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Not-So-Sweet News for Chocoholics
Not-So-Sweet News
for Chocoholics

Not-So-Sweet News for Chocoholics

Cocoa prices have skyrocketed, so get ready to open that wallet a little wider

(Newser) - It's the day for chocolate and roses, and at least one of those things is looking to set you back more this year. As NPR reports, the cost of cocoa, which is kind of a key ingredient in the aforementioned chocolate, has been skyrocketing—and basically doubled in the...

After Theft of 200K Cadbury Creme Eggs, So Many Puns

The 'eggs-travagent theft' was foiled

(Newser) - It's a crime that can't be discussed without resorting to puns. Police near Birmingham, England, foiled what they say was an "eggs-travagent theft" on Saturday: the theft of some 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs. "West Mercia Police has helped save Easter" they announced Monday on Twitter...

Archaeologists Are Bitter About Cadbury

They say treasure hunt campaign advocated looting

(Newser) - Cadbury has pulled an advertising campaign that archaeologists say encouraged children to dig for treasure—illegally. Naming archaeological sites around the UK and Ireland where jewels, gold, and silver have been found, the Treasure Island ads encouraged kids to "grab your metal detector and go hunting for Roman riches"...

Court: KitKat Can't Trademark Its 4 'Fingers'

Nestle's lost this round in long legal battle with Cadbury ... for now

(Newser) - It started with a candy wrapper and ended (for now) in a courtroom. Nestle's attempts to trademark the shape of its "four-fingered" KitKat have been rejected by the European Court of Justice, which ruled that shape alone isn't enough to recognize it as a KitKat, the BBC...

Brits Flip Over Cadbury Creme Egg Changes

UK-only chocolate switch causes uproar

(Newser) - It's early January, but people in the UK are apparently already munching on a lot of Cadbury Creme Eggs—and many of them aren't happy about some changes inside the foil. The Easter treats used to be made with the Dairy Milk brand of milk chocolate, but the...

Oreo Maker Creates Chocolate That Doesn't Melt

Hopes to boost sales in Africa and Middle East

(Newser) - The company that makes Cadbury chocolates and Oreos is launching a new chocolate that can resist heats of up to 104 degrees without melting, and it should be on shelves soon—but probably not the ones in US grocery stores. This isn't a Willy Wonka-style gimmick so much as...

Cadbury Wins Official Rights to Its Signature Purple Color
 Cadbury Now Owns This Color 

Cadbury Now Owns This Color

Defeats Nestle in war over classic purple

(Newser) - It took a three-year battle, but Cadbury has finally won the official rights to its historic purple color. The candy company had the color, pantone 2865c, trademarked in 2008, but Nestle said the color wasn’t unique enough to deserve a trademark. Now UK officials have ruled that the shade...

Naomi Campbell Rips 'Racist' Chocolate Ad

Cadbury calls campaign 'all in good fun'

(Newser) - Tranquility-challenged super model Naomi Campbell is furious and threatening to sue a chocolate company that's using her name in what she blasts as a "racist" ad. "Move over, Naomi, there's a new diva in town," say the British Cadbury ads touting the company's Dairy...

Kraft Closes in on Cadbury Deal
 Kraft Closes in on Cadbury Deal 

Kraft Closes in on Cadbury Deal

British miffed as $19B takeover deal sealed

(Newser) - Kraft has won a sweet victory in its 4-month-long battle to take over Cadbury, according to sources who expect a deal to be announced today, barring last-minute complications. The British chocolate maker's board has agreed to accept Kraft's improved offer of roughly $19 billion in cash and stock in a...

Kraft Makes Hostile Bid for Cadbury

Offer values UK company at $16.3B

(Newser) - Kraft launched a hostile bid for UK candy giant Cadbury today. The offer values the company at more than $16 billion and asks Cadbury shareholders to accept a merger that its executives rejected, the Wall Street Journal reports. Kraft, which hopes to boost sales by gaining exposure to new markets,...

Chocoholics Spurn American Cadbury

Many see right through US bars, actually made by Hershey

(Newser) - Serious chocolate fans responded warily to the news of Kraft's bid for Cadbury—especially in the US, where aficionados reject the domestic brand anyway. It’s made by Hershey, not the British firm itself, and that just won’t cut it for hardcore devotees of the British brand, the Wall ...

Cadbury Shoots Down $16.7B Kraft Takeover Bid

Watchers suspect undervalued bid could be sweetened

(Newser) - Cadbury today rejected a $16.73 billion takeover bid from food giant Kraft, the Wall Street Journal reports. The candy maker has recently undergone restructuring and divestment that it says make it more valuable—and more attractive to suitors like Kraft. The Cadbury board says the offer “fundamentally undervalues”...

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