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Boring-Looking Ranch for Sale for $5.5M Is a Famous One
Brady Bunch Fan
Now Owns the Home

Brady Bunch Fan Now Owns the Home

Tina Trahan buys the California dwelling for $3.2M

(Newser) - The home made famous by the Brady Bunch has sold for $3.2 million, reports the Wall Street Journal . Fan Tina Trahan, 53, bought the Los Angeles-area property from the HGTV network for well under the $5.5 million asking price, though that asking price was a bit of a...

Old Brady Bunch Episode Becomes Anti-Vaxxer Theme

But actress who played Marcia speaks out against

(Newser) - Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, thinks people should get their information on measles from medical professionals in 2019, not sitcom episodes from 50 years earlier. McCormick isn't happy about anti-vaxxers pointing to a 1969 episode in which the whole Brady family comes down with...

Children of the '70s, the Bradys Have a Request

Cast is looking for items as part of HGTV remake of their old house

(Newser) - The Brady Bunch kids are asking fans to rummage through their attics to find relics from the 1970s. In a promotional video , the cast explains they're hunting hard-to-find items as part of an HGTV remake of their home from the show. You can see the items needed here ; they...

Recognize This Bunch?
Recognize This Bunch?

Recognize This Bunch?

'Brady Bunch' kids reunite at house bought by HGTV

(Newser) - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia was in the house. Six cast members of The Brady Bunch gathered Thursday in Los Angeles at the home that was featured in the opening and closing of the sitcom, per the AP . HGTV purchased the home in the Studio City neighborhood in Los Angeles for its...

'Brady Bunch House' Bought by Familiar Name

HGTV outbids Lance Bass, among others

(Newser) - The " Brady Bunch House " has a buyer, and it's HGTV. "I'm excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and we'll restore the home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can," David Zaslav, CEO of parent company Discovery, announced Tuesday in...

The 'Brady Bunch House' Is Now for Sale

It could be yours, if you've got deep pockets

(Newser) - For $1.9 million, you can live in "the Brady Bunch House." That's what a real estate agency is calling 11222 Dilling Street in California's Studio City, the house that was used to film exteriors for the Brady home in the iconic TV show. The show...

'Cindy Brady' Fired After Homophobic Screed

Susan Olsen out of her job as a radio talk show host after feud with guest

(Newser) - Here's a story about a former child star who grew up to be a talk show host with apparently poor impulse control: Susan Olsen, better known as Cindy Brady of the eponymous Brady Bunch, is out of a job after a feud with actor Leon Acord-Whiting, who is gay....

Brady Bunch Mom Florence Henderson Dies
Florence Henderson
of Brady Bunch
Fame Dead
at 82

Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch Fame Dead at 82

Beloved TV, Broadway star died surrounded by family and friends

(Newser) - Florence Henderson, the wholesome actress who went from Broadway star to television icon when she became Carol Brady, the ever-cheerful mom residing over the Brady Bunch, has died. She was 82. She died surrounded by family and friends, her manager, Kayla Pressman, said in a statement late Thursday. Millions loved,...

Iconic Home From Brady Bunch Ransacked

Current resident scared apparent burglars away

(Newser) - "Here's a story / Of a seventy-something lady ..." is how the theme song would start to accompany the latest crime report out of Los Angeles. Police sources tell NBC News that the iconic Studio City home used for the sitcom's exterior shots was burglarized Wednesday night—...

Brady Bunch Star Cashes In on Home She Bought at 11

Eve Plumb made a good investment in Malibu

(Newser) - Perhaps Jan Brady's catchphrase should have been "Money, Money, Money." Eve Plumb, the actress who played the Brady Bunch middle child has just sold the 850-square-foot Malibu home she bought as an 11-year-old in 1969. The $3.9 million sales price is more than 10 times her...

Brady Bunch 's Alice Dies Afer Fall
 Brady Bunch's 
 Alice Dies Afer Fall 

Brady Bunch's Alice Dies Afer Fall

Ann B. Davis was 88

(Newser) - The woman who played one of the best-known housekeepers in TV history has died after a fall in her bathroom over the weekend. Ann B. Davis, whose most famous role was witty and wise housekeeper Alice on the Brady Bunch, was discovered unconscious and died in the hospital the same...

Gilligan, Brady Bunch Creator Sherwood Schwartz Dead

He wrote both theme songs, too

(Newser) - Don't even pretend you don't know the words: Sherwood Schwartz, the man who created Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch—and wrote both theme songs—is dead at 94, reports the Los Angeles Times . Schwartz already had a successful career as a TV comedy writer when he...

Brady Bunch Mom Spills About Old Fling With Mayor

Florence Henderson says one-night stand with John Lindsay gave her crabs

(Newser) - The big revelation from Florence Henderson's upcoming memoir: After a one-night stand with then-mayor of New York City John Lindsay, the Brady Bunch star got crabs. "Guess I learned the hard way that crabs do not discriminate but cross over all socioeconomic strata," Henderson writes, adding that...

10 Cringeworthy Celeb TV Ads
 10 Cringeworthy 
 Celeb TV Ads 

10 Cringeworthy Celeb TV Ads

Katy Perry's Proactiv gig isn't nearly as bad as some of these

(Newser) - Katy Perry’s 15 minutes aren’t even up, and she’s already shilling for Proactiv. In her honor, Olivia Allin of The Frisky lists the 10 most embarrassing celebrity product endorsements:
  • Serena Williams for Tampax: Her commercial includes the cringeworthy lines, “Well, there is plenty of blood, but

Brady Bunch Star: Ex Said She'd Kill Me

'Greg Brady' gets restraining order, says girlfriend flipped out

(Newser) - Barry Williams, or as he’s better known, the guy who played Greg Brady, says his ex-girlfriend threatened to kill him, and herself, after losing a beauty contest in August. According to a restraining order Williams filed for in November, and spotted by TMZ , Elizabeth Kennedy accused Williams of having...

Brady Sisters Feud Over Lesbian 'Joke'

Former friends in tiff over lesbian joke

(Newser) - Marcia and Jan Brady—or rather, the actors who played them—have had a falling-out over their nonexistent lesbian love affair, reports the New York Post. Maureen McCormick recently blogged that Eve Plumb won’t attend a Brady Bunch reunion on Oprah—possibly because of “the joke I made...

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