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Democrats Are Reportedly Near Panic After Debate
Democrats Are Reportedly
Near Panic After Debate
the rundown

Democrats Are Reportedly Near Panic After Debate

The consensus seems to be that President Biden made things worse

(Newser) - Politico uses the term "freaking out" to describe how Democrats are reacting to President Biden's debate performance Thursday night, and that seems to be a near-universal take when following analysis of the first presidential debate of the 2024 election. More:
  • "Toast." Politico was texting with

'Vastly Different Approaches' for Candidates' Debate Prep

It was mock debate for Biden, policy discussions for Trump as they prepared for Thursday event: reports

(Newser) - President Biden and former President Trump have had "vastly different approaches" when it comes to preparing for Thursday's historic presidential debate , per Fox News . The president has spent the last five days prepping with aides at Camp David, where a mock debate stage has been set up, per...

Here's What Most Americans Will Be Doing Thursday Night

New poll indicates 60% plan on watching Trump, Biden go at it in first debate

(Newser) - Most US adults plan to watch some element of Thursday's presidential debate, and many think the event will be important for the campaigns of both President Biden and former President Trump, according to a new poll from the AP -NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Both men remain broadly...

More GOP Debates Are Now on the Schedule

CNN to hold one in Iowa, one in New Hampshire in January; ABC/WMUR also claim a debate in NH

(Newser) - If you were disappointed to see Wednesday's GOP debate in Alabama come to a close, good news—more faceoffs are heading our way in the new year. On Thursday, CNN announced it would host two Republican debates in the early primary states: one on Jan. 10 at Drake University...

Fox Pits DeSantis vs. Newsom
Newsom, DeSantis
in Fox Showdown

Newsom, DeSantis in Fox Showdown

Democrat, Republican to debate for 90 minutes, then speak to reporters

(Newser) - California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will debate Thursday night on Fox News Channel in an event featuring two young, high-profile leaders with presidential aspirations who may have to wait a while to realize them. Newsom, 56, has talked about eventually running for president but...

GOP Debate Stage Loses One More Candidate

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum didn't meet polling requirements for Miami event but soldiers on

(Newser) - Just five candidates are expected to take to their podiums in Miami this week for the third GOP presidential debate, and Doug Burgum isn't one of them. KMOT reports that the North Dakota governor didn't fulfill all of the polling requirements to qualify for the Wednesday matchup, with...

In GOP Rematch, 'the Sand Is Going Through the Hourglass'

Time is running out to gain ground on Trump as 2nd Republican presidential debate takes place

(Newser) - The way things stood Monday remain how they stand just hours before the Republican presidential debate Wednesday in California, with two notable candidates not expected to take the stage. FOX 26 Houston reports that former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson didn't make the cut, while former President Trump, far and...

GOP Debate Will Be Test for Her, Too

GOP Debate
Will Be Test
for Her, Too
the rundown

GOP Debate Will Be Test for Her, Too

Dana Perino of Fox News is in the spotlight Wednesday night

(Newser) - The second Republican debate takes place Wednesday night, and the New York Times sees it as a challenge not only for the candidates, but as perhaps the "biggest test" yet as a journalist for moderator Dana Perino. Coverage:
  • Nuts and bolts: The debate begins at 9pm ET on Fox

Empty Podium Takes Walker's Place in 2nd Ga. Debate

Dem Raphael Warnock, Libertarian Chase Oliver took the stage without the GOP candidate

(Newser) - Like Friday night's debate in Georgia, there were two Senate candidates onstage Sunday during the sequel. Unlike Friday's debate, however, one of those candidates wasn't Herschel Walker. The Hill reports that Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, the incumbent senator, faced off against Libertarian Chase Oliver in the debate...

Herschel Walker on Badge He Flashed During Debate: It's 'Legit'

Senate candidate responds to debate controversy

(Newser) - Update: Herschel Walker on Sunday defended the moment he flashed a police badge during Friday's debate with Raphael Warnock. The Georgia Republican tells NBC News , "This is from my hometown. This is from Johnson County from the sheriff from Johnson County, which is a legit badge." A...

In Georgia, All Eyes on Herschel Walker Debate

He and Raphael Warnock square off Friday night in only such contest in their Senate race

(Newser) - Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, will meet Friday night for their only debate in Georgia's marquee Senate contest , just days before in-person early voting begins. The 60-minute session, which will take place before a live audience, comes in the wake of reports that Walker...

Debates Fade From Campaigns
Candidates Sidestep Debates

Candidates Sidestep Debates

Analysts say events provide coverage worth millions

(Newser) - Under pressure from his Republican rival, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman said this week he would participate in one debate before the November election. In Georgia, Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker are still working through the details of what a debate might look like, though...

Even Trump Liked This Moderator
Even Trump Liked
This Moderator

Even Trump Liked This Moderator

Kristen Welker is getting overwhelmingly positive reviews

(Newser) - President Trump slammed Kristen Welker more than once in the lead-up to Thursday's debate, which she moderated. But once she started actually moderating, he ended up being among those giving her positive reviews. "By the way, so far I respect very much the way you’re handling this,...

Trump Doesn't Like Debate Rule, but He'll Participate

Candidates' microphones will be muted at times, to prevent interruptions

(Newser) - President Trump won't be able to interrupt Joe Biden this time around—at least, not for the first two minutes of each of the six debate segments Thursday night. The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has changed its rules so that each candidate will get those two minutes of...

Weird Al Sums Up Debate in 'America Is Doomed'
Weird Al Sums Up
Debate as Only He Can

Weird Al Sums Up Debate as Only He Can

Yankovic 'moderates' first debate between Trump and Biden

(Newser) - There's perhaps no one better to sum up the first presidential debate of 2020 than Weird Al Yankovic. And that's what he does to hilarious effect in a new video for the New York Times titled "America Is Doomed." It features the catchy refrain, "Who'...

'A Terrifying Time to Be Alive': Reactions to the First Debate

President Trump faced off with Joe Biden on Tuesday

(Newser) - "A hot mess." "A terrifying time to be alive." "Mayhem." "Almost unwatchable." Those were just some of the media descriptions given to the first presidential debate of the 2020 general election. Takeaways from both sides after the Tuesday night event, which was...

Just Under the Wire, a 6th Debate Contender

Tom Steyer will join Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, and Warren on Tuesday

(Newser) - And then there were six. On Thursday morning, just Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren had met polling and fundraising requirements to participate in Tuesday's Democratic debate in Iowa. By Thursday evening, there was a new entry : businessman Tom Steyer, who Politico notes was...

Trump Team: Here's How to Argue at Christmas
Trump Team
Posts Holiday

the rundown

Trump Team Posts Holiday 'Snowflake' Website

But media reports criticize snowflakevictory.com

(Newser) - Having a peaceful, family Christmas? President Trump's reelection campaign wants supporters ready in case "the family liberal" speaks up—and has a website packed with talking points for the ensuing debate, the Washington Post reports. Called Snowflakevictory.com , it offers sections like "There was no quid pro...

Trump: I'll Debate Sanders If We Can Raise $10M

It's not clear how serious he is

(Newser) - Will Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders really debate? Trump told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday he was open to the idea, and Sanders is definitely down, but now it looks as if Trump will only follow through on the plan if enough money is raised. "What we'll do is raise...

Here Is Your GOP Debate Drinking Game

'Drink every time Carly Fiorina makes a joke about her own face'

(Newser) - It will likely come as no surprise to you that there are quite a few GOP debate drinking games out there in anticipation of tonight's event , but the one authored by Matt Taibbi over at Rolling Stone is particularly amusing. "The event is taking place in California at...

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