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Teacher Resigns After Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Cops say Texas middle school instructor put hand sanitizer in student's hands, set it on fire

(Newser) - A science experiment gone awry has left a 12-year-old in North Texas injured and a teacher out of a job. CBS News reports that the 37-year-old science instructor, who hasn't been named, resigned after a Friday incident at Granbury Middle School, in which authorities say she placed hand sanitizer...

Girl, 5, Hospitalized After Consuming Half a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Pennsylvania girl had it on her desk at kindergarten, mother says

(Newser) - A little girl in Pennsylvania consumed hand sanitizer on her second day of kindergarten and ended up in the hospital with a frighteningly high level of blood alcohol, her mother says. The 5-year-old's mother tells CBS Pittsburgh that initially, nobody was sure what was wrong with the girl. "...

Byproduct of COVID: Chemical Burns to Kids' Eyes

Via hand sanitizer, study shows

(Newser) - One disturbing byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be a massive increase in chemical burns to children's eyes caused by hand sanitizer. A paper published in JAMA Ophthalmology Thursday found a sevenfold increase in the number of such events in France between 2019 (1.3% of all chemical...

Flame Meets Hand Sanitizer, Sending Woman to ICU

Kate Wise of Texas recounts her story

(Newser) - Not only should you not consume hand sanitizer , you should avoid open flames immediately after putting some on your hands—as a Texas woman learned the hard way. Kate Wise of Round Rock is recovering in the ICU after suffering burns to her entire body. She says she was trying...

CDC: People Are Dying From Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Others have been blinded from ingesting products made with methanol

(Newser) - Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available can help protect you from the coronavirus—but drinking it can leave you blind or dead, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns. The CDC said that in Arizona and New Mexico in May...

FDA: These Hand Sanitizers Have Possibly Fatal Ingredient

These products apparently contain methanol, which you don't want to absorb or ingest

(Newser) - Using hand sanitizer? Might be good to check that label. The Food and Drug Administration is adding more hand sanitizers to its list of products to avoid because they contain methanol—which is toxic when ingested or absorbed by the skin, USA Today reports. The FDA is telling Americans to...

FDA Issues Warning on 'Toxic' Brands of Hand Sanitizer Gel

9 Mexico-made brands contain dangerous methanol, agency says

(Newser) - The FDA has warned that nine brands of hand sanitizer gel made in Mexico may be so toxic that they shouldn't even be poured down the drain. The agency has issued a warning urging the public not to use the brands, manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV, because they...

The Bottles Were Labeled as Gin. That's Not What Was Inside

Australia distillery forced to recall wrongly labeled hand sanitizer

(Newser) - Australia's Apollo Bay Distillery sold nine bottles of what it thought was gin last weekend before realizing the bottles had actually been filled with a liquid with a different kind of burn. The distillery in southwestern Victoria—which had dedicated some of its space to production of hand sanitizer...

New Warning About 'Hidden Risk' on Hand Sanitizers

Fire department posts photo of burned car door, claiming hand sanitizer can ignite if car gets too hot

(Newser) - Hand sanitizer is supposed to be helping us to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, but CBS Dallas-Fort Worth details a "hidden risk" that many people may not have considered. In a Facebook post that's since been taken down, the Western Lakes Fire District of Oconomowoc, Wis., put...

Auto Workers: Forget the Risks, We're Doing This

Hundreds of workers from Ford, GM, and other companies are making medical gear

(Newser) - Cindy Parkhurst could have stayed home collecting most of her pay while the Ford plant where she normally works remains closed due to coronavirus fears. Instead, she along with hundreds of workers at Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and other companies has gone back to work to make face shields, surgical...

FDA 'Roadblock' Slows Hand Sanitizer Production

Ethanol industry want rules to be relaxed

(Newser) - As hospitals and nursing homes desperately search for hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak, federal regulators are preventing ethanol producers from providing millions of gallons of alcohol that could be transformed into the germ-killing mixture. The US Food and Drug Administration's roadblock has been frustrating the health care and...

2 Big Names Will Be Churning Out Hand Sanitizer

Tito's vodka company, Anheuser-Busch will be tweaking production to make cleansing gels

(Newser) - Just a couple of weeks ago, Tito's warned consumers not to use its vodka as a DIY hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak. But perhaps that got management thinking about how it actually could help during the pandemic, because now Tito's has made itself a full-fledged partner in...

Louis Vuitton Owner to Get Hand Sanitizers Flowing

LVMH will use its perfume production lines to help supply gels during coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - It's difficult to find hand sanitizer during the novel coronavirus outbreak, but France may soon see some relief thanks to a major luxury-goods maker. The BBC reports that LVMH—owner of the Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Tiffany, and Christian Dior lines, among others—will "use the production lines of...

Hand Sanitizer, All Gone? These People Give It Away

Distilleries are pitching in during the coronavirus pandemic

(Newser) - Trying to buy hand sanitizer? Then you know it's increasingly unavailable or overpriced. That's why distilleries across America are stepping up and cranking out their own product during the coronavirus pandemic, CBS News reports. Whether it's the Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, the Durham Distillery in North...

This Guy Bought 18K Bottles of Hand Saniziter

And now Matt Colvin is in the media spotlight

(Newser) - Matt Colvin isn't exactly feeling the love. In early March—with the coronavirus spreading across America—he bought out hand-sanitizer bottles and antibacterial-wipes in small stores across Tennessee and part of Kentucky, then resold them for a hefty profit on Amazon. "It was crazy money," he tells...

Memo to People Hunting Sanitizer: Soap Is Better
Memo to People Hunting
Sanitizer: Soap Is Better
the rundown

Memo to People Hunting Sanitizer: Soap Is Better

It functions like a 'demolition team' against the coronavirus, explains scientist

(Newser) - The coronavirus has people freaking out about toilet paper , which may seem a little odd. It's a little easier to understand the run on hand sanitizers, which are now hard to find on store shelves. But the CDC and others are emphasizing a key point: Hand-washing with ordinary soap...

7-Eleven Owner Charged Over Homemade Sanitizer

4 kids allegedly suffered burns after using Manisha Bharade's concoction

(Newser) - A convenience store owner in New Jersey reacting to the coronavirus outbreak created and sold a spray sanitizer that left four children with burns, state and county law enforcement officials said. Authorities on Tuesday issued a summons charging Manisha Bharade, 47, of Wood-Ridge with endangering the welfare of children and...

Tito's Warns It Doesn't Protect Against Coronavirus

When turned into a homemade hand sanitizer, that is

(Newser) - With hand sanitizer flying off shelves as a result of the coronavirus, recipes for homemade versions have been popping up online. The problem is, "if made incorrectly, it can be downright harmful," reports CNN . The solution must be made with at least 60% alcohol, which rules out use...

Teacher Follows Through on Ancient Threat to Wash a Student's Mouth Out

School district imposes a 10-day suspension on science teacher

(Newser) - It's a threat many students have heard but not seen carried out. A Florida middle school teacher has been suspended for putting hand sanitizer in the mouth of a student who she said was talking too loudly in her science class last fall. After telling the student he needed...

FDA Has an Issue With Purell's Marketing

Wants its maker to cut down on the unproven claims regarding flu, Ebola, and more

(Newser) - If you've seen Purell's claims that Purell "kills more than 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness in a healthcare setting, including MRSA"—well, the FDA wishes you hadn't. In a Jan. 17 notice , it instructed Purell maker Gojo Industries to...

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