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Beyonce, Jay-Z to Rock Royal Reception
 Beyonce, Jay-Z to 
 Rock Royal Reception 
rumor mill

Beyonce, Jay-Z to Rock Royal Reception

Wills, Kate have extended an invitation, says source

(Newser) - The countdown is on: Prince William and Kate Middleton marry on Friday, and performing at their reception will be ... Beyonce and Jay-Z. Wills and Kate are "massive fans," a source tells the Daily Star , and have asked the musical couple to perform Beyonce's "Crazy in Love"...

Royal Wedding: Bahrain Prince Salman Declines Invite, Cites Country's Troubles
 Bahrain Prince Declines 
 Royal Wedding Invite 

Bahrain Prince Declines Royal Wedding Invite

Under duress; and it's no place for old Labour PMs, either

(Newser) - The news that Bahrain's crown prince was ducking out of his troubled country to attend Prince William's much ballyhooed nuptials raised some eyebrows, and Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa today reversed course, sending Prince Charles his regrets. Saying he was "saddened and troubled" by British media...

Here's Who's Going to the Wedding

Other royals, politicians, celebrities, even normal people

(Newser) - You might not have heard, but Prince William is getting hitched in six short days, and the confirmed guest list is out today. A list of the notables, as per the AP:
  • Foreign royals: Denmark's Queen Margrethe; Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja; Spain's Queen Sofia; Prince

Teen on Hunger Strike Gets Flight to Royal Wedding

Desperate to attend, Mexican woman spent weeks outside UK embassy

(Newser) - She went on a 16-day hunger strike for a cause: to get to the royal wedding. Now, the dream is coming true for 19-year-old Estibalis Chavez of Mexico, after a pitying man lent her the airfare to head to London. Desperate to attend the wedding, she spent two weeks camped...

Kate Dropping 'Obey' From Vows

Royal bride will pledge to 'love, comfort, honor, and keep' prince

(Newser) - Princess-to-be and jelly bean apparition Kate Middleton is following Princess Diana's lead and dropping "obey" from her wedding vows, according to the Daily Mail . She will instead promise to "love, comfort, honor, and keep" Prince William at the big ceremony next week. Diana bucked royal protocol and...

Kate Middleton: After Royal Wedding, She'll Be Third Most Beautiful Royal Ever
 Kate Middleton: 
 3rd Prettiest Royal 
survey says

Kate Middleton: 3rd Prettiest Royal

Or she will be when she becomes one, that is

(Newser) - It's exciting enough that she's becoming a princess, but this news is sure to make Kate Middleton's day even brighter: On April 29, she will become not just a royal, but the third most beautiful royal in history—in the entire world. She scored 84% in a...

Brits Fear Irish Terrorists Will Attack Royal Wedding

There are no concrete threats, but they think it's a tempting target

(Newser) - British authorities are on high alert, afraid that the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton represents an all-too-juicy target for the so-called " Real IRA, " or another Irish militant group. Though there have been no specific threats, security officials tell ABC News that they have “concrete intelligence”...

Prince William, Kate Middleton Dance Down the Aisle in T-Mobile's Royal Wedding-Inspired Ad
 Wills, Kate Dance 
 Down the Aisle 
viral videos

Wills, Kate Dance Down the Aisle

T-Mobile ad is closing in on 5M views

(Newser) - Just because he's royalty doesn't mean Prince William wants to be left out of the viral wedding video craze. AdWeek points to a new ad from T-Mobile imagining a royal wedding complete with Wills, bride-to-be Kate Middleton, Charles and Camila, the Queen, Prince Harry, and a variety of...

Among Royal Wedding Guests: Lots of Ex-Loves

But no official word yet on Harry's date

(Newser) - Prince William and Kate Middleton chose 250 of the guests invited to their wedding, and Middleton's family chose 100. Among those? Quite a few of Wills' and Kate's ex-partners, the Daily Mail reports. For Kate: Rupert Finch, whom she dated pre-William, and Willem Marx, one of her teenage loves. For...

