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Nobody Wants This Particular Vegas Hot Streak
Vegas Hits an
Unlucky Seven

Vegas Hits an Unlucky Seven

As in, a record streak of days with the temperature of at least 115

(Newser) - The temperature in Las Vegas hit 115 on Friday for a record seventh day in a row, the National Weather Service says . The good news for residents is that the streak should come to an end on Saturday, though they won't get much of a break: The high temp...

3 Hikers Die in Grand Canyon Over a 3-Week Period

Area has been experiencing high temperatures

(Newser) - Over a three-week period, three hikers have died at the Grand Canyon. Most recently, a 50-year-old man was found unresponsive on the Bright Angel Trail Sunday afternoon. He was just 100 feet below the trail head, and bystanders started CPR while waiting for emergency personnel to respond, but he could...

Motorcyclist Dies as Temps in Death Valley Break Record

Temperature hit 128 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend

(Newser) - A group of six motorcyclists riding through a portion of Death Valley National Park experienced a lethal emergency Saturday amid record-breaking heat. One member of the group died from heat exposure and another was transported to Las Vegas and hospitalized with "severe heat illness," while the others were...

130M Are Under Heat Warnings
130M Are Under Heat Warnings

130M Are Under Heat Warnings

City north of San Francisco hits 117 degrees

(Newser) - Roughly 130 million people were under threat over the weekend and will be into this week from a long-running heat wave that broke or tied records with dangerously high temperatures and is expected to shatter more from East Coast to West Coast, forecasters said. Ukiah, north of San Francisco, hit...

Search for American Missing in Greece Called Off

Albert Calibet's family suspects foul play

(Newser) - The search for a retired Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who went missing on a Greek island last month has ended without success, relatives say. NBC News reports. Albert Calibet, 59, disappeared during a solo hike June 11 on the island of Amorgos. Brother Oliver Calibet said Monday that...

In a Big First, Biden Proposes Heat Rule

It would be the first major federal safety standard addressing heat

(Newser) - President Biden on Tuesday proposed a new rule to address excessive heat in the workplace, warning—as tens of millions of people in the US are under heat advisories—that high temperatures are the country's leading weather-related killer. If finalized, the measure would protect an estimated 36 million US...

Puerto Rico Gets Unprecedented Heat Advisory

For the first time, it applies to the entire island

(Newser) - Meteorologists on Tuesday for the first time issued a heat advisory for the entire island of Puerto Rico, which is struggling with chronic power outages as it broils under an unrelenting sun. All 78 of the US territory's municipalities were placed under a heat advisory or warning, as well...

More Than 1,300 Died During Hajj Pilgrimage: Saudi Arabia

Temperatures reached 117 degrees

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia on Sunday put the number of pilgrims who died in the scorching heat during this year's Hajj pilgrimage at more than 1,300. Health Minister Fahd bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel said on state TV that 83% of the fatalities were among unauthorized pilgrims who walked long distances in...

Millions Endure Scorching Heat, Sticky Humidity
Even Maine
Has Heated Up
This Week

Even Maine Has Heated Up This Week

At an ice cream shop in Maine, soft serve isn't selling

(Newser) - A blistering heat wave Wednesday extended from the Midwest to New England, leaving millions of people sweltering through the Juneteenth holiday, including in places like northern Maine that rarely experience such conditions this early in the year. The city of Caribou, Maine, 10 miles from the Canadian border, saw a...

Hundreds of Heat Records May Fall This Week
Get Ready for
a Hot Week,

Get Ready for a Hot Week, America

Hundreds of temperature records may fall this week as a heat wave sweeps the nation

(Newser) - Summer is still officially a few days away, but this week is going to be a hot one across much of America, with temperatures more akin to those seen deep in July or August. "Hundreds" of temperature records may be surpassed over the next few days, with the National...

Heat During Hajj Turns Fatal for Pilgrims

14 are reported killed, and 17 more are missing

(Newser) - Exposure to extreme sun and heat killed 14 Jordanian pilgrims during rituals for the Hajj, a holy trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Jordan's official news agency reported. Another 17 are missing. The temperatures in Mecca on Sunday was 116.6 Fahrenheit. The five-day Hajj is one of the...

They Ran Out of Water. He Shielded Her With His Body

Rescuers find couple huddled in Joshua Tree amid triple-digit temps last weekend

(Newser) - A couple hiking in the desert south of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California was rescued after running out of water, authorities said. On Sunday, the man called 911 and reported that his girlfriend was dehydrated and weak, according to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff's Office...

11 End Up in Hospital While Waiting for Trump Rally

Heat-related injuries took place in Phoenix, where temps reached a record 112 degrees

(Newser) - Neither a series of criminal indictments or even a guilty verdict is keeping fans of Donald Trump away from his rallies—nor is extreme heat. Temps around Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport hit 112 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, breaking the previous daily record from eight years prior, but that didn'...

Four Stories Illustrate Just How Hot It Is

Americans expected to spend a record amount on air conditioning this summer

(Newser) - It's one tangible sign of just how hot things have been lately: The average American is expected to spend a record $719 to cool their homes between June and September, a spike of about 8% over last year, reports CNET . The annual price increase from $661—cited in a...

Scientists Measure Heat Added by Climate Change in Days

Researcher laments the toll on humans and nature

(Newser) - Humans have endured the equivalent of another hot month in the past year because of climate change, scientists say. Their analysis shows that almost 80% of Earth's population dealt with at least 31 days of abnormally high temperatures since last May, the New York Times reports. The burning of...

Delhi Temps Shatter Record, Lead to Water Shortage
In India's Capital,
a 'Sweaty Mess'

In India's Capital, a 'Sweaty Mess'

One reading Wednesday in Delhi showed temps of around 126 degrees Fahrenheit, a record for the city

(Newser) - It was even hotter on Wednesday in New Delhi than experts had predicted it would be, and those temps led to a new record: 50.5 degrees Celsius, or nearly 123 degrees Fahrenheit, the Indian capital's hottest day ever, reports the Guardian . The mercury-busting stat was recorded in the...

In Sultry Mexico, Monkeys Fall 'Out of the Trees Like Apples'

More than 157 howler monkeys have perished in state of Tabasco due to heat wave

(Newser) - The number of heat-related howler monkey deaths in Mexico has risen to 157, the government said, with a tragically small number of the primates treated or recovering, the AP reports. Meanwhile, an animal park in northern Mexico confirmed it has received reports that at least a hundred parrots, bats and...

As Texas Bakes, a New Weather Warning for Oklahoma

More twisters may be headed to Sooner State, while heat index in Texas hovers near 120 degrees

(Newser) - Forecasters are warning of another day of heightened risk of dangerous tornadoes in the Midwest on Saturday and telling people in South Texas it may feel like close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit almost four weeks before summer starts. The weather service in Oklahoma compared the day to "a gasoline-soaked...

End of El Nino Could Land Us in 'Uncharted Territory'

Scientists hope for a break in heat with La Nina, fear for the alternative

(Newser) - "Last month was the hottest on record." It's a phrase you've probably heard a lot lately. Last month was indeed the warmest March on record , just as the previous month was the warmest February on record, following the warmest January on record. That's been the...

In Texas, Apparent Temperature Approaches Oven Setting

Heat index values climbing 3 times faster than measured temperature, says David Romps

(Newser) - Think temperatures are rising fast? That's nothing compared with the apparent temperature, or heat index, which is increasing three times faster than the measured temperature, according to a study offering a new way to look at the heat index, with a focus on Texas last summer. The heat index...

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