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Michael Jackson Not the Only Celeb Who Died 10 Years Ago

It's the 10-year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

(Newser) - The world's biggest pop star died 10 years ago Tuesday, and the estate of Michael Jackson marked the occasion with a statement calling him "more important than ever," reports Billboard . "A decade later, Michael Jackson is still with us, his influence embedded in dance, fashion, art,...

Michael Jackson Fans Win 1 Euro Each for Distress

5 prove their case against Conrad Murray in French court

(Newser) - Lots of people around the world were distraught when Michael Jackson died, but only five have proven it in court. As AFP reports, the five won damages of 1 euro apiece against Jackson doctor Conrad Murray in a French courtroom today. They convinced the judge of their trauma in part...

Jackson Doctor Freed After 2 Years

Conrad Murray wants his medical license back

(Newser) - The doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson's death was freed from the Los Angeles County jail at midnight after serving the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in 2011 but only served two because of California prison rules that give him a day...

Michael Jackson Jury Clears Promoter in Death

Singer's mother sued over hiring of doctor

(Newser) - A jury has rejected a claim that the promoter of Michael Jackson's comeback concerts was negligent in hiring the doctor who killed the superstar with a drug overdose. The verdict was read today, roughly five months after opening statements in the case filed by Jackson's mother. Katherine Jackson...

Paris Jackson Just 'Wanted Attention': Police Source

And, of course, tons of other incredibly sensitive theories on why she did it

(Newser) - Paris Jackson's hospitalization has been officially classified as a suicide attempt, but law enforcement sources tell TMZ that authorities think she just "wanted attention." One source says she called a suicide hotline, which proves "she wanted to be saved. It makes no sense if you...

Star-Studded Jackson Civil Trial Kicks Off Today

Prince, Spike Lee, and more on the witness list as mom sues concert promoter

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's doctor has already been held accountable in his death, and today his mother will set out to prove that his concert promoter should be, too. The wrongful death suit against Anschutz Entertainment Group promises to provide, according to the AP , the "most complete account" yet of...

Email Trove Reveals 'Drunk, Despondent' Jacko

Singer was 'emotionally paralyzed mess': promoter

(Newser) - Another side to the story of Michael Jackson's final months is emerging, thanks to 250 pages of emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times . They reveal concerns over a singer plagued by "paranoia, anxiety, and obsessive-like behavior," as the director of Jackson's planned London shows wrote...

Judge: Conrad Murray Must Stay in Jail

Michael Jackson's doctor a flight risk during appeal, judge concludes

(Newser) - A judge today shot down Conrad Murray's request that he be released on bail while he appeals his manslaughter conviction, deciding that he was a flight risk and a danger to society. "The bottom line is the defense does not have significant property or employment or family ties...

Michael Jackson Fans Sue His Doctor

French fans seek compensation for 'emotional damage'

(Newser) - Michael Jackson fans in France are suing the late pop singer's doctor over emotional distress, AFP reports. "It's similar to losing a childhood friend in a traffic accident," says lawyer Emmanuel Ludot, who is representing about 100 grieving fans against doctor Conrad Murray. "Because this...

Conrad Murray Hit With Max Sentence

Michael Jackson's doctor gets 4 years

(Newser) - Dr. Conrad Murray was hit with the maximum sentence of four years' imprisonment today for his role in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter , will serve his time in county jail rather than prison because he is a non-violent felon, TMZ reports. It is...

Jacksons Want Murray Documentary Axed

Lawyers demand MSNBC pull 'Fatal Friendship'

(Newser) - Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson and MSNBC shouldn't be airing a documentary that shifts the blame back to the singer, lawyers for the Jackson estate say. Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship is scheduled to air tomorrow...

Dr. Murray: Why I Didn't Call 911

Plus: Michael Jackson's last words

(Newser) - In a Today interview airing tomorrow and Friday, Dr. Conrad Murray finally explains why he didn’t call 911 as soon as Michael Jackson stopped breathing—although his explanation may still leave you with a few questions. Emergency responders wouldn’t have been able to come through the gate, the...

Murray Denied Bail, Jailed in Isolation

Judge calls him a threat to public safety

(Newser) - Moments after his guilty verdict , Dr. Conrad Murray was ordered held without bail and escorted from the courtroom in handcuffs, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Dr. Murray's reckless conduct" is a threat to public safety, said Judge Michael Pastor. "This is not a crime involving a mistake...

Murray Guilty in Jackson's Death

Unanimous verdict read as crowds outside cheer

(Newser) - A Los Angeles jury just found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, reports TMZ . Crowds gathered outside the courthouse were heard cheering immediately after the announcement of the unanimous verdict. Murray, who faces the almost certain revocation of his medical license and up...

Jury May Get Conrad Murray Case Thursday

Closing arguments begin that day in Michael Jackson death

(Newser) - Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter case could be over this week. The defense rested today, and closing arguments are set to begin on Thursday, reports the Los Angeles Times . Murray today decided not to testify on his own behalf. His fate will hinge on whether jurors buy his claim that...

Defense Expert: Murray Screwed Up
 Defense Expert: 
 Murray Screwed Up 
Michael Jackson Trial

Defense Expert: Murray Screwed Up

Defense says Jackson administered propofol to himself

(Newser) - Conrad Murray’s lawyers called an expert anesthesiologist to the stand today, but the jury’s out (no pun intended) on whether his testimony helped or hurt Michael Jackson's doctor. Dr. Paul White contradicted a prosecution expert who said that evidence showed that Murray had pumped Jackson full of...

Conrad Murray Moved to Tears Hearing About ... Conrad Murray

Character witnesses take the stand in his defense

(Newser) - Conrad Murray remained mostly stoic during the prosecution's description of Michael Jackson's death over the last few weeks, but he was moved to tears today when five character witnesses took the stand in his defense, reports AP . One woman recalled how Murray set up a clinic in a...

Conrad Murray Trial: Michael Jackson's Propofol Dose 40 Times What Murray Claimed, Says Witness

 Drug Dose 40x 
 What Murray 
 Claimed: Expert 
conrad murray trial

Drug Dose 40x What Murray Claimed: Expert

'People just don't wake up from anesthesia like that': professor

(Newser) - An expert witness has cast some serious doubt on Conrad Murray’s account of Michael Jackson’s death. An anesthesiologist told the court yesterday that the doctor had likely given the singer 40 times the propofol dose he has claimed. Murray kept the surgical anesthetic flowing even when Jackson’s...

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Shown to Jury
 Jurors See Photo of 
 Jackson's Naked Corpse 
conrad murray trial

Jurors See Photo of Jackson's Naked Corpse

Singer 'healthier than average' before fatal OD, doc says

(Newser) - A photo of Michael Jackson's body was shown to jurors in the Conrad Murray trial yesterday as a coroner described the autopsy and his decision to rule the death a homicide. Jackson's body appears emaciated in the photo, but Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner Christopher Rogers said he...

Conrad Murray Trial: Michael Jackson Was 'Wasted' After Dermatologist Visits
 Jacko Was 
 'Wasted' After 
 Seeing Skin Doc 
conrad murray trial

Jacko Was 'Wasted' After Seeing Skin Doc

Singer may have been 'legally blind': Murray tape

(Newser) - The final third of a Conrad Murray interview with police following Michael Jackson's death was played to jurors today, as Murray's trial for involuntary manslaughter continues. On the June 27, 2009, tape, Murray says Jackson was seeing other doctors but never told him about it, though he deduced...

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