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Chuck D Says Feud With Flavor Flav Was a Hoax

Flav says he wasn't part of it

(Newser) - The widely reported feud between Public Enemy members Chuck D and Flavor Flav was an elaborate setup for an April Fool's Joke—according to one party. Chuck D said Wednesday that Flav was never fired from the group after a supposed clash over Bernie Sanders, the Guardian reports. He...

Public Enemy Boots Flavor Flav —Over Bernie Sanders

Maybe the weirdest headline to come out of Election 2020 yet

(Newser) - In 1970, Yoko Ono (supposedly) broke up the Beatles. In 2020, Bernie Sanders broke up ... Public Enemy? While rap battles are common, this is one of the weirder ones to emerge, with Flavor Flav now kicked out of the iconic group he helped found. Per the New York Daily News...

11 Artists Accused of Stealing Music

Madonna should maybe lay off the Gaga accusations...

(Newser) - Even such a legendary band as the Beatles once found itself in a copyright infringement mess, when the band was accused of pilfering the beat and lyrics for "Come Together" from a Chuck Berry song. Huffington Post rounds up 11 musicians who have been accused of stealing parts of...

Chicago Gets First 'Public Enemy No. 1' Since Capone Era

Cartel boss Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman gets dubious honor

(Newser) - Authorities in Chicago are naming a drug kingpin in Mexico as the city's Public Enemy No. 1—a label first given to gangster Al Capone and one that hasn't been used since Prohibition. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is being singled out for his role as leader of...

2013 Rock Hall Nominees a Crazy Diverse Bunch

From Rush to Donna Summer to Public Enemy

(Newser) - Rush, Deep Purple, Public Enemy, and NWA are among the group of first-time nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They join returnees Heart, Joan Jett, and the Blackhearts, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, and Kraftwerk among the 15 artists vying for entry. Even in the iPod age, the...

40 Most Glaring Rock Hall of Fame Omissions

 40 Most 
 Rock Hall 
 of Fame 
Abba's in, why not alice cooper?

40 Most Glaring Rock Hall of Fame Omissions

But the Beastie Boys should get in soon; Alice Cooper not so much

(Newser) - Five artists enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight—the Hollies, the Stooges, Jimmy Cliff, Genesis, and, no kidding, ABBA—but as always "it seems like whoever gets anointed, or shunned, generates more controversy than the abortion debate and the death penalty combined," writes Jim Farber...

The Worst Pop Music Puns
 The Worst Pop Music Puns 

The Worst Pop Music Puns

When humor and music don't harmonize

(Newser) - Hate puns? Consider this stinker from Robbie Williams' latest record: "What's so great about the great depression/Is it a blast for you?/Because it's blas-phe-my." Ouch. Puns are uniformly terrible in pop and rock. NME cobbles together some of the worst pun song titles:
  • Salt N Pepa: "A

Craziest Rap Concert Demands
 Craziest Rap 
 Concert Demands 
peel me a grape

Craziest Rap Concert Demands

From condoms and KFC to Cuban cigars and Hennessy

(Newser) - Drawing on the Smoking Gun ’s collection of concert riders, Sam Greenspan of offers a list of the 11 craziest demands made by rappers:
  • DMX: Three boxes of condoms and a gallon of Hennessy—that’s anywhere from $300 to $800 worth of cognac.
  • Public Enemy: Kosher

Public Enemy Hooks Up With 'Crowdfunding' Site

Hip-hop innovators will raise $250K through Dutch site Sellaband

(Newser) - Hip-hoppers Public Enemy, one of the first groups to release on mp3, is entering the brave new world of crowdfunding. The group has partnered with Dutch site SellABand to raise the $250,000 necessary to record a new album entirely through $25 donations from fans. The payout? Donors—or “...

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