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Trump to Now Blame Attacks on This Guy

Billionaire Carlos Slim says he's not involved

(Newser) - Another day, another accusation to emerge from Election 2016—this one to be hurled by Donald Trump rather than at him . An advisor says the Republican nominee is planning to claim the sexual misconduct allegations he's facing are the work in part of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who holds...

Now World's No. 2 Rich Guy Spurns Trump

And Mexico won't be sending a contestant to Miss Universe pageant

(Newser) - Suffice it to say that Latinos don't love Donald Trump : The second richest guy on planet Earth has joined the burgeoning list of Latino-affiliated groups jumping ship in the wake of the candidate's derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants. Carlos Slim announced yesterday that his Ora TV would back...

World's Richest Man Now Top NYT Shareholder

Carlos Slim overtakes Bill Gates to top rich list again

(Newser) - Mexican telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim is having quite a week—he has become the biggest shareholder in the New York Times and reclaimed his title as the world's richest man. Slim has exercised warrants obtained when he loaned the company $250 million in 2009 to double his stake in...

World's Richest Man: 3-Day Workweek 'Will Happen'

Downside? Push retirement age to 75, says Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim

(Newser) - He's said it once and he's saying it again: Carlos Slim envisions a world where we work just three days a week and have more time for the things we enjoy. But this isn't some pipe dream. "I am sure it will happen," the Mexican...

Hillary Says When She'll Decide on Presidency

Clinton figures she'll 'probably' decide by early 2015

(Newser) - The latest on Hillary Clinton's possible presidential run: She'll decide by early next year. Or so she said when asked about it today at a forum in Mexico City , MSNBC reports. "I am going to be making a decision … probably after the first of the year...

World's 2nd-Richest Man Wants a 3-Day Work Week
World's 2nd-Richest Man Wants a 3-Day Work Week
in case you missed it

World's 2nd-Richest Man Wants a 3-Day Work Week

But people should work into their 70s, Carlos Slim

(Newser) - People are working too many days but not enough years, according to the world's second-richest man. Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim says it is time for a "radical overhaul" that would result in people working just three days a week but postponing retirement until their 70s, reports the...

He's Back: Gates World's Richest Person Once Again

First time he's held Bloomberg title since 2007

(Newser) - It's been a while—six years, to be precise—since Bill Gates was dubbed the richest person in the world by Bloomberg. But thanks to an ascendant Microsoft and a dent in Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's fortune—now $72.1 billion—Gates is again at the top with...

Buffett Drops Out of Forbes Top 3 Billionaires

Carlos Slim still richest guy in the world

(Newser) - Forbes' annual list of billionaires is out—and for the first time since 2000, Warren Buffett didn't make the top three. The list has again expanded; now it contains 1,426 names who boast a total net worth of $5.4 trillion, compared to $4.6 trillion last year....

Larry King Back With Internet Show

Carlos Slim taps former CNN anchor for

(Newser) - He's baaaack. Larry King will strap on his suspenders once more to host an online-only TV show on a new network financed by Carlos Slim Helu, the New York Times reports. The new network, which will be called, will be officially announced today. King says the show...

Slim Still World's No.1 Fat Cat
 Slim Still World's No.1 Fat Cat  

Slim Still World's No.1 Fat Cat

Forbes counts a record 1,226 billionaires

(Newser) - There are more billionaires than ever in Forbes' annual list , but no surprises at the top. Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim heads up the list for the third year in a row, with an estimated net worth of $69 billion. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and French luxury-goods magnate Bernard Arnault...

Tycoon Carlos Slim Loses $8B in Week

But he still has $63B left for comfort

(Newser) - From the everything's-relative department: The world's richest man has lost about $8 billion in this week's market mess, reports Bloomberg . The fortune of Mexico's Carlos Slim is now worth about $63 billion in US dollars, down 11% from the end of July. Mexico's stock market...

This Woman May Soon Be World's Richest Person

Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart could be worth $100B

(Newser) - The world may soon have a new richest person, and good money says you've never heard of her. Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart is projected to reach a net worth as high as $100 billion—more than Carlos Slim ($74 billion), Bill Gates ($56 billion), and Mark Zuckerberg ($13....

Carlos Slim Tops Billionaires List

Mexican tycoon world's richest man with $74 billion

(Newser) - Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim is the richest person in the world for the second year running, according to Forbes' latest list of billionaires . The 71-year-old Slim, now worth an estimated $74 billion, widened the gap with No. 2 Bill Gates thanks to some canny business moves last year, including...

Bill Gates Even Gave Away Richest-Guy Title

'Forbes' list wouldn't be a contest if he hadn't discovered philanthropy

(Newser) - Forbes will unveil its 2011 billionaires list tomorrow, and Bill Gates will certainly make an appearance, reports Reuters . But it turns out the longtime richest guy in the world fell to No. 2 last year not because of Microsoft's waning fortunes, but because he literally gave away the title. "...

Carlos Slim Overtakes Bill Gates as World's Richest
Carlos Slim Overtakes Bill Gates as World's Richest

Carlos Slim Overtakes Bill Gates as World's Richest

Mexican businessman's net worth is $53.5B, Forbes estimates

(Newser) - Mexican businessman Carlos Slim has overtake Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person, with Forbes’ annual estimate giving him a net worth of $53.5 billion—a hair more (well, to them) than the Microsoft founder’s $53 billion even. Investor Warren Buffet ($47 billion) is third, followed...

Savvy Slim Bets on NYT Being a Monopoly
Savvy Slim Bets on NYT
Being a Monopoly

Savvy Slim Bets on NYT Being a Monopoly

(Newser) - Carlos Slim, the elusive Mexican billionaire who bailed out the New York Times to the tune of $250 million, is betting that the Times will be one of a very few major-league news organizations left standing when the current newspaper shakeout is over, Lawrence Wright writes in a profile of...

Don't Sell the Times ... Yet
 Don't Sell the Times... Yet 

Don't Sell the Times... Yet

(Newser) - The New York Times' ruling Ochs-Sulzberger family has a “habit of buying high and selling low,” writes John Gapper of the Financial Times. The clan sold the paper’s old Times Square building at a bargain price and bought back shares near their zenith. Now Arthur Sulzberger Jr....

Debt May Force Sulzbergers to Sell NYT Stake

Family still spending like it's 1999; Mexico's Slim waits in wings

(Newser) - The Ochs-Sulzberger family may be forced to sell its controlling interest in the New York Times, according to the rival Post, which helpfully points out that family members are also spending far more than they're pulling down at the paragraph factory. Thanks to the recession and the newspaper’s floundering...

Gates No. 1 on Shrinking Billionaire List

(Newser) - This may not elicit much sympathy, but Forbes' annual list of billionaires has shrunk from 1,125 names to 793 this year. Bill Gates lost $18 billion but managed to regain the top spot from Warren Buffett, who lost $25 billion. Here's the top 10:
  • Gates, $40 billion
  • Buffett, $37

New Times Investor Silences Bad Press, Times Says

(Newser) - Carlos Slim has a history of intimidating the press, but not the New York Times, which strives manfully to dish the dirt on Mexico’s richest man today, even though he just lent the paper $250 million. Slim loves making such big investments in media companies, but he hates the...

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