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O'Keefe Asks Fans to Pay His Credit Card Bill

ACORN 'pimp' says he spent $50K filming NPR video

(Newser) - Fake pimping just doesn’t pay like it used to. Just ask James O’Keefe, who says he and his friends spent $50,000 on their NPR “sting” video , racking up “major credit card debt” in the process. Now, he’s sent an email to his supporters asking...

ACORN-Esque 'Sting' Hits Planned Parenthood

But group says video was edited, doesn't reflect policies

(Newser) - An anti-abortion group has released an undercover video that appears to depict a Planned Parenthood employee giving advice to—you guessed it—a pimp and a prostitute. The employee, a New Jersey office manager named Amy Woodruff, advises the pair on how to get medical care for underage, illegal immigrant...

ACORN 'Pimp' Takes on Census
 ACORN 'Pimp' Takes on Census 

ACORN 'Pimp' Takes on Census

'Sting' reveals workers left early

(Newser) - James O'Keefe is back, with a new video purporting to show “fraud” within the US Census—but the footage is a just a wee bit less scintillating than the ACORN “fake pimp” videos that made him famous. O'Keefe's signed up to work for the Census and discovered that—...

'Fake Pimp' Pleads Guilty in Senate Break-In

James O'Keefe gets 3 years' probation in Mary Landrieu ruse

(Newser) - James O'Keefe, who might just be referred to as a “fake pimp” in headlines for the rest of his life, pleaded guilty along with three accomplices for breaking into Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and trying to tamper with her phones. O'Keefe copped to misdemeanor charges of entering federal property...

Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy
 Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy  

Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy

Funding dried up in wake of pimp scandal

(Newser) - When James O'Keefe can convince your workers that he's a pimp and elicit all sorts of ill-advised advice, it's probably not an indicator that business is booming. And indeed, insiders tell the New York Times that Acorn will announce its pending bankruptcy this weekend. At least half of the group's...

James O'Keefe Has History of 'Racial Resentment'

New photo puts him at white nationalists forum in 2006

(Newser) - Now that James O'Keefe is a fixture in the news and his past is coming under increased scrutiny, Max Blumenthal wonders why his supporters aren't bothered by a background of stunts "shot through with racial resentment." His piece in Salon picks up on a report by the anti-racism...

ACORN Pimp: I Was Using Valid Journalist Tactics

James O'Keefe tells Hannity he didn't do anything wrong

(Newser) - Dressing up as a telephone repairman to gain access to a federal official's office is just a "journalistic tactic," James O'Keefe told Sean Hannity last night. The conservative filmmaker, in his first TV interview since he and three cohorts were charged with trying to tamper with Sen. Mary...

O'Keefe Hinted at New Orleans 'Project' Days Before Arrest

Told conservative think tank to 'stay tuned'

(Newser) - Four days before James O'Keefe was charged with tampering with Sen. Mary Landrieu's office phones, the conservative activist hinted that he had a new, high-profile "project going in New Orleans." Speaking about the mystery project at a conservative think tank last Thursday, O'Keefe "alluded to the fact...

Phone-Bust Cohort Worked for US Intelligence

ACORN sting's buddy recruited spies on college campus

(Newser) - One of the four men busted for allegedly tampering with the phones in Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans offices once helped train spies for an organization funded by US in telligence. Stanley Dai was the assistant director of the Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence at Trinity Washington University...

Landrieu Lashes US Attorney's Busted Son

Senator: Phone tampering arrest 'very disconcerting'

(Newser) - Sen. Mary Landrieu says the acting US attorney for western Louisiana should be "terribly disappointed" by his son's arrest in an alleged Watergate-style phone tampering plot at her New Orleans office. It's "very disconcerting" that Robert Flanagan, the son of a top federal official, is among the four...

Fox Speaks Up for Busted ACORN Pimp

US attorney's son among 'Louisiana Watergate' suspects

(Newser) - Fox News has warned against jumping to conclusions after the man it would like to make a folk hero was busted for allegedly tampering with the phones in Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's offices. The arrest of James O'Keefe "probably needs a lot of context and a lot of looking...

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