Sarah Palin last week while reporting that Palin says she's still "50/50" about running for president, reports Sheya . Maybe Fox...

Tina Fey Tweaks Sarah Palin Again

She hosts Saturday Night Live, returns to form

(Newser) - Tina Fey returned to both Saturday Night Live and a familiar character last night. Her Sarah Palin persona made another appearance during a debate skit with other GOP candidates, including The Donald, notes Entertainment Weekly . “It’s just so great to be back on Fox News, a network that...

Jane Curtin: Belushi Was Totally Sexist

'SNL' was a 'misogynistic environment,' she tells Oprah

(Newser) - You hear a lot of nostalgic reminiscing about John Belushi and how funny he was , but not from Jane Curtin. Yesterday on Oprah she recalled the "misogynistic environment" of Saturday Night Live in the 1970s, noting that Belushi was particularly to blame. "[John] said, 'Women are just fundamentally...

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