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2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall
2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall

2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall

Police seek 'person of interest'

(Newser) - Police are hunting what they call a "person of interest" after two improvised explosive devices went off at a mall in central Florida Sunday evening, causing damage and a small fire but no injuries. Police in Lake Wales say the pipe bombs went off in a service corridor near...

Dead Man Left Explosives Hidden in Woods

Now Kentucky authorities need to find them

(Newser) - Police have found two more improvised explosive devices in the woods of Harlan County, Kentucky, a week after the man accused of placing the explosives was killed during a search for them, the AP reports. Mark Sawaf was charged in June following a federal investigation into the explosion of a...

Cops: House for Sale Was Wired to Explode

Previous Massachusetts tenants are suspects

(Newser) - There are bad tenants, there are nightmare tenants, and then there are the people who rented a Boston-area house and are suspected of leaving it wired to explode after they moved out. The chief of police in Milton, Mass., says an explosive device designed to cause "significant destruction" was...

Cleaning Lady Discovers IED in Teen's Room: Police
Cleaning Lady Discovers
IED in Teen's Room: Police

Cleaning Lady Discovers IED in Teen's Room: Police

Joshua Prater, 18, arrested after bomb determined to be legit

(Newser) - Think of all the things you imagine a cleaning woman might find in an 18-year-old male's room. An IED probably wasn't on your list. But that's exactly what police say an Arizona housecleaner discovered this week in a Tempe home. After spotting a suspicious-looking device with wires...

New Underwear Protects Troops
 New Underwear Protects Troops 

New Underwear Protects Troops

Protective undergarments limit IED damage

(Newser) - US troops are more protected "down there" thanks to new ballistic underwear, USA Today reports. Staff Sgt. Ross Cox was wearing the underwear when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan: His left foot was blown off and his right leg was shattered, but his injuries could have been...

Irish Cops Defuse Bomb Before Queen's Visit

Device found on Dublin bus

(Newser) - Irish police found a bomb on a bus near Dublin just hours before Queen Elizabeth II was due to arrive in the city. The army was called in to neutralize the device discovered in County Kildare late last night. Officials say the queen will still travel to the city today,...

Homemade Bomb Found at California Synagogue

Police searching for 60-year-old suspect

(Newser) - When an explosion rocked a Santa Monica synagogue on Thursday, officials thought it was just an accidental gas blast. But yesterday they found what appears to be a makeshift explosive device—and now they say they’ve linked it to an “extremely dangerous” suspect, the LA Times reports...

Pentagon's Anti-IED Agency a $17B Failure

Agency's many, many employees haven't delivered the goods

(Newser) - After roadside bombs emerged as insurgents’ weapon of choice in Iraq, the Pentagon in 2006 created an agency to deal with the threat. In the years since, that agency has grown to a whopping 1,900 employees, has spent $17 billion—and has precious little to show for it, according...

Student in Texas Accused of Plotting Attack on Bush

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari was buying chemical explosives, say authorities

(Newser) - A Saudi Arabian man attending college in Texas has been charged with the "attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction," the Justice Department announced today. Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, allegedly bought several chemicals needed to build an improvised explosive device, and “was actively researching potential targets,...

Your Guide to Wikileaks' Next Bombshell
 Your Guide 
 to Wikileaks' 
 Next Bombshell 

Your Guide to Wikileaks' Next Bombshell

Docs may touch on secret prisons, IEDS, Iran

(Newser) - Wikileaks is prepping for the biggest leak of military intelligence ever: A trove of documents from the toughest years of the Iraq war. The leak will include up to 400,000 reports from 2004-2009, notes Wired , and may shape America's tenuous relationship with the Iraqi people. Here's what to...

Ahmadinejad Survives Grenade Attack on Convoy

State media denies assassination attempt

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly survived an assassination attempt today, when a homemade grenade was lobbed at his motorcade. The attack was originally reported on an Iranian website and a Dubai TV station, and finally confirmed by a Reuters source, who said that several were injured in the blast, and that one...

New Navy Device Uses Radio Waves to Blow Up IEDs

Secret technology offers high hopes

(Newser) - After using lasers, projectiles, and jammers in the fight against roadside bombs, the Pentagon last week unveiled a secret new weapon designed to defeat IEDs: radio waves. The new weapon, a beam of radio-frequency energy, can detonate IEDs from a distance and could potentially be used against other types of...

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Given UK's Highest Military Honor

Treo awarded Dickin Medal for twice locating IEDs in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A British military bomb-sniffing dog joined venerable company today when he was awarded the highest honor a war animal can receive for twice detecting IEDs in Afghanistan. The Dickin Medal was established in 1943 by the founder of an animal health organization. Treo’s handler tells the BBC that the...

Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Americans

IED use on the rise in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A roadside bombing killed four US service members, the first American combat deaths of the year in Afghanistan, while a British soldier died during a foot patrol elsewhere in the volatile south of the country, officials said today. The blast that killed the Americans took place yesterday somewhere in the...

Marines Launch Large Attack in S. Afghanistan

'Cobra's Anger' aims to disrupt flow of IEDs in Helmand province

(Newser) - US Marines and Afghan troops today launched the first offensive since President Obama announced an American troop surge, striking against Taliban communications and supply lines in a southern insurgent stronghold. In all, about 1,000 Marines as well as Afghan troops were taking part in the operation in Helmand provvince,...

Afghanistan Troops Face Smarter, Fiercer IEDs

(Newser) - The war in Afghanistan is getting deadlier for both coalition troops and Afghan forces, reports James Dao in the New York Times, mostly because of an increase in homemade bomb attacks—465  in May alone. The IEDs—improvised explosive devices—are getting more sophisticated as well as more common, and...

Grave Lack of Security at Fed Buildings: GAO

Agents snuck in bomb parts, assembled them in restrooms

(Newser) - A covert investigation shows the nation’s federal buildings are woefully under-protected from potential terrorist attacks, CNN reports. Undercover agents were able to sneak bomb components through security into each of the 10 federal buildings—occupied by the Homeland Security, Justice, and State departments—they tested, assemble explosive devices in...

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