Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji Is Really Having a Problem With Tourists

Crowd-control gate is installed on famous mountain

(Newser) - A crowd-control gate was installed halfway up Japan's Mount Fuji on Monday ahead of the July 1 start of this year's climbing season, but the governor of Yamanashi, one of the two prefectures that are home to the mountain, said additional measures are needed to control overcrowding on...

Good Luck Gazing at Mount Fuji Through This Big Black Screen
People Really, Really
Want to See Mount Fuji

People Really, Really Want to See Mount Fuji

Holes have been poked in screen meant to prevent gawkers in Japanese town of Fujikawaguchiko

(Newser) - If Japanese authorities thought a huge barrier erected outside a Lawson convenience store would stop gawkers from gawking at Mount Fuji, that other thing coming has just arrived. Officials in the town of Fujikawaguchiko said Tuesday that holes have been poked in the 8-foot-plus-high black mesh meant to discourage tourists,...

Town Makes 'Regrettable' Move on Mount Fuji

Japan's Fujikawaguchiko is erecting a giant mesh barrier to discourage picture-taking

(Newser) - "Let's go see Mt. Fuji." That's the excited declaration that flashes briefly across the screen on the tourism website for the Japanese town of Fujikawaguchiko, nestled in the foothills of the famous landmark. That call to action may prove harder for visitors to fulfill soon, as...

They Watched Him Fall on Video. Now, a Body

Live-streamer went missing atop Mount Fuji on Monday

(Newser) - "Am I on the right track? So much of the route is covered with snow," says a man who was live-streaming his attempt at summiting Mount Fuji—a man whose body Japanese police on Wednesday said they may have found. The AP reports officials were notified after those...

Japan Quake Rattled Volcano Into 'Critical State'

Pressure has increased under Mount Fuji

(Newser) - As if Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami didn't wreak enough havoc, the country could be facing an additional threat from it: The threat from Mount Fuji, an active volcano, has grown, a study says. The earthquake boosted the pressure under the newly listed World Heritage site, researchers find,...

Faultline Could Doom Mt. Fuji
 Faultline Could Doom Mt. Fuji 

Faultline Could Doom Mt. Fuji

If it shifts, parts of mountain could collapse, say scientists

(Newser) - Because Japan apparently didn't have enough to worry about in the natural-disaster department: Seismologists have discovered a faultline underneath iconic Mt. Fuji near Tokyo, and one bad shift could send parts of the mountain tumbling toward the sea, reports AFP . Tests from a three-year study suggest the fault could...

American, Japanese Climbers Die on Mt. Fuji

(Newser) - An American climber and his Japanese colleague have been found frozen to death on Mount Fuji, AP reports. Authorities believe the men, reported missing last weekend, perished on their way down from the summit. The deaths on the famous mountain follow those of ten elderly hikers who died of exposure...

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