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Warner Bros Sues Over 'Harry Popper' Condoms

Maker says they're unrelated to boy wizard

(Newser) - Warner Bros. is suing a Swiss manufacturer over its latest product: “Harry Popper” condoms, which come bearing an image of a bespectacled purple phallus twirling a wand and sticking out his tongue. “Our product has nothing to do with Harry Potter,” a company spokesman tells the Guardian...

New Ads: Condoms Are for Ugly People

Well at least, that's what Olla appears to be saying...

(Newser) - Condoms: They help prevent pregnancy, STDs, and…ugly babies? That’s what South American condom company Olla seems to be implying in its new ads begging you—and the unfortunate-looking people in the ads—to “please use condom.” Hey, Olla: “No matter how cartoonish you make the...

Porn Stars, It's Time to Wear Rubbers
 Porn Stars, It's 
 Time to Wear Rubbers 
in case you missed it

Porn Stars, It's Time to Wear Rubbers

Condom move would humanize stars, help public health

(Newser) - Put on the condom already, porn industry, writes Kent Sepkowitz. Sheathing up will be a positive public health move, and could even humanize actors we can’t seem to consider as the same species as us. California is considering a request to force the industry to rubber up in the...

Brazil Using Condoms to Protect Rainforest

Sustainable condom project to use Amazon rubber

(Newser) - Brazil has unrolled an ambitious plan to preserve vast areas of the Amazon rainforest by tapping its rubber trees to make sustainable condoms. Most "rubbers" are now made from cheaper synthetic materials, but officials of the Brazilian government—which buys 1 billion condoms a year—say the project will...

Reform Foes Send Condom, Threats to Lawmaker

Betty McCollum also got gas-soaked flag

(Newser) - Threats and abuse aimed at Democratic lawmakers who voted for health care reform continue, as Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum received numerous letters, including one containing a condom and another with a piece of a shredded American flag soaked in gasoline. The letter accompanying the condom reads, “Betty McCollum...

DC to Give Out Female Condoms
 DC to 
 Give Out 


DC to Give Out Female Condoms

'Dream project' targets pockets of high-risk sexual behavior

(Newser) - Washington, DC, has given out condoms for almost a decade, but now the capital city is also offering up female condoms to boost its efforts to stem HIV infection rates. Some half-million free female condoms will soon blanket the District's schools, convenience stores, and salons in high-risk areas in a...

Swiss Offer Small Condoms —for 12-Year-Olds

They complained regulars were too large

(Newser) - Switzerland is now offering extra-small condoms for 12- to 14-year-olds to encourage safe sex. The move comes after a government study turned up two nuggets: more teens are having sex, and many go without protection because regular condoms are too large. The Hotshot is 1.7 inches wide, compared to...

Small Condoms a Big Problem for Marketers

(Newser) - Judging by the average convenience store condom selection, men with small penises do not exist. Selling small condoms is difficult for marketers, so most brands have opted not to bother, writes Menachem Kaiser of the Atlantic . LifeStyles’ “Snugger Fit” designation is about as straightforward as it gets. Durex has...

Canadian Sex Ed: Capt. Condom Video Game
 Canadian Sex Ed: 
 Capt. Condom 
 Video Game 

yep, this is real

Canadian Sex Ed: Capt. Condom Video Game

Penis-handed villain and heroes like 'Wonder Vag' teach kids

(Newser) - If your kids refuse to listen when you try to sit them down for the sex talk, perhaps you should plop them in front of a new online sex ed game instead…as long as you don’t mind your daughter playing as the character “Wonder Vag.” Gawker...

Another Reason Guys Hate the Condom: Bad Fit

Men not exactly tripping over selves to buy 'small,' 'medium' sizes

(Newser) - If you think ill-fitting shoes chafe, then it's easy to imagine that ill-fitting condoms that reduce pleasure, slip, or break might result in people not using them. A study in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections links poor fit to reduced usage. The kicker? Condoms often don't fit because men won't...

