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50K Cheer Jacko's Kids at Tribute Show

Paris wears replica of dad's 'Thriller' jacket at Michael Forever

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's trio of offspring took to a glove-shaped stage last night to pay tribute to their late dad—with more than a passing nod to Jacko's sense of style, notes People . "We're very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,...

Slurred Michael Jackson Audio: 'I Hurt'

He talks about wanting to do a great show to help kids

(Newser) - Jurors in the Conrad Murray trial today got the depressing privilege of hearing the full audio of a slurred Michael Jackson speaking, a portion of which they heard on the trial's first day. In the call to Murray, a barely comprehensible Jackson talks about his desire to pull off...

ER Docs: Jackson Was Beyond Saving
ER Docs: Michael Jackson Was Beyond Saving

ER Docs: Michael Jackson Was Beyond Saving

Conrad Murray begged physicians to revive dead singer

(Newser) - Michael Jackson was dead when he arrived at the UCLA Medical Center, but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that physicians try to revive him, two emergency doctors testified yesterday. An aortic balloon pump was placed in Jackson's heart, a move that doctors knew was futile but was done "to...

Security Guard: Conrad Murray Did Lousy CPR on Michael Jackson
Security Guard: Murray Did Lousy CPR on Jackson
conrad murray trial

Security Guard: Murray Did Lousy CPR on Jackson

Doctor asked him to help stash vials, according to testimony

(Newser) - Today's testimony in the Conrad Murray trial doesn't exactly speak to his skills as a doctor. One of Michael Jackson's security guards said that when he entered the singer's room, he saw Murray performing a shoddy version of CPR—using only one hand, intermittently, reports the...

Doc Made 'Odd' Request Right After MJ Died: Assistant

Conrad Murray reportedly requested a ride to mansion to get cream

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's personal assistant took the stand today in the Conrad Murray trial , and talked about a mysterious cream he says the doctor wanted to retrieve right after the singer's death. Michael Amir Williams testified about the day Jackson died, saying "we were making small talk about...

Conrad Murray Trial: Kenny Ortega Confronted Doctor About 'Incoherent' Michael Jackson Before Death
Tour Exec Confronted Doc About 'Incoherent' Jackson
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Tour Exec Confronted Doc About 'Incoherent' Jackson

But Murray said to leave the doctoring to him, says Kenny Ortega

(Newser) - From Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, more sad details about the King of Pop’s last days. Kenny Ortega, the choreographer for Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, testified yesterday that he confronted Murray just days before Jackson’s death, airing his...

Conrad Murray Trial: Jurors Hear Tape of Michael Jackson With Slurred Words
Tape of Drugged Michael Jackson Played at Doc's Trial
audio recording

Tape of Drugged Michael Jackson Played at Doc's Trial

Prosecution says it proves doctor knew singer's condition

(Newser) - “When people leave my show, I want them to say, ‘I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life.” That’s one of the things Michael Jackson is heard mumbling in a recording prosecutors played today in the trial of Conrad Murray, who’s charged with...

Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

Judge might allow TV coverage of Conrad Murray trial

(Newser) - Conrad Murray entered a plea of "not guilty" today against charges of being responsible for Michael Jackson's death, the LA Times reports. Murray, who, when asked, started to say “Your honor, I am an innocent man—" before being cut off by the judge's request for a plea,...

Discovery Cancels Show on Michael Jackson's Autopsy

Fans, estate decried program as 'in shockingly bad taste'

(Newser) - The Discovery Channel has scrapped plans to air a reenactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy, Reuters reports. Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson had been scheduled to air internationally next month (though not in the US), but the network decided that with a court hearing on Dr. Conrad Murray's...

Dr. Murray's Defense: Jacko Killed Himself

Defense will claim pop star gave himself extra dose of Propofol: prosecutor

(Newser) - Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, appears to be taking a novel approach to his defense: Claim the King of Pop killed himself. Or so says the prosecution, reports the AP. "I do think it's clear the defense is operating under the theory that...

Paris, Prince Jackson May Testify at Doctor's Trial

Conrad Murray thinks they'll help his case

(Newser) - Things seemed to be going pretty well for Michael Jackson ’s children, but that may not last long. Dr. Conrad Murray , who will stand trial for manslaughter in Jackson’s death, plans to call Prince and Paris Jackson to the stand. “Prince and Paris knew their dad relied...

Michael Jackson Doctor Keeps License

California medical board wanted Conrad Murray banned

(Newser) - Conrad Murray, the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, can keep his medical license, a California judge ruled today. Murray is already barred from using Propofol, the powerful sedative that killed Jackson, as a condition of his $75,000 bail, ABC News reports . The state...

Michael Jackson's Doctor Helps Ailing Passenger

Conrad Murray to the rescue aboard plane

(Newser) - It's make-up-your-own-punchline time. When a woman aboard a flight to Phoenix awoke after a half-hour fainting spell, she heard the doctor helping her say, "You probably know me. ... I was Michael Jackson's doctor." None other than Conrad Murray himself came to the unconscious woman's aid on the plane...

Lawyers for Doc: Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Sleepless pop star administered lethal dose of drug, defense will argue

(Newser) - Michael Jackson, foiled in his quest for sleep despite the use of a powerful anesthetic, gave himself the drug overdose that killed him, Conrad Murray's lawyers plan to argue. The pop legend's personal physician, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, will contend that Jackson was addicted to Propofol and...

Cops Found Skin Whiteners, Propofol at Jackson House

Unsealed search warrants reveal stash of drugs

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's house contained large quantities of general anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening cream, unsealed search warrants show. Cops found eleven containers of propofol—some enough to serve as general anesthetic for several hours—in a closet where Dr. Conrad Murray told them he had stashed them in...

Prosecutor Tries to Shut Down Jackson's Doctor

Attorney General wants Conrad Murray's license suspended

(Newser) - California prosecutors don’t want the man they allege killed Michael Jackson practicing medicine. AG Jerry Brown has filed court papers asking that Conrad Murray’s medical license be suspended as a condition of his bail, the Los Angeles Times reports. The judge has already agreed to bar Murray, who...

Jackson Doc Halted CPR to Collect Drug Vials

Report suggests Conrad Murray tried to hide evidence

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's doctor stopped performing CPR on the dying pop star and delayed calling paramedics so he could collect drug vials at the scene, according to documents obtained by the AP that shed new light on the singer's chaotic final moments. The explosive allegation that Dr. Conrad Murray may have...

Wig, Tattoos, Weight Bared in Jackson Autopsy Report

Singer had skin disease, facial tattoos

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's hairline and eye makeup were tattooed into his body and he weighed 136 pounds when he died of "acute propofol intoxication," according to his just released autopsy report. The singer was killed by a level of the drug usually only seen in major surgery, CNN reports....

Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty
Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

Conrad Murray faces 4 years if convicted of felony manslaughter

(Newser) - Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty after being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson today. The singer's parents, Joe and Katherine, and several of his brothers were in court in Los Angeles. Prosecutors allege Murray killed the pop legend "unlawfully, and without malice," by administering...

Michael Jackson's Doc to Plead Not Guilty Today

Conrad Murray will be arraigned this afternoon

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's doctor will finally be arraigned today after a series of delays, and sources say he will plead not guilty. Conrad Murray is expected to arrive at the courthouse early and voluntarily—as opposed to being arrested and brought in handcuffed—for his 1:30 arraignment in Los Angeles,...

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