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If California Bill Passes, No More 'Stealthing' During Sex
First State Bans
'Stealthing' During Sex

First State Bans 'Stealthing' During Sex

Legislation classifies nonconsensual removal of condom as sexual battery

(Newser) - Update: California on Thursday became the first state to prohibit "stealthing," the nonconsensual removal of a condom during sex, when Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that defines the act as sexual battery, the AP reports. Our original story from Feb. 9, 2021, follows:

Why Sweden Wants to Send a Condom Into Space

Best invention ever?

(Newser) - Sweden wants everyone talking about contraceptives. So in a voice-over video message to NASA, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) points out that the US has a long history of sending objects into outer space, and then proposes that NASA get to work on launching, well, a condom. The...

New Condom Shatters Huge Crowdfunding Goal
New Condom Shatters
Crowdfunding Goal

New Condom Shatters Crowdfunding Goal

Swedish company calls HEX 'first major condom innovation in 70 years'

(Newser) - What would a condom that successfully imparted "a new feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condoms before" be worth? Seven figures, apparently. The Swedish company LELO, which has enjoyed a pleasurable ride selling millions of award-winning sex toys worldwide, recently announced that it has managed to raise...

Charlie Sheen's New Gig: Condom Spokesman

He's hawking a new product called the Lelo Hex

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's announcement of his HIV diagnosis led to a huge burst of HIV awareness —and, now, a new gig for Sheen as a condom spokesperson. London-based sex-toy maker Lelo has a new line of condoms, the Lelo Hex, and Sheen is the face of the brand, Business ...

Man Killed Trying to Steal From Condom Machine

German trio blew up machine

(Newser) - In what must rank among the bleakest Christmas stories of this or any other year, a German man died on Christmas Day during a failed attempt to steal money from a condom machine. Police in Schoeppingen, near the Dutch border, say the man was killed by a flying piece of...

Boston College: Students Can't Give Out Condoms

Catholic university threatens disciplinary action

(Newser) - Attending a Catholic university and distributing condoms on campus apparently don't mix. Boston College is threatening disciplinary action against a group of students who are giving away more than 1,000 condoms a semester, the Boston Globe reports. BC says the student-run "Safe Sites" program is violating the...

Bill Gates Offers $100K to Design a Better Condom

Foundation hopes to combat STIs with more pleasurable experiences

(Newser) - Bill Gates is on a mission to make safe sex better. Gates' foundation is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can come up with a plan for making a more pleasurable condom that more men will actually want to use, NBC News reports. Condoms are cheap and effective,...

School Handing Out Condoms at Prom

Brooklyn Prep stocking up on 500 freebies

(Newser) - Ingredients for a memorable prom: a drop-dead dress, special corsage, romantic dances, and ... condoms. The condoms will be courtesy of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School, which will offer 500 of the party treats, free, at next month's dance. “As they leave the prom, they are welcome to...

LA Porn Condom Law Starts Today
LA Porn Condom
Law Starts Today

LA Porn Condom Law Starts Today

First-of-its-kind mandate kicks off today

(Newser) - Today's the day Los Angeles porn stars are supposed to start covering up. A new city law goes into effect, requiring that condoms are used during porn film shoots. Film licensing fees will fund enforcement of the law, which was fought by porn production companies, who are threatening to...

Zac Efron Drops Condom on Red Carpet

Hunky actor plays it safe at 'Lorax' premiere

(Newser) - Zac Efron revealed just how prepared he is at a red carpet appearance to promote a new movie. The hunky heartthrob reached into his pocket to hand something to his assistant at the premiere of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax in Los Angeles. But when he pulled his hand out, out...

Hustler Fined $14K for Condom-Free Porn

California safety officials slap Larry Flynt's porn house with citation

(Newser) - Larry Flynt's Hustler Video and another porn production company have been fined by California workplace safety officials for filming unsafe sex. Hustler was fined $14,175 for three violations, including failure to provide condoms or other equipment to protect performers from assorted bodily fluids, AP reports. Activists have targeted the...

Condom on Phallic Statue Gets Rise Out of Poles

Huge phallus covered with plastic to honor founder of latex condoms

(Newser) - Safe sex supporters have topped an ancient phallic statue in Poland with a kind of giant condom—and Catholic townies are not amused. The stunt was pulled to commemorate the birth of latex condom inventor Julius Fromm, notes Der Spiegel . The condom was crafted out of a large plastic bag...

700K Condoms Missing in Japan

Malaysian police investigating disappearance

(Newser) - Say, have you by any chance seen 700,000 condoms laying around? If so, you might want to let Malaysian police know. They’re investigating the disappearance of ultrathin Japanese condoms after the shipment went missing somewhere between Malaysia and Japan, AFP reports. The container arrived in Tokyo from the...

HIV+ Porn Actor: Make Condoms Mandatory

'Patient Zeta' says 'dangerous' industry needs reform

(Newser) - The porn actor who tested positive for HIV this fall is going public and calling for mandatory condom use for the entire porn industry. Derrick Burts—previously known only as Patient Zeta—says the industry's stance that testing for STDs is sufficient is "completely false," adding that he...

Assange Not Actually Wanted for 'Rape'
Assange Not Actually Wanted for 'Rape'
Fact Check

Assange Not Actually Wanted for 'Rape'

He's sought for a vague lesser crime of 'sex by surprise'

(Newser) - By now, you’ve probably heard that Julian Assange is wanted for “rape” in Sweden. Heck, you probably read it here on Newser . You can hardly blame us; sources from CNN to the New York Times have said that Assange is charged with “rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful...

Condoms OK for Ladies, Too: Pope

Even if it also will prevent babies

(Newser) - OK, OK, everyone can use condoms—but only if you’re trying to prevent HIV. That’s the new word from the Vatican, which today declared that giving HIV to your sexual partner was a greater evil than preventing a possible pregnancy, the AP reports. The statement clarifies the assertion...

Price of Condoms to Rise
 Price of Condoms to Rise 

Price of Condoms to Rise

Asian storms interfere with rubber tapping, driving up cost of tires, latex gloves

(Newser) - Safe sex just got a little pricier: The cost of condoms, tires, latex gloves and other rubber products will rise sharply due to torrential rains in southeast Asia, where most rubber is farmed, the Financial Times reports. Producers have had to absorb a 65% increase in the cost of natural...

AIDS Activists Hammer Larry Flynt Over Unsafe Porn

Group demands Flynt's stars start using condoms

(Newser) - Activists demanding that porn industry actors use condoms have targeted the world's most famous pornographer. The AIDS Health Foundation has filed a workplace safety complaint against Flynt, accusing him of endangering his performers, AP reports. Protesters gathered outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of Flynt's company and delivered 100 porn DVDs...

Assange Refused to Wear Condom: Accusers

They say he wouldn't get STD-tested, either

(Newser) - The gross details of Julian Assange’s molestation charges are emerging: The two women accusing Assange claim he refused to be tested for STDs and refused to wear a condom. The women admit their dalliances with the WikiLeaks founder began consensually, but later included nonconsensual, no-condom sex. Though the rape...

Condom-in-Soup Lawsuit Settled

Revolted plaintiff wins undisclosed amount

(Newser) - A California man who says he was horrified when the chewier-than-usual cheese in his French onion soup turned out to be a condom has settled his lawsuit with a restaurant chain. The agreement between Claim Jumper restaurants and the plaintiff, for an undisclosed amount, "is not to be construed...

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