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NC City Just Picked Its Mayor Via a Coin Toss

Robert Burns wins office in Monroe, North Carolina, after tie with opponent

(Newser) - Five candidates recently ran for the office of mayor in North Carolina's city of Monroe, and two of them ended up at the top during the Nov. 7 election, with the same exact number of votes: 970 each. Now Robert Burns has been declared the new mayor of the...

Cops' Infamous Coin Toss Costs Them Their Jobs

Georgia officers used an app in deciding driver's fate

(Newser) - Heads, you get fired. Tails ... you get fired. Two police officers seen using a coin-flip app to determine whether to arrest a woman pulled over for speeding in Georgia have lost their jobs. Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson failed to perform at an "acceptable level" in engaging in conduct...

Video: Cops Used Coin-Flip App to Decide Woman's Fate

2 Georgia officers suspended after body cam video shows them laughing

(Newser) - Heads, you're under arrest. Tails, you're free to go. Body camera video shows Georgia police officers laughing as they use a coin-flip app to decide whether to detain a woman during a traffic stop in April, reports the AP . The video shows Roswell police Officer Courtney Brown asking...

Myth-Busting: Coin Tosses Didn't Decide Iowa Race

Besides, Sanders won several of them, too

(Newser) - Lots of headlines floating around Tuesday suggested that Hillary Clinton eked out her win in Iowa thanks to coin flips. Not so much, explains NPR . For starters, contrary to initial reports that Clinton had gone a remarkable 6-for-6, it turns out there were several more flips involved, and Sanders won...

Judge Wins Election by Coin Toss

Kenneth Howard Jr. makes the right call to break a tie

(Newser) - How do you decide on a new judge? In New Mexico, by coin toss, apparently. Kenneth Howard Jr. has officially won a four-year term as the McKinley County magistrate judge after he called heads in a flip versus Robert Baca, the AP reports. Both men received exactly 2,879 votes...

Village Decides Election by Flipping Coin

2 candidates got 573 votes each

(Newser) - David DeLeshe has a coin to thank for his new role on the village of Stickney's board of trustees. DeLeshe and opponent Lea Torres both managed to get 573 votes in the Chicago suburb's April 9 election, the AP reports, so election officials resorted to a coin toss...

NFL May Rewrite OT Rules
 NFL May Rewrite OT Rules  

NFL May Rewrite OT Rules

If one team wins toss and kicks a field goal, other team gets the ball

(Newser) - NFL fans who hate the overtime rules have reason to hope. More often than not it seems, the team that wins the coin toss zips down the field and ends the game with a field goal. League owners are considering a revision to try to even things up: The game...

Coin in This Year's Super Bowl Is Out of This World

Literally—it was on Atlantis spaceflight

(Newser) - By the time the coin in this year's Super Bowl lands heads or tails tonight, it will have more than 4 million miles under its belt, reports . The gold-plated coin accompanied shuttle Atlantis on its 11-day mission in November, and is the first to have flown in space...

8 Stories