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An Aspirin a Day Could Help Some Pregnant Women
An Aspirin a Day Could Help
Some Pregnant Women
new study

An Aspirin a Day Could Help Some Pregnant Women

Low dose appears to increase chance of live birth in certain women

(Newser) - Inflammation wreaks all sorts of havoc on the human body. One example involves reproduction, because inflammation is behind multiple issues—such as pelvic inflammatory disease and polycystic ovary syndrome—that increase a woman's risk of infertility. So can managing inflammation improve those women's chances of getting pregnant? Researchers...

Too Much Stress Could Hamper Your Baby Dreams
Want a Baby?
Take a Chill Pill

Want a Baby? Take a Chill Pill

Scientists say women with more stress may find it harder to conceive

(Newser) - Women trying to start a family who find themselves constantly reaching for a stress ball, take heed: All that extra anxiety may be keeping you from conceiving, AFP reports. A study carried out by researchers from the University of Louisville and published in the Annals of Epidemiology journal says that...

New Study Busts a Big Conception Myth

No need to lie still after intra-uterine insemination: researchers

(Newser) - Good news for those trying to conceive: A new study suggests there's no reason for you to continue lying down, immobile, after having sex. There's a widespread belief that lying still after sex helps give the sperm time to get where they need to go, and the same...

Doctor Told Her She Couldn't Get Pregnant. She Did, Now She's Suing

Though she says she can't imagine life without her daughter

(Newser) - "She's full of life, loving, kind, sweet, everything you could ever imagine," Lori Cichewicz describes her 5-year-old daughter, Reagan, to WXYZ . But the 50-year-old from Oakland County, Mich., worries about the financial strain and other issues involved in raising a child with special needs (Reagan was born...

Couple's Caffeine Intake Linked to Miscarriage

Multivitamins in the weeks before, after conception also play a role

(Newser) - For all the couples out there trying to do everything just right in the weeks leading up to conception, scientists are now suggesting that not just women but men, too, cap their caffeine consumption at two drinks per day. In other words, healthy sperm are very much a part of...

Not Getting Pregnant? Check Your Cholesterol
Not Getting Pregnant?
Check Your Cholesterol
new study

Not Getting Pregnant? Check Your Cholesterol

Study finds link between high cholesterol, trouble conceiving

(Newser) - High cholesterol is bad for more than just your arteries. A study released this week found that high cholesterol may make it tougher for couples to get pregnant, the Washington Post reports. Researchers came to their conclusion after following 501 couples who were trying to conceive (and controlling for other...

Trouble Conceiving? Stress Could Be to Blame
Trouble Conceiving?
Stress Could Be to Blame
study says

Trouble Conceiving? Stress Could Be to Blame

New study finds link between stress, likelihood of getting pregnant

(Newser) - If you're trying to get pregnant, you may want to go out and get a nice, relaxing massage first: A new study finds that stressed women took longer to conceive. Specifically, subjects with the highest levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that indicates stress, were more than twice as likely...

Why You Don't Want to Conceive a Baby in May
Why You Don't Want to Conceive a Baby in May
study says

Why You Don't Want to Conceive a Baby in May

Your baby will be at higher risk of prematurity: study

(Newser) - Babies conceived in May are 10% more likely to be premature, a new Princeton University study finds. And since premature babies have a higher risk of suffering from asthma, learning disabilities, and developmental problems, you may want to avoid getting pregnant during that particular month. Why May? The authors think...

Palestinians Sneak Sperm Out of Israeli Prisons

Fertility doctor cooks up smuggling scheme

(Newser) - The wives of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons are getting pregnant in an odd way—by smuggling out the prisoners' sperm, NBC News reports. But the families won't say how they get the sperm past a glass separation, body search, and an airport-style scanner. "If I told you...

Yeah, Life Begins at Conception —So What?

