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Another BofA Debtor Revolts, Threatens to Sue
 Another BofA 
 Debtor Revolts, 
 Threatens to Sue 

Another BofA Debtor Revolts, Threatens to Sue

Why'd you cut my limit while paying out bonuses, he wonders

(Newser) - A California lawyer inspired by the rumblings of debtor revolt last year informed Bank of America he won't be making his credit card payments until the bank lowers his rate—and if they try any funny business, he’ll sue. Ben Pavone requested that his limit be raised in October....

BofA Cardholder Rips 'Thieving Bastards'

Foe of 'usury and plunder' won't pay 'til CEO watches video

(Newser) - A California woman who says she kept paying her credit card bill even after she lost her job has had enough: She's pledging not to pay down her Bank of America account until the creditor lowers her interest rate, the Huffington Post reports.. It’s “the proverbial first...

2 Stories
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