Why Prince William Won't Wear a Wedding Ring

He just doesn't dig rings, an aide insists

(Newser) - Perhaps when you heard that Prince William won’t sport a wedding ring after he finally ties the knot with Kate Middleton, you thought it was some sort of royal tradition. Nope, turns out the prince just doesn’t like jewelry, the Daily Mail reports. “It is simply down...

Prince William Parties at Secret Bachelor Bash

No details yet, but you can be sure booze was involved

(Newser) - The palace confirms that Prince William had his bachelor party (or, as the Brits call it, his "stag do") this weekend, but anyone who expected him to go wildly cavorting around London's nightclubs is about to be disappointed. Wills is believed to have spent the weekend at a...

Anarchists Targeting Royal Wedding

British police on alert after latest violence in London

(Newser) - Anarchists in Great Britain—who wreaked havoc in protests in London on Saturday—will likely next target the April wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, say Scotland Yard officials. "That has been on my radar for a long time," says a police official in charge of security....

Royal Wedding: In Lieu of Gifts, Please Donate to... save endangered Asian elephants

(Newser) - Prince William and Kate Middleton are saying no-thank-you to fondue sets and the like: In lieu of wedding gifts, one of the charities the pair would like you to donate to is to save Thai elephants. They're asking that charitable gifts be made to the London Zoological Society, which works...

William: Maybe We'll Have Aussie Honeymoon

Weather back home is 'dreadful,' he tells Aussies

(Newser) - It certainly hasn't made the official royal website yet, but Prince William hinted to hopeful Australians today that he'd like to return... as a newlywed, reports Australia's News. "I will have to come back, maybe we'll have a honeymoon in Cairns?" he told a crowd in the flood-ravaged northeastern...

Cue Next Royal Debate: Kate's Weight

Not surprisingly, slim appearance is now a topic of discussion

(Newser) - Well, you had to know this was coming, and here it is: the inevitable debate over Kate Middleton’s weight. Specifically: Has she lost too much of it? Middleton visited Northern Ireland this week, and her appearance during the visit became a hot topic among the crowd of well-wishers …...

Kate Middleton Family Photos Released
 Here's England's Future Queen 

Here's England's Future Queen

Royals release photos of

(Newser) - For the rabid royal watchers out there, for whom no detail is too trivial, Prince William's office today released a crop of new family photos documenting the life of his bride-to-be, AOL News reports. The photos, which start out with Middleton as a young girl and move up to her...

Wills, Kate Launch Wedding Website

That still doesn't mean you're invited, though

(Newser) - British royals: They're just like us! Case in point: Prince William and Kate Middleton have launched a wedding website. All the royal wedding news you need, all in one convenient location: . Adding to the modernness of the proceedings, the website has links to the royal Facebook, the royal...

Wills, Kate Pick Wedding Party
 Wills, Kate Pick Wedding Party 

Wills, Kate Pick Wedding Party

Top spots go to siblings Harry and Pippa

(Newser) - Prince William has chosen the best man for his wedding, and—shocker!—it’s his brother, Prince Harry. Wills and Kate Middleton announced their wedding party today, People reports, and Middleton also went the family route: Sister Pippa will serve as maid of honor. The other attendants include young...

Royal Wedding Guests Invited... Via Fax?

Apparently that's modern enough for Wills and Kate

(Newser) - Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to want a modern wedding —in, apparently, every way except one. Save-the-date cards were recently sent to Europe’s royal families … by fax. Despite the fact that the technology is a bit outdated, it was still a more “efficient” way...

William Proposed... Because He's Balding?

It's a possibility, claim the experts

(Newser) - Why did Prince William finally propose to girlfriend Kate Middleton? To hear the Brit tabloids tell it, there’s only one explanation: baldness. Yep, many speculate, 28-year-old Wills felt his attractiveness receding and figured he’d better lock in his longtime galpal. Lending a sort of credibility to this theory...

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