Mary Elizabeth Williams says that not all life is equal

(Newser) - It's time abortion rights supporters stopped dancing around it: Life begins at conception, argues Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon . "Throughout my own pregnancies, I never wavered for a moment in the belief that I was carrying a human life inside of me," she writes. "And that...

Mexico's Top Court Keeps Anti-Abortion Law in Place

Even though seven justices rule against it

(Newser) - Abortion opponents are hailing a victory in Mexico, where the nation's Supreme Court left in place a law in the state of Baja California that declares life begins at conception. But those in favor of abortion rights have hope, notes the Los Angeles Times . Seven of the panel's...

Phone App Predicts Chance of IVF Success

Scientists develop one-minute questionnaire

(Newser) - British scientists have developed a one-minute test they swear is a highly reliable predictor of whether a couple can conceive a child with in vitro fertilization, the Telegraph reports. What's more, it's a questionnaire—no blood or tissue sampling required. It's already available for free here and will soon be...

Blood Type O May Hurt Fertility
 Blood Type O 
 May Hurt Fertility 
study says

Blood Type O May Hurt Fertility

Study links blood type A to higher egg count, better eggs

(Newser) - Women with type O blood may have more difficulty conceiving a child as they get older, a new study suggests. Researchers tested a group of 560 women seeking fertility treatment whose average age was slightly under 35, and found that those with type O blood had fewer and poorer-quality eggs...

Docs: 'No One Will Need Sex to Make Babies in 10 Years'

Veterinary surgeons predict IVF will replace 'fairly inefficient' intercourse

(Newser) - Sex will become purely recreational even for couples seeking babies within a decade thanks to advances in IVF technology, predict veterinary Australian scientists. Calling the traditional form of baby-making a "fairly inefficient process" in a report published in the Reproductive BioMedicine journal, they claim in vitro fertilization methods will...

1 Womb, 2 Fetuses, 2 Weeks Apart: Here's How

'Superfetation' is really, really rare, docs are clueless, but babies should be fine

(Newser) - Forget that 19-pound Indonesian baby. The real miracle pregnancy is Arkansas born and bred: Julia Grovenburg, who this month managed to get pregnant not once, but twice. That’s right: two conceptions, one two weeks after the other, to be enjoyed—cherished, endured, served—concomitantly. There are only 10 recorded...

Aruba Resort Pays Guests to Make Babies

Resort's $300 'conception credit' inspired by coral reproduction, naturally

(Newser) - Getting knocked up really pays off, at least at one Westin resort in Aruba, USA Today reports. In honor of coral's spawning season, couples who shell out $399 for a daily package are eligible for a $300 “conception credit” toward their next vacation—if they conceive during their stay....

Eggs Screen Sperm for DNA Quality: Scientists

(Newser) - Some couples are unable to conceive because the woman's eggs screen his sperm for DNA quality and give it a thumbs down, the Independent reports. Scientists in Britain and the US have spotted this "lock-and-key" mechanism in which eggs "read" sperm's DNA, most of which is...

More Sex Makes Stronger Sperm, Cuts Infertility

Men's sperm quality improves with daily ejaculation, study finds

(Newser) - Having sex every day improves sperm quality and can improve a couple's chances of conception, an Australian fertility specialist finds. Eight in 10 men with fertility problems showed less damaged DNA and more mobility in their sperm after 7 days, the BBC reports. The study recommended men "keep the...

Birth Defects May Be Tied to Pesticide Levels

(Newser) - Babies conceived between April and July—the period when surface-water concentrations of pesticides are at their highest—run an increased risk of having a birth defect, Reuters reports. “Our study didn't prove a cause and effect link,” the lead researcher said, but “the fact that birth defects...

Wild Sex Makes Babies
 Wild Sex Makes Babies 

Wild Sex Makes Babies

Better stimulation likely boosts fertility in both sexes

(Newser) - A night of wild passion is more likely to result in endless nights with a squalling newborn than the mechanical, right-time-of-the-month sex many couples fall into when trying for a baby, say experts. “The better the sex, the better the chances of conception,” noted one. Each partner should...

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