Durex Targets Heat-Seeking 'Pleasurati' in Condom Ads

Company paints itself as the pick of mature pleasure seekers

(Newser) - Second-place condom maker Durex has rolled out a juiced up identity in its latest ad campaign, Advertising Age reports. Advertising execs—who say their research shows that market leader Trojan is seen as the "boy scout" condom and No. 3 brand Lifestyle as the choice of swingers—are...

Petitioners to CVS: Free the Condoms!

Cites particular concern in poor and minority areas

(Newser) - A labor coalition is sponsoring a petition calling on CVS to stop locking up condoms, the Kansas City Star reports. More than 200 groups across the country have signed the appeal to stop the practice, which the mega-chain says is an anti-shoplifting measure but critics say scares off would-be shoppers....

Bruni Blasts Pope Over Condom Stance

French first lady says church's teachings should 'evolve'

(Newser) - Carla Bruni laid into the pope in a recent interview, saying his opposition to condoms left her feeling "profoundly secular," the Telegraph reports. The French first lady, who has campaigned against the spread of AIDS in Africa, said the disconnect between religious charities and the Vatican is frustrating....

French Blast Pope's Anti-Condom Remarks

Condoms make Africa AIDS crisis worse, he had said

(Newser) - Irked by Pope Benedict’s anti-condom remarks in Africa, the French foreign ministry today called them “a threat to public health policies and the duty to protect human life” and voiced “extremely sharp concern over the consequences,” the BBC reports. The pontiff said on the first day...

Pope: Condoms Make AIDS Crisis Worse

On visit to Africa, pope makes first statement on their use

(Newser) - Condoms are not the answer to Africa's fight against AIDS, and in fact exacerbate the epidemic, Pope Benedict said at the start of a 7-day visit to the continent today. It's the first explicit statement about condoms from the pontiff, who has said that the Roman Catholic Church is at...

Miley Offered $1M Condom Deal
 Miley Offered $1M Condom Deal 

Miley Offered $1M Condom Deal

Manufacturer wants teen sensation to endorse safe sex

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus has said publicly she’ll wait until marriage to have sex, but that isn't stopping a condom company from offering the 15-year-old a lucrative endorsement deal and a lifetime supply of protection. Reps for the tween sensation tell the New York Daily News they haven't been approached but...

Vasectomy Is Young Man's Pill
 Vasectomy Is
 Young Man's Pill 

Vasectomy Is Young Man's Pill

More under-40s opt for the liberating procedure

(Newser) - Once exclusive to the over-40 crowd, vasectomies are increasingly popular among young men who want condom-free sex and no fears of Daddydom. But there's also a control component, writes Richard Morgan in Details: These men are taking charge of birth control, not leaving it up to the woman. "I...

With 16K Condoms, Antarctic Base Ready for Winter

Polar base all set for lights out

(Newser) - The McMurdo Antarctic station got a vital shipment last month just before the southern winter descended—a year's supply of condoms. Some 16,500 condoms were delivered to the base's 125 staff. Supply flights won't resume until after the sun rises again in August, when the polar station's population begins...

Teen Sex Rate Stops Dropping
Teen Sex Rate Stops Dropping

Teen Sex Rate Stops Dropping

Condom use also levels off, reviving debate about abstinence sex ed

(Newser) - A decade-long drop in the teen sex rate leveled off between 2001-2007 and it may now be slowly rising again, the Washington Post reports. The government survey of thousands of high school students also found that an increase in condom use flattened out in 2003. The numbers have alarmed public...

Teen Pregnancy Down in US, Feds Say
Teen Pregnancy Down in US, Feds Say

Teen Pregnancy Down in US, Feds Say

And more women are keeping babies out of wedlock

(Newser) - Teen pregnancy is down and more unmarried 20-somethings are getting pregnant in America, Reuters reports. A 2004 federal study also shows that more unmarried women are keeping their babies, except among blacks. Why the drop in teen pregnancies? "There is some evidence that contraceptive use was increasing among teenagers...

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